Top Tens: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Season Two

Its season two and I’m not tired yet!!

Hey guys, its your girl, KrisSimsters and I was not kidding when I said I was going to do top tens for all five seasons of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, but I don’t know how I felt about season two.

It was a hit and miss, some episodes were good, some episodes were bad, but there was only one standout episode in this whole season. Since this is indeed a top tens list, then the rules are as followed:


One last thing, I’ll be listing these episodes in production order since its out of order. A lot of MLP episodes are out of order and its one of my major issues of the series. With that being said, lets get started with this list shall we?


My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (Season Two) Top Ten:

Hey guys, is it more or is the cast bigger?

10). Lesson Zero (02×03): While this isn’t one of my top favorites, I did like this episode because it solved one thing that was a huge issue in season one, they stopped shoehorning Twilight into every episode (even episodes she didn’t need to be in such as Fall Weather Friends). Twilight is having a normal day for Twilight when she realizes that she forgot to send a letter out to Princess Celestia about what she learned in the past week.

Seeing as though this episode comes after the Return to Harmony season premiere, you would think Celestia would forget about this upcoming week, but I digress. Twilight (being Twilight) thinks too much into this and there’s no way of calming her down. She goes to her friends for help and they laugh at her? What? Who wrote this? Oh Meghan McCarthy…its you. We’re going to have fun together in season six, aren’t we? Moving on, with Twilight’s friends not helping her, Twilight is on her own so she decides to create a problem involving the CMC and a magical doll.

Long story short, this causes havoc within Ponyville and once its stopped by Princess Celestia (finally getting off your tail, Celestia?) she orders a talk with Twilight. She is understandingly pissed and the rest of the Mane 6 comes barging in, saying that they should have realized how upset Twilight was about her situation and helped her through it instead of laughing at her. Princess Celestia forgives Twilight and assigns them all to write letters to her whenever it comes to a friendship lesson. Thank goodness that Twilight is no longer shoehorned into episodes.

9). The Last Round Up (02×14): Another Applejack episode that’s just not good enough, but its better than Applebuck Season. Applejack is gearing up for a rodeo competition in Canterlot and she promises to bring home blue ribbons and her winnings will be able to help fix up Town Hall after Derpy’s latest mishap. Poor girl. A week has passed and Applejack’s family and friends are preparing for her return by giving her a surprise party, sure that she has won lots ribbons. Only they are the ones shocked when a telegram arrives, saying that she’s not coming back. The rest of the Mane 6 counsels the rest of the Apples and promise to bring Applejack back home.

After getting no luck from the rodeo grounds, the ponies arrive at Dodge Junction where they find Applejack and learned that she has taken a job at Cherry Jubilee’s cherry orchard. Applejack says that she wanted a change of scenery, but the rest of the Mane 6 do not buy this story and prepare to interrogate her. When this fails, they move on to their secret weapon; Pinkie Pie and her chatterbox mouth. This gets Applejack to say that she’ll meet them all for breakfast tomorrow morning and she’ll tell them her story then. Pinkie has her “Pinkie Promise” because she’s really big on promises.

The next morning arrives and Applejack is a no show. This gets Pinkie riled up because you don’t break a Pinkie Promise. After a extreme chase where Pinkie and Rarity get thrown overboard, Applejack is finally confronted. Second place ribbons fall out of her bag and she comes clean, saying that she got second place and no winnings to repair town hall. She wanted to work for Cherry Jubilee so she could raise some money and send it back to Ponyville. Twilight tells Applejack that it doesn’t matter if she won or not, just having her home is more important. And with that, Applejack heads home.

8). Sweet and Elite (02×09): Hey look, another Rarity episode. This is just as good or better than Suited for Success, so lets get started shall we? Rarity is in Canterlot to buy some new fabrics and is staying in one of the Royal Castle suites thanks to Twilight. Rarity decides to make a dress for Twilight’s upcoming birthday. One day, she is stopped by two ponies while at a cafe with Opal. The two ponies, Jet Set and Upper Crust ask about her hat when she’s recognized by a country-bumpkin. The two ponies dismiss Rarity for being “country” and Rarity vows to make a dress worthy of Canterlot and sets out to work on Twilight’s dress.

