Top Tens: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Season One

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Hey guys, its your girl, KrisSimsters and I am in love with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. My history with the pony-based series has been weird, to say the least. I didn’t like G3 growing up because of not only Minty–how I hated Minty–but also because it was just really, really bad. Friendship is Magic is the saving grace of this series. Yeah the Mane Six gets annoying sometimes, but all in all the series is good. Anyway, season six is right around the corner and I thought that it would be fun if I talked about my favorite episodes in the past five seasons. So from seasons 1-5, I’m going to give you my favorite episodes from that particular season. This is going to be so much fun. Since this is a Top Tens, the rules are as followed:


 My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (Season One) Top Ten:

Is your favorite on my list?

10). Winter Wrap Up (01×11): While I did like this episode, I wasn’t in love with it as much as my #1. The Winter Wrap Up is when all the ponies in Ponyville work together to get ready for spring.

Pinkie Pie skates lines into frozen lakes so the ice will be easier to melt, Fluttershy and her team wakes up all the animals from hibernation, Applejack and her team plow the snow off the ground, Rainbow Dash and her team clears up the snows to make way for the sun, and Rarity makes bird nests for the birds who are returning after spending the winter in the South. But where does that leave Twilight?

9). Over a Barrel (01×21): Another episode that was good, but not good enough IMO. Applejack and the rest of the Mane 6 are traveling to Appleloosa to give a tree (named Bloomberg) to Applejack’s cousin, Braeburn. Along the way, they are ambushed by a herd of buffalo, who kidnaps Bloomberg and unknowingly, Spike, who was sleeping with Bloomberg after the Mane 6 had kept him up the night before. Rainbow Dash goes after them and encounters Pinky, who was basically being Pinky. When the two are captured by the buffalo, they see that Spike has made friends with the herd, who introduces them to Little Strongheart and Chief Thunderhooves.

From there, the Mane 6 gets their own versions of the rivalry between the Appleloosa ponies and the buffalo. From the buffalo’s standpoint, the ponies have invaded their land by planting the apple orchard and wants the them to move it. The ponies can’t move the apple orchard-however-because the apples are their only source of livelihood and the path is their only farmable land. Because I’m in the older demographic, I know the solution, but since this is a kid’s show, it takes a while getting there. And Pinkie’s song doesn’t help, sorry Pinkie, but I found it funny.

8). Stare Master (01×17): Oh how I do not like CMC episodes. I don’t hate them, but I don’t like them because their always a hit or miss with me. This one was kinda kinda. The CMC had plans for a sleepover, but when Rarity gets too busy, Fluttershy offers to babysit the trio for the night. And if you’ve learned anything about being a kid, then you would know that kids don’t like listening to adults…especially during a sleepover. Fluttershy tries her best to take control of the situation, but its Fluttershy and its also season one. Luckily, Fluttershy has a trick up her mane and threatens the CMC that she’ll use “The Stare” on them if she has too. She uses her “Stare” on her chickens as an example.

Later, the CMC trick Fluttershy into thinking that they have settled down for the night, when they notice that the chickens have escaped into the Evergreen Forest (because why not, we need something to drive the episode home) so they decide to go after them before Fluttershy notices. Not only does Fluttershy notice, she’s worried about them because a dangerous creature is loose within the forest, so she goes after them.

Along the way, Fluttershy notices that the creature-known as a cockatrice-has already turned some of her chickens and Twilight (who was coming back from a visit with Zecora) into stone. (SOAPBOX MOMENT: Once a cockatrice (or a Medusa) has turned you into stone, you are dead. D-E-A-D. The only reason Twilight and the chickens are turned back to normal at the end of the episode is because this is a kid’s show and Twilight is the main character. END OF SOAPBOX MOMENT). Fluttershy finds the CMC safe and sound, but they also turn into the cockatrice and using her “Stare” Fluttershy manages to get Twilight and the chicken turned back to normal before leading the CMC back to her cottage for the night.

