My South Park Top Ten: Best Episodes!!

Is Your Favorite in my Top Ten

Hey guys, its your girl KrisSimsters and welcome to my personal. I’ve honestly had this account up for almost a year and I hadn’t really started writing in it beforehand is because I basically didn’t have any idea what to really focus on. Yes, I have Swim Squad, but that’s with everybody sharing the workload. On here, its just little old me and there are some good and bad that comes with that. This is going to be mainly a South Park blog mixed in with some of my favorites in western animation, anime, and the occasional K-Pop review (only if I see something I’d really want to talk about). I haven’t fully blogged by myself like this in years. The last time I did it, I was fully invested in K-Pop and it did last for a little while, but after some of my interest in K-Pop died, I stopped writing it. South Park, however, is different because I love South Park and my love for this show has lasted years. I did write about my love for this long-running western animation back on Swim Squad, so if you want me to prove my love, then click on the link below!!

South Park Series Overview



What is my South Park top ten? Asking “What’s my Top Ten,” is like asking me whether I would rather eat chicken or waffles separately (I’d rather eat them both), but the point is that its hard for me to talk about my top ten because it constantly changes. If blank is up there now, then what’s going to happen when my mind changes to something completely different. Picking a solid top ten is hard, but the list that I’m going to give you is probably as solid as I’m going to get. I do, however, have a couple of rules that I want to get out the way first and foremost.

  • TWO OR THREE PARTERS WILL BE COUNTED AS ONE: This one is kinda obvious, but I’m going to explain it anywhere. Episodes like PandemicCoon and Friends, and Imaginationland have more than one part, but all in all, its one episode so I’m counting it as such.
  • MY LIST, MY OPINION: This is self-explanatory, but I’m going to explain it. This is based on my personal opinion. You are not in my head, you are not in my thoughts. Your opinion on my personal opinion will not matter, but I do appreciate nice comments. You don’t have to agree or disagree with me, but it won’t stop me from saying what’s on my mind.
  • LEAVE NICE COMMENTS: If your going to comment, then leave somewhat nice comments. This is a nice blog and I would want it to be treated as such. Please respect me and I’ll respect you.
  • ALMOST ALL THE EPISODES ARE AVAILABLE ON HULU: Almost every South Park episode is available on Hulu. I say almost all of them because after five years, 200 and 201 still isn’t available on Hulu and never will be available. Sorry to crush your dreams (mines are crushed too).
  • I’LL TRY AND BE AS SPOIL-FREE AS POSSIBLE: If its a regular episode in my list, then I figure its OK to spoil, but if its a landmark episode, then I won’t spoil anything. The majority of these episodes are old though (expect for the ones that came out last year), so it should be OK.

With that being said, lets get on with the list shall we?


Is your favorite in my list?

#10: Die Hippie, Die(09×02): I talked about this episode in my South Park overview, but the feelings remain the same, this episode is underrated for it is. South Park is overran by hippies and because of this, Cartman has to take them out. Only problem is, nobody else agrees with Cartman and thinks he’s over-reacting, so they lock him up. Meanwhile; Stan, Kyle, and Kenny starts hanging out with some “college hippies” and soon becomes like them, adapting to their ideology and dressing like them.

Things comes to ahead when Hippie Fest 2005, aka Hoopapalooza, invades the town. Stan, Kyle, and Kenny are soon hypnotized within the concert and because their afraid of their children’s safety, the adults of South Park enlist in Cartman’s help. Cartman agrees to this, but not without something in return, something that Kyle can never have nor never play with. After an agreement is settled; Cartman, Randy, Chef, and Butters’ Mom, Linda permanently get rid of the hippies and Stan, Kyle, and Kenny are safe.