When she heads out for more material for the dress, she runs into the pony on the top of the social hierarchy, Fancypants. He invites Rarity to the private box of the WonderBolts Derby because she’s special. She accepts even though it won’t give her much time to work on Twilight’s dress. After correctly predicting the winner of the derby, Fancypants declares her his new “favorite party guest” and she gets swarmed with invitations to different events. This will give her even less time than before to work on Twilight’s dress, leaving it basic.

On Rarity’s last day, she’s all packed when she gets an invitation to the second biggest event in Equestria, the Canterlot Garden Party. She goes back and forth with this dilemma, but she ultimately accepts the invitation and writes a letter to Twilight, explaining that she can’t go because Opal is ill and she’ll have to stay with him until he’s well again to travel. Just as she’s ready to leave for the party the next day, Twilight and the rest of the Mane 6 show up because they were upset that Rarity wasn’t able to “make it.”

Twilight is happy about her basic dress and this is the second time I’ve had to raise my eyebrows at Twilight because I can’t tell if she’s stupid or blind. Rarity proceeds to try and attend both parties at once because that hasn’t happened before in something and went well. Twilight soon discovers that Rarity has been sneaking out, so to make her job easier, they’ve decided to let her go to the garden party, with them going with her. Things comes to ahead when Fancypants asks Twilight about her basic dress. When she says that Rarity designed it, Upper Crust and Jet Set start laughing again, but Rarity actually stands up for her friends. Fancypants supports her and the ponies change their minds again, this time ordering dresses of their own.

7). The Return of Harmony (o2xo1-02×02): Honestly, I love Discord. He’s one of my favorite MLP villains, mostly because he reminds me of Mephisto from Blue Exorcist, one of my favorite animes of all time.

(PRT I.) The episode starts out with Cheerilee taking school ponies on a trip to the famous Canterlot Garden Sculpture. They soon come across a statue that’s called a “draconequus” and it represents discord. The CMC are acting weird around the statue, it gets to the point that Sweetie Bell calls Scootaloo a “dodo.” (Honestly Sweetie Bell that’s kinda harsh). Cheerilee is so impressed by them vividly portraying discord, that they have to write an essay about it. I’m sure they’ll be fine by the next CMC episode. Meanwhile in Ponyville, Rainbow Dash is flying around when she comes in contact with a pink cloud that’s actually cotton candy and rains chocolate milk. This isn’t the only weird change in Ponyville; cornfields are turning into popcorn, apples are now mammoth sized, and rabbits are growing deer legs.

Some things are managed before Spike gets a letter from Princess Celestia, requiring them to go to her at once. (Most fans call this move Celestia’s being lazy, but I digress.) When the Mane 6 reaches Princess Celestia, she tells them about Discord and that since the Elements no longer work for her, the Mane 6 will have to stop him. I would go into reasons why Princess Celestia can’t do anything for herself, but you would hate me if I did. And this article is already long enough, I don’t need to add on more.

Anyway, Discord soon appears and tells them that he has stolen the Elements and hidden them “back to where you began.” Twilight thinks that its the maze, so the Mane 6 head out to the maze where the CMC were earlier arguing. Discord decides to play a game with the Mane 6 and removes their respective wings and horns. Everypony has to play the game and the first one who uses magic loses. He also divides them, to make things more interesting. Things gets even more interesting when he turns everypony, besides Twilight, against their element:

  • Applejack is now dishonest and considering how bad of the liar she already was, her lying becomes worst.
  • Pinkie Pie is now unhappy and unfriendly, her hair from Party of One making a comeback.
  • Rarity is now selfish instead of selfless and wants to keep a huge boulder to herself.
  • Fluttershy, who believed that her friends will come back for her no matter what, is now cruel thanks to Discord having to do the work for himself.
  • Rainbow Dash is now disloyal and Discord gives her back her wings so she could fly away, ending the game.

And with that, Discord has won.

(PRT. II) The only one unchanged is Twilight, who now has to deal with the rest of the Mane 6, but even she’s frustrated. She deciphers Discord’s riddle and figures out that the Elements of Harmony are in her copy of The Elements of Harmony: A Reference Guide back in her treehouse. She places the elements on her friends (Spike acting as Rainbow Dash), but nothing happens because her friends are no longer her friends. This gets Twilight discouraged and she she falls into Discord’s corruption. When she returns back to the treehouse, she notices that Spike has been belching out letters that Celestia’s been sending him.