7). Applebuck Season (01×04): This was a cute episode, I liked it but I didn’t really love it. I liked it enough to make this list and the Applejack themed episodes do get better as the series goes on. This one just wasn’t there. With Big Mac on an injury, Applejack has to do all the Applebucking on Sweet Apple Acres by herself. She believes that she can handle it on her own, but Big Mac says the job is too big for her. Applejack is too prideful to ask for help as we can see throughout the episode. After saving the town from a stampede of panicked cattle, the town decides to organize a celebration in Applejack’s honor. Applejack arrives late to her own celebrate and she’s tired from applebucking.

Worried, Twilight offers to help out, but Applejack refuses because she has to help Rainbow Dash with a new flying stunt by helping Rainbow catapult into the air. Not only is this dangerous for Rainbow to do, when Applejack finally gets her in the air, she catapults into Twilight’s library treehouse. This causes Twilight to go see Applejack once again, this time Applejack has impaired vision, but her hearing is impaired as well. Once again, Twilight asks for help, but Applejack refuses because this time, she has to help Pinkie Pie bake cupcakes (never reading that FanFic ever again). Applejack, of course, screws this up and gets a lot of ponies, including Pinkie sick with food poisoning. Spike finds them delicious though.

Applejack, who shouldn’t be near anything except for a bed at this point, helps Fluttershy round up newborn bunnies for the annual bunny census, but since Applejack is sleep-deprived and irritable, she scares off the bunnies and they overrun Ponyville. Twilight has had enough is goes to Applejack one last time, telling her that she needs help due to all the trouble she’s caused today. Applejack says that she no longer needs help because she’s done…until Big Mac comes back and tells her that was only half of the farm. Applejack collapses from exhaustion and begs Twilight for help.

6). Friendship is Magic (Mare in the Moon & Elements of Harmony) (01×01-01×02): The episode where it all started, I knew it wasn’t going to be my #1 but it was good enough to place. As you can see, we’re now getting into the episodes that were good, but not great. Because the pilot is so infamous, I’ve decided not to talk about it. Lets move on, shall we?

5). Green Isn’t Your Color (01×20): This episode isn’t that bad, I actually like it..a lot. Rarity and Fluttershy are enjoying a day at the spa when Rarity tells Fluttershy that she’s doing a fashion shoot with the famous photographer, Photo Finish and she needs Fluttershy as a model. Fluttershy, being shy, isn’t really up for it, but Rarity convinces her to participate so Fluttershy agrees. On the day of the fashion shoot, Rarity is busy getting Fluttershy prepared and has Twilight, Spike, and Pinkie help out.

While their helping, Spike informs Twilight and Pinkie that he has an obvious crush on Rarity and swears them to secrecy. Twilight says that maybe Rarity knows, but Pinkie swears them to secrecy anyway. Photo Finish arrives and leaves after taking a few pictures before stating that another photo shoot will happen tomorrow at the park. Rarity thinks Photo Finish is interested in her and her designs, but in actuality, Photo Finish is more interested in Fluttershy. Fluttershy doesn’t want to do this, but Rarity convinces her to stay and have her “Moment to shine.”

Rarity soon becomes envious of Fluttershy’s fame and since Fluttershy is shy, she no longer wants to be in the spotlight. They both go to Twilight, who soon becomes neurotic because Pinkie is constantly reminding her about keeping other people’s secrets. This comes back to haunt her in season five, by the way. At Fluttershy’s next fashion show, Twilight tries to help out Fluttershy by sabotaging the show, but it only draws more attention to Fluttershy. Rarity shows enthusiasm by clapping and when the show’s over, she heads backstage to congratulate Fluttershy. They tell each other how they feel about the situation and make up, Twilight being glad that she has one less secret to handle. Too bad she accidentally tells Spike secret…to Photo Finish. Spike forgives her, but he’ll write her letter to Celestia after fawning over Rarity.