#9: 200 & 201(14×05/14×06): This two-parter caused a lot of problems when it came out back in 2010. This is one of the few South Park episodes you cannot see on the South Park site because it deals with censorship of the Islamic prophet, Muhammad and we finally get to see who Cartman’s real father was. After the 4th graders visit a local chocolate factory, Stan accidentally insults Tom Cruise again; but instead of brushing it off, this time Tom Cruise goes into action.

Him, along with other celebrities that the town has insulted over the years, get together and decides to sue the town. The only way the celebrities will leave South Park alone is if South Park brings them the Islamic prophet, Muhammad. While Stan and Kyle deals with this, Cartman’s hand puppet, Mitch Conner returns, once again disguised as Jennifer Lopez. Mitch says there’s something in it for Cartman, the answer he’s been wanting for years, who was his real father. I am not going to spoil that if you haven’t seen it, so lets just say that there’s a lot to talk about. The only bad thing I have against this episode is the one that even Matt and Trey disagree with, the censorship. Yes, I understand the reason behind the censorship, but even Kyle’s speech got censored.

#8: Make Love, Not Warcraft (10×08): After getting killed too many times on World of Worldcraft; Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny decides to take things into their own hands by training over the next seven weeks and fighting the gamer who’s been killing them and taking the fun out of Warcraft.

#7: Scott Tenorman Must Die (05×04): OK, this episode should be higher on my list…mostly likely at #1, because I talk about it a lot, but I do have other favorites that deserves that #1 spot. After Cartman is swindled out of his $16.12 by a 9th Grader named Scott Tenorman, Cartman is focused on getting revenge. Stan and Kyle try to talk him out of his revenge plans, especially after his first few attempts have backfired, but Cartman refuses. Cartman’s final form of revenge comes in the form of a Chili Cook-Off, which he invites everybody to the town on premise that you can bring your own chili, except Chef is the only other person to make their own chili because plot convince. Does Cartman get his revenge? You’ll have to watch and find out.

#6: Gnomes (02×17): After being embarrassed by his students for not knowing their current events; he partners his students off in groups of five and the main four gets stuck with neurotic, coffee addict, Tweek Tweak, who’s stressed out by the underpants gnomes. Meanwhile, Tweek’s parents, the owners of Tweak Bros’ Coffee, are having problems of their own by a competing coffeehouse who are setting up shop across the street.

The main four decides to report on Tweek’s claims of the underpants gnomes and decide to spend the night with him. After Mr. Tweak gets them hyped on coffee, the boys crash and miss out on seeing the underpants gnomes. Seeing this as an opportunity the next morning, he writes a report up for the boys on big corporations. Believing the work is their own, the townsfolk becomes protesters and the boys become adverts for Tweak’s Bros. Coffeehouse. When another report is required, the boys head back to Tweek’s house and they finally get to see the underpants gnomes and they allow the boys to follow them into their village, where Kenny dies. They ask the underpants gnomes for help about how corporations work and write a new report, explaining that they didn’t write the first report and how big corporations are needed.

#5: The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers (06×13): In a classic (according to me) episode about the boys being boys, the boys cosplay characters from Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers when they are tasked by Stans’ parents to lend their copy of their tape to Butters. While their gone, Stan’s Dad, Randy, decides to use this as some alone time with Stan’s Mom, Sharron by then watching popular porno, Backdoor Sluts 9.

When they realize that they must have accidentally switched the tapes, they send the boys out on another mission to retrieve the porno (though the boys think its LOTR). Butters (portraying Gollum) is already immersed into the tape and they have to do something with it. So they decide to call in a meeting with the rest of the council by first going to the High Elf of Faragon (Clyde Donovan) and they request a meeting at Talangar the Black’s (Token Black) house to discuss what to do. Token takes the tape to see how bad it is and when he returns, he’s scarred for life.

Deeming that the tape is bad, the boys decide to return it to Two Towers video store with their parents going after them along with the sixth-grade bullies, who encounter with along with the way.