Turns out, they’re all friendship reports that Twilight’s been sending out her in season one and that looks like more than 23 (I’m not counting Friendship is Magic Prt. II, Swarm of the Century or Best Night Ever because she’s been present for those). Reading the letters restores Twilight’s colors and she uses her new found coincidence to restore her friends back to normal. They turn Discord back to stone and the Mane 6 gets a Star Wars ending.

6). Baby Cakes (02×12): Usually when babies are added into the series, things go stale, but this one was interesting. Mr. and Mrs. Cakes (Pinkie bosses’) have recently given birth to twins, Pound and Pumpkin Cake. The surprise is that Pound Cake is a Pegasus and Pumpkin is a Unicorn. Though its odd considering that Mr. and Mrs. Cakes are Earth ponies, they explain this through the power of distant relatives. A month later, Pinkie is able to sing and play with the babies, but she leaves the actual baby duties to their parents. When its discovered that the Cakes have a large catering order to fill, they begin to grow frantic because they don’t have a baby-sitter for the twins. Pinkie volunteers, but the Cakes are worried and rightfully so, its Pinkie and yeah I love Pinkie…but its Pinkie.

With the rest of the Mane 6 busy (and Rarity plainly saying no), the Cakes have no choice and asks Pinkie to babysit. She accepts the Cakes are in a hurry to leave. The moment the Cakes are gone, the twins act like newborns and cry on-sight. Pinkie tires everything she can to make the twins stop crying, but the only thing that seems to do the trick is Pinkie throwing flour on herself. This isn’t the only hurdle Pinkie will endure, as she has trouble feeding, bathing, and putting diapers on the twins. Twilight comes by after finishing up her work, seeing if Pinkie needs her help. Pinkie accepts her help, but when Twilight’s acting like Twilight, Pinkie gets offended and kicks Twilight out.

From that moment on, Pinkie becomes more responsible. Pinkie puts the twins to bed and tells them to go to sleep immediately, which they do…for about a second. After frantically searching for the twins, Pinkie realizes that their powers have manifested and its hard to keep up with them. In a sign of defeat, Pinkie starts crying and the twins walk over to her and dump a bag of flour over themselves to keep Pinkie from crying. Pinkie finally gets the twins settled and the house clean by the time the Cakes come home. Pinkie’s letter to Princess Celestia summarizes what Twilight said, but as Pinkie would say it.

5). A Friend In Deed (02×18): An unhappy and unlucky donkey comes to Ponyville after Pinkie’s Smile song and its one of the cutest songs in the series as a whole. The donkey’s name is Cranky and he’s not interested in being Pinkie’s friend. Pinkie is determined otherwise to make Cranky his friend, Pinkie starts being Pinkie. She rolls out the welcome wagon, showing him around town and asking about his cart (which he’s protective over). This only makes Cranky more annoyed at Pinkie. Pinkie soon goes overboard with the welcome wagon; she even buys Cranky a new toupee after accidentally messing up his old one. Cranky says thanks for the wig, but he doesn’t crack a smile.

Pinkie soon becomes a stalker and follows Cranky to his house and offers to help him unpack. Cranky mentions that he’s in Ponyville looking for an old friend. Pinkie finds a scrapbook and while looking at one particular page, she accidentally sets it on fire and makes huge mess while putting it out. Furious, Cranky rightfully kicks Pinkie out of his house, vowing to never ever ever ever ever be her friend. Pinkie goes to the library treehouse to ask fro sympathy from Twilight and Rainbow, who says that she should just let things go and give Cranky some space. From this point, I have an issue with this episode. Pinkie was willing to let things go and accept that not everypony would want to be her friend. We could have ended the episode right there and the episode would have been great, but we don’t end the episode right there. Pinkie is willing to let things go after Cranky accepts her apology. Excuse me one moment.

