Kris Reviews K-Pop #1: MAMAMOO-You’re the Best

We are MaMaMoo!!

Hey guys, its your girl, KrisSimsters and since I decided to turn this into basically my dump, personal blog (focusing on mostly South Park) and I decided to add K-Pop into the mix, I’m dedicating my first K-Pop review on MAMAMOO’s comeback for their first full-album, Melting. Now, I’ve already heard Melting and its an amazing album, it just screams MAMAMOO, but what about their comeback song, You’re the Best? Does it really live up to my expectations? Well, we’ll just have to wait and see huh? If you want to hear Melting, then click on the playlist below.


You’re the Best premiered on February 25th (26th in Korea) and has already gathered 275,249 views. I will say this now, I love MAMAMOO and my love for them was an obvious reason why I choose to do them as my first K-Pop review in a long time, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to go easy on them.

I don’t hate the song and I don’t hate the MV; the MV was fun, just like any MAMAMOO M/V and I’m sure once they finish up their comeback stages and they start promoting, they’ll do their usual MAMAMOO spin on it, but the song isn’t the right pick. If they wanted to have a really good, OMG, Piano Man type of comeback, then I would have gone with their pre-release I Miss You. Everything about I Miss You screams chart-rising and it would have proven their rise. You’re the Best feels safe and when I listen to the rest of the album, it felt out of place. When their other pre-release 1CM (Taller than You) feels more in place with the album than You’re the Best.

I will give the song this though, it sounds good live just like all of MAMAMOO’s title tracks and I’m sure that in time, the song will grow on me. But for now, its not their best compared to Piano Man.



1). Shoutout: As usually, there’s always a callback to their other songs. During their Piano Man run, they made a shoutout to their debut song, Mr. Ambiguous. For You’re the Best; MAMAMOO made a shoutout to both of the previously aforementioned songs.

2). Fun MV: MAMAMOO M/Vs are always fun, no matter if I like the song or not. This one is no exception. Hopefully they’ll promote a slow song next time for a sexier M/V.

3). Amazing Vocals: Solar, Hwasa, and Wheein always gives amazing vocals.

4). Cool Hair: Hwasa and Wheein’s hair is on point this year, especially Hwasa’s fire-orange hair.


1). Meh Song: Honestly this is the only con I have for the song, its really meh and I feel like the ball was dropped when it came to picking a song.


The only thing left I have to say about this MAMAMOO comeback is that their live stages are awesome and we’re only on the comeback stages. Just because I don’t like You’re the Best right now doesn’t mean you don’t have too. Be sure to listen to the album, its really good. My name is KrisSimsters, Stay Golden.




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