4). Suited for Success (01×14): Up until episode fourteen, I wasn’t a huge Rarity fan. I really liked this one, its a good episode. Rarity is designing her dress for the Grand Galloping Gala  when Twilight shows up with one of her old dresses. Rarity offers to make new dresses for the Mane 6 and throws a fashion show in Ponyville to show them off once their done. The Mane 6 are grateful for Rarity’s generosity…until they see the dresses. While I and probably the audience thinks that the dresses are great, we need something to get the plot rolling. The Mane 6 do not like the dresses, so Rarity puts her dress to the side again to she can make the dresses how they want them to be.

The dresses are hot messes and to make matters worst, Rarity’s favorite designer, Hoity Toity is coming to Canterlot for the show as well. The show is, of course, a disaster and Rarity hides herself in shame since the dresses were not her finest designs. Feeling guilty, the Mane 6 puts Fluttershy’s knowledge of sewing to good use and finishes up Rarity’s dress, which she doesn’t like…she loves it. Spike has managed to convince Hoity Toity to come back to look at Rarity’s original dresses, which he absolutely loves and offers Rarity a showcase at his Best of the Best Boutique and then gives her a rush order of six dresses.

3). Griffon the Brush-Off (01×05): One of my top episodes in season one. I don’t know if I’ll ever create a master list or even if this will be on the master list, but lets just get through this episode first. Pinkie wants to spend the day with Rainbow, so the two bond by playing harmless pranks on their friends (except Fluttershy because its season one and its Fluttershy). (And I start shipping RainbowPie while they play those harmless pranks). The next day, Pinkie’s ready to play with Rainbow again, but Rainbow’s old friend, a Griffon by the name of Gilda. Pinkie wants to do whatever Gilda and Rainbow are doing, but Gilda rudely replies that now that she’s there, she doesn’t need to hang out with any lame-o ponies like Pinkie. Pinkie goes to talk to Twilight about this, but Twilight misinterprets as Pinkie being jealous.

Pinkie’s willing to let this slide, but she sees Gilda being rude to other ponies, including playing a mean-spirited prank on Granny Smith and roaring at Fluttershy, scaring Fluttershy away. Pinkie decides to get revenge on Gilda, “Pinkie Pie-style.” So she later decides to officially welcome Gilda to Ponyville by throwing her a party at Sugar Cube Corner. Gilda tries to play it cool since Rainbow is attending the party, but after one prank too may, she goes off on the ponies, especially Pinkie because she thinks Pinkie’s the one behind the pranks. Only, it was Rainbow behind the pranks (meaning any pony could have stumbled into them and not just Gilda). Rainbow calls Gilda out for bashing her pony friends and Gilda walks out in a huff after calling Rainbow a “flip-flop.” Rainbow apologizes for Gilda’s behavior and the party resumes.

2). Dragonshy (01×07): It was a hard time choosing between this and Party of One as my #2 choice, but in the end, Dragonshy left a greater hold on me than Party of One. Fluttershy notices a huge cloud of smoke in the sky and goes to Town Hall to warn everypony. Because Fluttershy is meek and quiet, nobody really notices her trying to warn her. It isn’t until Twilight comes and warns the town that the cause of the cloud is that a sleeping dragon is sleeping in a nearby mountain and Princess Celestia tasks her and her friends to stop it. Fluttershy, who’s afraid of her own shadow, does not want to go and wants to hide, but Twilight needs Fluttershy because Fluttershy has a way with animals.

After a pretty awesome montage of them getting ready, the Mane 6 walks up the mountain cave to where the dragon is. Along the way, Fluttershy keeps finding ways to delay the journey because of her fears. The other girls are getting annoyed, but none of them are more annoyed than Rainbow Dash, who vocalizes her frustrations. When they get to the dragon cave at long last, Fluttershy reveals that she’s afraid of dragons (but not Spike because Spike is a baby dragon).