I have a love-hate relationship with Pinkie (doesn’t matter if she’s my favorite pony or not, which she is) and this ending is reasons why. Yes, Pinkie does good by bringing Matilda, Cranky’s special friend with her, but she didn’t have to go over there at all. Everypony doesn’t have to be friends with Pinkie, it would have made for a better moral honestly; not everybody has to be friends with you. Yes, I like the episode and I do like the ending, don’t get me wrong, but the moral is a bad moral. Lets just move on to #4.

4). Sisterhooves Social (02×05): My younger sister and I didn’t get along that well when we were younger and this episode is one of my favorites because Rarity and Sweetie Bell used to be like my younger sister and I. Rarity is awoken to the smell of burning pancakes and heads into her kitchen to see that her parents and Sweetie Bell are visiting. Sweetie Bell was the one making pancakes as an attempt of making breakfast in bed. Her parents are going on vacation and are leaving Sweetie Bell in Rarity’s care. Once their parents are gone; Rarity decides to make breakfast again since Sweetie Bell burned it and gives her younger sister one task, putting on the garnish and Sweetie Bell ends up making a mess. This makes Sweetie Bell determined to impress Rarity.

Sweetie Bell makes herself busy an attempt to gain Rarity’s approval. Long story short, this makes them argue to the point that the two sisters disowns each other as sisters. Sweetie heads back to Sweet Apple Arcs with Apple Bloom and Rarity goes back to Carousel Boutique. Rarity soon realizes that she misses her sister after seeing that her messes are actually helpful. She goes to the farm to talk things over, but Sweetie Bell gives her the cold shoulder and adopts Applejack as her new older sister. Sweetie Bell isn’t letting this go until Rarity fully learns her lesson. Applejack says that Rarity needs to learn to give more than take when it comes to her relationship with Sweetie Bell, so Rarity devises a plan to win Sweetie Bell back.

On the day of the Sisterhooves Social, Applejack wants to do the competition with Sweetie Bell and Apple Bloom doesn’t mind. Apple Bloom and Sweetie Bell goes though a mudhole and Sweetie Bell comes out the mudhole with “Applejack.” If you aren’t color-blind, then you would know that its Rarity and not Applejack due to their eye color. Down and dirty Rarity helps Sweetie Bell for the rest of the competition, but they don’t win. When Sweetie Bell realizes that it was Rarity competing with her and not Applejack, the two make up and are about to write a letter to Princess Celestia, but they start another argument. Good thing Spike is there for a compromise.

3). Ponyville Confidential (02×03): Probably one of my favorite CMC episodes, this is probably second to The Cutie Mark Chronicles even though its considered an all-cast episode. The CMC are trying to find a new way to earn their cutie marks; this time they want to earn them by writing for the school newspaper, Foal Free Press. Only problem is that Cheerilee isn’t the one running the newspaper…its Diamond Tiara. Now before I get any further, I would to state that even before season five, I always thought of Diamond Tiara as misunderstood. I neither loved or hated the filly, I just felt bad for the filly. Moving on, Diamond Tiara wants her paper filled with juicy stories and local gossip. The CMC go out and get stories; Apple Bloom and Sweetie Bell get their stories from their respective guardian figure and Scotaloo tries to get a story about baby birds. Diamond Tiara likes none of these stories, she’s only interested in gossip.

Outside, they see Snips and Snails glued together by gum and get the school’s photographer, Featherweight to snap a picture of them. Diamond Tiara likes this type of news and orders them to get more stories like that. The CMC now goes by the name, Gabby Gums. The CMC are out of ideas until Rarity sees the newspaper and finds it hilarious. With this bit of inspiration, Gabby Gums have started spreading their gossip around Ponyville, not just outside the school.

Not long after, the Mane 6 (minus Fluttershy because she has no lines in this episode) are talking about Gabby Gums at the Spa. Twilight is the only one who finds Gabby Gums a little mean-spirited by spreading all the rumors around Ponyville, but the rest of the Mane 6 finds it entertaining. This is not the only time they don’t listen to Twilight BTW. Rainbow even wants Gabby Gums to do an interview of her when Spike mentions that he’s had an interview with them. I find this part kind of weird, unless the CMC owned a disguise, then wouldn’t it be likely that Spike saw them? And if Spike did see them, then wouldn’t it be a good idea to tell the Mane 6 that the CMC are the ones spreading the gossip? It would have saved a lot of time and animation if this was done right. Moving on.

