Archer: Series Overview

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Hey guys, its your girl, KrisSimsters and since the new season is right around the corner, I thought it would be cool if I’d talk about Archer. Honestly though, I love this show, its literally the only reason why I turn it on FXX because their other shows are honestly shit. Yeah, I look at It’s Always Sunny, but its been going through seasonal rot lately and I’m getting bored of it. Extremely bored. In a way, Archer is going through seasonal rot as well, but their episodes are still somewhat enjoyable. With that being said, lets get this review started.



Archer officially premiered on January 14, 2010 and as of March 31st, 2016, the show will be entering its seventh season. Just like American Dad, the first episode of Archer originally premiered in September 2009 as a preview. The show was well received and because of this, the first season officially premiered in January 2010. It was created by Adam Reed, who also was the creator of shows such as Sealab 2021 and Frisky Dog for Adult Swim. Actually, Reed went to Adult Swim with the idea, but they turned him down, so Reed went to FX, who was interested in the idea and greenlit him for Archer. Hopefully, we’ll get Archer on Adult Swim…hopefully.

The idea of Archer came to Reed while he was taking a vacation in Spain. He came across a beautiful woman, but he couldn’t approach her, so he imagined up a spy who “would have the perfect line,” and Archer was born. Not only is Reed the creator of the show, but he ‘s also one of the writers and even plays various characters throughout the series, including (my favorite) Ray Gillette. This is why he’s not mentioned in the credits of the opening theme, he runs the show. Though it would be nice if I could see Ray’s opening animation before the show ends.

Other voice actors include H. Jon Benjamin, who plays titular character, Sterling Archer; Aisha Tyler plays Archer’s love interest and as of season six, mother of his child Lana Kane,  Jessica Walter plays Archer’s no-nonsense mother, Malory Archer, Chris Parnell plays the butt money of the gang, Cyril Figgis, Amber Nash plays the breakout character (my second favorite) Pam Poovey, Judy Greer plays crazy Cheryl/Carol Tunt (though its now Cheryl), and Dr. Kreiger is played by Lucky Yates.

The Archer universe is set in an unidentified time period. Its heavily influenced by the 60s and 70s due to clothing, technology, and certain current events. But things such as texting didn’t happen until 1992 and a joke about Dane Cook’s popularity didn’t happen until 1998. Archer: Vice (season 5) has a huge 80s feel to it. If I had to guess about the exact year, it would probably be 1999 before everything was taken over by technology.

Archer is about the misadventures of International Secret Intelligent Service (ISIS; though not longer in use since actual terrorist group, ISIS; hence season five) top spy, Sterling Archer. Though he’s charming and top spy; he is also a drunk, a philander, and a major asshole. Even on the missions he shares with ex-girlfriend/love interest, Lana Kane has him drinking something. One of the bigger subjects in the earlier seasons was the mystery of who was Archer’s father. The main suspect was Nikolai Jakov, the former head of the KGB. He was killed by Archer’s spy-rival, Barry Dylan in season three.

The end of season four, Sea Tunt: Part II, announced Lana’s pregnancy via sperm donor (at the end of season five, Arrival/Departure it was announced that Archer is the father), and season six was the focus on their careers as espionage agents. As of the end of season six, Drastic Voyage: Part II, they are out of a job again as the CIA has fired them from their espionage careers. I don’t know what season seven has in store, but hopefully it’ll be a good season.



1). Continuity: This is one of the best shows with the greatest amount of continuity and callbacks.

2). Phrasing: Not only has phrasing has been a huge part of Archer, but the joke themselves as just fantastic. The phrasing alone can generate a ton of memes. And have you followed Archer’s Twitter? I recommend you do in case you haven’t.

3). Animation: I love the animation of the series, the first few episodes had some Early Installment Weirdness, but the animation is still awesome.


1). Seasonal Rot: As much as I love Archer, I can tell when its going through seasonal rot and its currently going through seasonal rot. Archer: Vice is probably one of the worst seasons for the now seven seasons long series and though six was an improvement, it wasn’t as good as the early seasons. I honestly hope season seven gives me either two things; either a rightful conclusion because I don’t think a season eight is in the works as of now or a decent season where Ray can go without losing any limbs.


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Still not convinced or you want some episodes to help you decide? I’ll give you five episodes to decide whether or not your ready to enter the DANGER ZONE!! The first five seasons are currently available on Hulu Plus. Season six will probably be there soon.

1). Placebo Effect (02×09): While I highly loved its earlier episode Stage TwoPlacebo Effect has a stronger feel on me. Archer has been diagnosed with cancer and has been undergoing chemo. When he finds out that the medicine he’s taking is in fact placebo pills, he takes Lana with him to find and kill the criminals behind the scheme.

2). Fugue and Riffs (04×01): If you are a huge fan of Bob’s Burgers, then you’ll love this ArcherBob’s Brugers crossover. Archer, who has been missing since the end of season three, has developed amnesia and is soon discovered as a man named Bob who owns a burger restaurant with a woman claiming to be his wife and three kids. When he retrieves his memory, he recalls the reason he lost it in the first place: Malory got married to a man named Ron Cadillac.

3). Mole Hunt (01×01): Archer breaks into the mainframe to deal with his excessive expense account, only to find out that there’s a mole within the ISIS organization.

4). The Double Deuce (02×05): Archer learns about Woodhouse’s backstory after his WWI friends start mysteriously dying off. I personally chose this episode because this was the only Woodhouse episode I liked. Also his voice actor, George Coe died at the age of 68 due to cancer.

5). Crossing Over (03×10): After Nikolai Jakov defects to the U.S., ISIS hides him in their safe house, but Archer–who was his protection–leaves him to have sex with Pam. This gets Jakov captured by Barry, Archer’s cyborg rival, and Barry blows up the safe house with him inside. Jakov is presumed dead and the tape he left behind for Archer is ruined too.



This is a good series, I would recommend it. One day, I’ll do a Series Overview with a series I hate or one I’m confused about, but until then, watch Archer and remember:

My name is KrisSimsters and Stay Golden, guys.

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