#4: Pandemic/Pandemic: The Startling (12×10/12×11): I love this episode. I talked about this episode some on my South Park series overview (click the link above), so I won’t get really into it again. The only thing I will reiterate again, was Craig’s “The Reason you Suck” speech when he and the main four are trapped in customs and how he keeps hammering it in while they try and find a way out of Peru. This is one of those episodes that will make me laugh no matter what, this was what made Craig go on my top 5 South Park characters (a list that will be done in the future).

#3: The Coon/Coon 2: Hindsight/Mysterion Rises/Coon vs. Coon & Friends (13×03/14×11-14×13): I could not just choose The Coon nor the Coon & Friends trilogy, because they are all great together and on their own, so I made it into one huge saga. Every now and then (mostly every other holiday that isn’t Thanksgiving because that’s for the Black Friday trilogy), Comedy Central always airs all of their arc episodes and out of all of them, the Coon & Friends saga is my favorite.

It starts out in season thirteen with Cartman as The Coon, a “superhero” who tries to keep the town safe, or so he thinks. The most he does is try and keep Professor Chaos (Butters Scotch) in check. One night, The Coon comes along another superhero Mysterion, who does a better job than The Coon and is honestly more popular and mysterious than The Coon. The Coon is not happy with this and tries to figure out Mysterion’s identity because Mysterion is stepping into The Coon’s territory. He decides to join forces with Professor Chaos and General Disarray and tells them to stage a bombing so Mysterion can come and fight them off and hopefully reveal his identity. Mysterion’s identity is revealed by the end of the episode and he’s revealed to be Kenny McCormick. And since Mysterion revealed his identity, he’s arrested for vigilantism.

One season later, The Coon returns, but this time he formed a group with Mysterion and their other friends; Toolshed (Stan Marsh), the Human Kite (Kyle Broflovski), Mosquito (Clyde Donovan), TupperWear (Token Black), Iron Maiden (TIMMY Burch), and Mint Berry Crunch (Bradley Biggle). It starts out as the boys (except The Coon) wanting to help out with the BP Oil Spill, but because this is South Park, things are not easy. I’m not going to spoil the whole trilogy, this is already long enough as it is.

#2: Margaritaville (13×03): I could not even begin to think about doing this list without mentioning my favorite Randy episode, Margaritaville. It starts out with Stan and Randy going to the bank to put some birthday money in the bank. Birthday money? Was the beginning of this episode karma for what happened to Craig in Pandemic?

Anyway, things at the bank doesn’t go well (this is happening during the middle of the recession), so this gets Randy to believe that its best to spend less in order to save money, so the town goes back to the Stone Age basically. Kyle, on the other hand, believes that its best to spend money in order to better the economy. Towards the end of the episode, we get this amazing scene, and then the next day, Kyle gets rid of all the townpeople’s debts so they can shop again, but he’s now the only person in South Park who has any debt.

Yes, I didn’t mention Stan trying to return toe Margaritaville mixer because yes, its important to the plot, I just wanted to focus more on Kyle and Randy. And my number one (current) all time favorite episode of South Park is…

#1: The Cissy (18×03): I have to be honest, there are a lot of South Park episodes I could have put in this spot, a lot, they are all good in a lot of ways, even the bad ones are sometimes good after I re-watch them, but The Cissy is definitely one of my favorites because I love how they handled gender-identification. I love how they continued on with the story of Randy being Lorde, I loved being introduced to Erica and Wendyl, and I loved the song.

This was a good episode and its the reason its currently #1 in my Top Tens. Will it always be there? Who knows, I’d say lets see what happens when season 20 happens or another episode my creep back in there.



People always says, South Park is getting worst, the newer episodes will never be like the old ones, and all their crap and what I have to say is, who cares? South Park is what it is, whether you’ve grown up with it (like me) or your just tuning in. Even when the show dies, the fandom will continue to grow strong, trust me, I know. And if season 20 happens to be last season, then lets remember the episodes, whether their in my top ten or not. My name is KrisSismters; Stay Golden.

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