Kris Reviews K-Pop #2: The Spring Collection

The Emojis will Kill You

Hey guys, its your girl KrisSimsters and Spring is slowly coming. The birds are outside chirping and the weather is warm. K-Pop is also showing its affections of Spring, so I thought it would be neat if I put together a list to show you who’s coming back or debuted with that Spring feel. Expect a lot of cuteness. And I’ll put a playlist in at the end for you to enjoy on your own.

Also, I know that Red Velvet is coming back next week, this will probably be out before then, so don’t worry, I’ll do a review on them. Also, I’m not going to include MAMAMOO because I already wrote a review on them. Check that out here:

MAMAMOO, You’re the Best Review

NOTE: I’m not fully reviewing these songs, I’m just giving my general opinion. If your wondering why I’m putting these songs on this list, even if I don’t like them, its because I know that people like them more than I hate them. That is all!!




1). WJSN (Cosmic Girls)-Mo Mo Mo (675,105 views): Out of all the songs on this list, I feel like Cosmic Girls were the ones who betrayed me the most. Then why am I including them? Because their new and their follow up song, Catch Me is far better than their debut song. One of the things that creep me out the most when it comes to this MV? The older man peering at these twelve girls through a telescope. Even though I don’t like this song personally, I know others who do like it and they are new so I won’t completely fault them out on their debut.

2). AOA CREAM-I’m Jelly Baby (4,005,441 views): This song isn’t half bad. Yeah, it isn’t the greatest, but its not bad. Maybe its because of a small homage to Sailor Moon or maybe not, but I just like the MV and the song is cute, and sexy, which is what I expect from AOA. Speaking of AOA…

3). AOA’s Jimin ft. EXO’s Xiumin-Call You Bae (3,116,408 views): If you didn’t watch the first season of  Unpretty Rapstar, then you wouldn’t know about how AOA’s leader, Jimin called herself Top Madam. Shortly after Unpretty Rapstar ended, Jimin had brought some popularity to AOA and got a solo with brother group, N. Flying’s J.Don. They released a song in April 2015. At the time, I didn’t like this song, but after hearing Call You Bae, I realized how wrong I was. This song could have been much better, but I like it enough to include it on this list.

4). Ladies’ Code-Galaxy (1,291,273 views): This isn’t really springtime, but I love this song. Its not really cute, but its not really K-Pop. For those of you who don’t know, this is the first time Ladies’ Code has been back since two of their members EunB and RiSe died in a horrific car crash in 2014. Instead of disbanding, the surviving members; Ashley, Sojung, and Zuny decided to continue on, thus us getting Galaxy. The song isn’t bad, its really good and one of the few songs on this list I actually love.

5 & 6). Lee Hi-Breathe & Hold my Hand (1,692,814 views/980,843 views): Sigh…I had so much hope for this one too. After being gone for three years, YG’s solo artist, Lee Hi made a comeback with Breathe and Hold my Hand and while I don’t love neither one of them, Breathe is the lesser of two evils. Hold my Hand had a really weird MV to accompany the song and the MV to iBreathe was just bland, which is why I say just listen to it without the MV. I love Lee Hi, but I just don’t like these songs.

7). Fiestar-Mirror (497,012 views): I’ve honestly saved the best song for last. This song is orgasmic, I love Fiestar and I love Yezi. Yezi was on the second season of Unpretty Rapstar and even though she didn’t win, she killed it during her time there. If you love their 2015 comeback song, You’re Pitiful, then you’ll love Mirror. I hope they win with this song lol, at least one. I just love this song. I’m going to listen to it later lol.



Just because I don’t like the majority of these songs doesn’t mean you don’t have too. I honestly just gave my opinion, but I don’t hate all of them. I hope you enjoy your K-Pop in Spring. My love will come in the summertime, right around the time of my birthday. My name is KrisSimsters, Stay Golden guys.

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