The Mane 6 carry on with their plans without Fluttershy. Twilight tries to be diplomatic, but that doesn’t work. Rarity uses her charms, but that doesn’t work because she was longingly looking at dragon’s hoard of jewels. Pinkie Pie uses laughter, but yeah it doesn’t work. Things only get worst when Rainbow tries bullying the dragon out. When the dragon retaliates, Fluttershy gets angry and tells the dragon that the one thing you DON’T DO is hurt her friends. She gets the dragon to leave and conquer her fears.


  • Call of the Cutie (01×12): I actually like this episode, but I didn’t like it enough for it to make the list.
  • Party of One (01×25): As I mentioned in Dragonshy, while it was one of my favorites, it didn’t as much of a hold as Dragonshy did.
  • Best Night Ever (01×26): This one almost made it to my #1, it was really close, but it was beaten out by…

And now for my favorite season one episode of all time:

1). The Cutie Mark Chronicles (01×23): This is my favorite season one episode of all time, I just love it. The CMC are trying to get their cutie marks in zipling (very bad idea girls) and when they fail, they decide to ask another pony for cutie mark advice. Scootaloo wants to ask Rainbow Dash because she figures that her story will be the most exciting. On their way to find Rainbow Dash, they first run into Applejack. When Applejack was a filly, she temporarily stayed with her Aunt and Uncle Orange in Manehattan because she didn’t want to live on Sweet Apple Acres forever. One morning while she was looking at the sky, she saw a rainbow leading her back into Ponyville and back towards Sweet Apple Acres. That was when she got her cutie mark.

Fluttershy, who used to live in Cloudsdale with Rainbow Dash, got bulled a lot as a filly. One day, Rainbow challenged her bullies to a race and while the race was underway, Fluttershy accidentally falls from a cloud and is plummeting towards the ground when she’s saved by a swarm of butterflies. Fluttershy is getting along with the Earth animals when an explosions happens and scares the animals. She manages to get the animals out of hiding and that was when she got her cutie mark.

Rarity wanted to perfect costumes as a young unicorn when her horn guides her to a huge rock in the middle of nowhere. She was about to give up and go back home when she heard a huge explosion (the same explosion Fluttershy heard) and saw that the rock had broken and revealed colorful gems on the inside. She places the gems on the costumes and they are a hit, earning her cutie mark.

Twilight was inspired by Princess Celestia when she was younger and because of that, she was resolved to do magic. Her parents enroll her in a special school for gifted unicorns where she must pass an entrance exam in order to be accepted. Her exam is to crack open a dragon egg. Twilight couldn’t open the egg and just as she was about the fail the mysterious explosion happened and Twilight’s magic sparks. Not only dos she open the dragon egg (later revealed to be Spike), her haywire magic causes chaos in the exam room. Princess Celestia manages to get everything under control and takes Twilight on as her personal student so she can better tame her magical abilities. Not only does Twilight’s dream of being taught by Princess Celestia comes true, she also receives her cutie mark, making present-day Twilight act a little scary for a moment. Lets move on.

The CMC run into Pinkie Pie on their way to Sugar Cube Corner where Rainbow is and along the way, she tells them her story. Pinkie Pie grew up on a humorless rock farm with her family and all they did was harvest rocks day in and day out. One day, she sees the same rainbow and its enough to make her smile for the first time. Because of this, she was determined to make everybody around her smile, starting with her family. So she throws them a party and makes them smile, earning her cutie mark.

When they finally arrive at Sugar Cube Corner, Rainbow Dash is there and Scootaloo is ready to hear her story. Starting from her race in Cloudsdale, Rainbow realized that she had a real need for speed and a greater need to win. Because of this, she flew faster than ever before and creates the first Sonic Rainboom in the process. Rainbow wins the race and discovers her cutie mark. The Mane 6 realize that parts of their story connects and thanks for Rainbow Dash’s Sonic Rainboom, they’ve managed to get their cutie marks on the same day and manged to grow closer.



Well guys, that was one of five. I have four more of these to do and I hope you’ve enjoyed it. Be sure to follow me on Twitter and Tumblr. Stay golden, guys.

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Season 6 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic airs on 03/26/16 @ 11:00 AM &11:30 AM on Discovery Family


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