Rarity soon finds out that the CMC are Gabby Gums after finding her diary in Sweetie Bell’s backpack. Rarity is understandingly upset that not only did her younger sister steal her diary, but she also used secrets in her diary for her Gabby Gums column. This is actually a reverse action of an earlier scene when Rarity first found the Gabby Gums column by going through Sweetie Bell’s bag. Not only does Rarity tell her that the CMC has to stop Gabby Gums, she also tells the Mane 6 that the CMC are Gabby Gums and soon everypony in Ponyville knows and hates them. Especially Big Mac and you know you screw up if Big Mac is the one lecturing you. The CMC wants to leave the newspaper, but Diamond Tiara won’t let them have that. If they don’t come up with an article, then Diamond Tiara will release the photos of them getting their first stories.

The CMC decides that their last article will be of them saying sorry to Ponyville and since its needed to be out in a hurry, Diamond Tiara can’t read it. Cheerilee gets the newspaper as well and dismisses Diamond Tiara of her position on the paper, handing it over to Featherweight.

2). Hurricane Fluttershy (02×22): We’re getting closer to our #1 and if this is #2 then I think you know what our #1 is. I’m glad I’m almost done with this particular season, I think that season three will have to be chopped in half due to the fact it has less episodes. Lets start, shall we? Rainbow Dash is leading an all-Pegasus meeting, stating that Ponyville’s reservoir has been selected to supply water for all of Equestria for the year. She’ll need every Pegasi’s assistance in making a tornado of at least 800 wing power. Rainbow also wants to set of new record by beating out Fillydelphia who used 910 wing power. The record Rainbow is going after is 1,000 wing power.

On the day of training, Rainbow has noticed that every power is here…except Fluttershy. Fluttershy is feigning illness and an wing injury because doesn’t she doesn’t want to be humiliated by her weak flying like she used to be in Flight Camp, giving her performance anxiety. Rainbow changes her tune and reminds Fluttershy of how important the mission is. Twilight is there to test out the Pegasi’s wing power, whoever gets high enough will be able to fly.

When its Fluttershy’s turn, she has the lowest wing power, a 0.5. Spike points this out and Twilight rightfully hits him upside the head. Fluttershy, who let her performance anxiety get the better of her, goes home in tears. At her cottage, Fluttershy’s animal friends, including Angel Bunny (whom I’ve deemed as bipolar) are comforting her. They convince her to train so she can get better at flying. The day before the water tornado, there is a flu bug in the air. Fluttershy tries out again, but this time she reaches a 2.5. Though she’s made major improvement, its not enough to be able to fly with Rainbow and the rest of the Pegasi and Fluttershy goes home in humiliation.

On the big day, Fluttershy comes as a support wagon and Rainbow learns that a flu known as Feather Flu has gotten to eight of the Pegasi participating. This means that they won’t be able to break the record, but Rainbow doesn’t care. She wants to be sure that the water will make it up to Cloudsdale. After a failed attempt, Rainbow rallies the remaining Pegasi to try it again, but this time when they do it, they make it to only 795 wing power…they are five short of the goal. Twilight convinces Fluttershy to enter the tornado and once inside, she flies faster than over. This time when her fears come to taunt her, she overcomes them and helps the Ponyville Pegasi bring the water canon up to Cloudsdale. Rainbow is congratulated by Spitfire, but she says that they should congratulate Fluttershy, her number one flier. The other Pegasi start chanting a new cheer as they carry her away, “Fluttershy, Fluttershy! Fluttershy can really fly!


Sorry I didn’t explain this in part one, but this area is for episodes that were either not close enough to make the list, but were really honorable or episodes that were just bad and never to be talked about ever again.

  • Putting your Hoof Down (02×19): I just hated how bad this episode was. I feel like this episode could have been really good, but Charlotte Fullerton went about it the wrong way. A really bad way.
  • MMMystery on the Friendshp Express (02×24): This episode was just really meh when you think about it. Pinkie’s smarter than what she appears to be and this episode definitely show it.
  • Family Appreciation Day (02×11): I really like this episode and I liked how somebody finally handles Diamond Tiara (looking at you Miss I-Don’t-Know-What-I’m-Doing Cheerilee).

And now for my #1 episode of season two!!

1). A Canterlot Wedding (02×25-02×26): I know a lot of people, mainly Bronies, say that this episode is typical to call your #1 episode in season two, but I don’t care, I love this episode. Yes, This Day Aria has a lot to do with me choosing this episode as my #1, but I still love this episode. It was a great way to end the season. Enough gushing about the episode, lets actually talk about it.

(PRT. I) Twilight and the rest of the Mane Six (including Spike) are enjoying a picnic when Twilight (via Spike) gets a letter to an invitation to a wedding. Apparently, the wedding is of her big brother, Shining Armor, who could have appeared any other time throughout the season, especially if he’s her B.B.B.F.F. Apparently Twilight’s mad because he found out that he was getting married through an invitation, but Shining Armor explains that there’s a threat in the city, which is why they passed through a protective bubble while entering Canterlot. Twilight excuses this and then asks who Princess Mi Amore Cadenza is. He says that she’s her old foal sitter, Cadence. Twilight is excited and is ready to do her secret handshake, but when Princess Cadence appears, she doesn’t recognize Twilight, which is understandable since its been years since she last saw Twilight. But Twilight finds it suspicious.

Throughout the day, Twilight realizes that this isn’t the real Cadence, she’s treating her friends like crap and Twilight doesn’t like that. When she confronts them about it, they say that she’s only being a bridezilla, but Twilight doesn’t believe that since the Cadence she knew wouldn’t be so cruel since she was basically a love goddess. The only conclusion is that Cadence isn’t the real Cadence. When she goes to talk to Shining Armor, she sees that Cadence is casting spells on Shining Armor and really starts to panic and think of the worst.

When she gets back to their room at the castle, she learns that Cadence has made all of her friends bridesmaids and they won’t listen to her, they are too immersed in the wedding. On the day of the wedding rehearsal, Twilight comes barging in and calls Cadence out, which turns her friends, her brother, and even Celestia against her. When Twilight tries to apologize to Cadence, turns out that the Cadence isn’t who she seems and entraps Twilight underneath the castle basement.

(PRT. II) Though Fake!Cadence has locked Twilight in the basement, we don’t get to see who she really is right away and I like that. She doesn’t even tell us her plan, which I like even more. Twilight starts blasting a way out when she comes across another Cadence. Twilight thinks that this is Fake!Cadence, but after doing their special handshake, she turns out to be the Real!Cadence. Fake!Cadence has to be stopped. I’m not going to gush much about This Day Aria because I already talked about it before starting the recap. Its the best song out of season two, but Smile Smile Smile is a really close second. Moving on, Twilight and Real!Cadence manage to escape the basement and Fake!Cadence’s brainwashed bridesmaids.

Fake!Cadence is revealed to Chrysalis, Queen of the Changelings, parasitic bugs with the ability to change shape and form of anybody around them. Her goal is to takeover Ponyville, starting with Canterlot. She has also turned Shining Armor into her mindless, weak puppet, making his shield weak for her changeling subjects to burst through. Celestia tries to stop Chrysalis, but fails because Shining Armor’s love is stronger than Celestia’s magic. Well, lets at least give her an A for effort, shall we? Celestia tells the Mane 6 to get to the Elements of Harmony, but they are captured after an interesting action scene. With the Mane 6 captured and Celestia defeated, things look hopeless…until Twilight frees Cadence. Cadence breaks Shining Armor’s spell with the power of love and also with the power of love, the two defeat Chrysalis and sends her–and her changeling minions–back from where they came from.

With Queen Chrysalis defeated, the real wedding between Shining Armor and Cadence can take place and the season has peacefully ended. And so has my season two top tens.



Season two wasn’t my favorite season. Yes, there were episodes I liked (A Canterlot Wedding, Hurricane Fluttershy) that I would watch over and over again, but there are some episodes (Putting Your Huff Down) that I never ever want to see again. Season two was kinda meh if we’re being honest, it wasn’t a really great season. But enough fretting about season two, I’ll see you in season three. My name is KrisSimsters, Stay Golden guys.

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