Top Tens (Five): My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Season Three

Her wings are so bright…I gotta wear shades

Hey guys, its your girl KrisSimsters and we’re back with season three and I figured that since season three got chopped in half, I might as well chop my list in half. So instead of doing a Top Ten, I’m doing a Top Five. And even though this list in chopped in half, rules still apply:


Again, I’ll be posting these episodes by production order because these were broadcast out of order again. I really hope they don’t do this crap for season six. Lets get this countdown started!!


My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (Season Three) Top Five:

What’s with all the Pinkies?

5). Apple Family Reunion (03×09): Its the Apple Family Reunion and every Apple is coming. Will we finally meet Applejack, Big Mac, and Apple Bloom’s parents? We’ll get to that in a few. This year, Applejack is in charge of planning the reunion because she wants Granny Smith to enjoy the reunion this year.

With some help from her family and friends, Applejack finishes setting up for the reunion just as the Apples arrive. As everybody starts catching up with each other, Applejack tries to get them into certain activities she planned out just for them. Applejack, being Applejack, goes to the extreme with these activities. A simple seven-legged race is suddenly an obstacle race and the granny ponies’ rocking chairs are replaced with sewing machines so they can finish working on a blanket that they’ve always worked on at every Apple Reunion since the first. Applejack arranges a hayride for the family, but that’s when things go haywire. As their going on the hayride, Applejack unleashes a rainbow of fruit bats, who soon attack the Apples because of an apple on Aunt Applesauce’s hat. The wagon lands into the barn, knocking it down.

Applejack is sorry about the ruined family reunion and Granny Smith that’s everypony is still there and there’s still time to make great memories. Well at least this family reunion won’t be forgettable. Applejack’s last activity is to rebuild the barn. So her last activity is more work? OK. At least the song’s catchy. One the reunion is over, Applejack and her family are inside the house and whole Applejack’s writing her letter to Celestia and Granny Smith are putting pictures in the album with Big Mac and Apple Bloom, two stars are shooting past Sweet Apple Arcs. Yes, those are Applejack’s parents confirming that they are dead.

4). Sleepless in Ponyville (03×06): A Scootaloo episode with Rainbow Dash? Finally!! Lets get started. Scootaloo is speeding through Ponyville when she gets a compliment from her idol, Rainbow Dash herself. This leads Scootaloo to try and get Rainbow to take her under her wing. So Apple Bloom says that Scootaloo and Rainbow can come with her and Applejack on their upcoming camping trip. Because Sweetie Bell doesn’t want to be left out, she gets Rarity to come along with them as well.

On the day of the trip, Scootaloo wonders where Rainbow is and Applejack informs her that she’ll meet them at the first campsite. Rarity comes with the most luggage–because she thinks of camping as glamping–so this slows them down. When they finally get to the campsite, Rainbow is already there and once the camp is set, Rainbow decides to tell ghost stories. While Apple Bloom and Sweetie Bell are visibly scared and comforted by their sisters, Scootaloo feigns fear and Rainbow Dash gives her another compliment. Later that night while every other pony is sleeping, Scootaloo’s having nightmares, but she doesn’t tell Rainbow Dash in fear of not getting Rainbow’s approval to be her mentor.

The next day, the ponies are heading to their next campsite when every other pony besides Rainbow Dash notices that Scootaloo hasn’t sleep and suggests talking to Rainbow Dash, but Scootaloo refuses. Their next campsite is inside a cave and Rainbow makes things more complicated for Scootaloo when she tells another ghost story. Scootaloo has another nightmare, but this time, Princess Luna comes and saves her from the headless horse. Princess Luna’s duties are coming into other ponies dreams and tells Scootaloo to face her fears. Scootaloo wakes up and goes into the forest. In the forest, she makes a bad turn and is washed in the river. She’s about to head downstream when she’s saved by Rainbow Dash, who is rightfully upset. We then get one of the best scenes in the entire season with Scootaloo confessing to Rainbow and Rainbow taking Scootaloo under her wing. It honestly made me tear up a little. The ending to this episode is just awesome, the whole episode was honestly.

3). Magic Duel (03×05): I know what my top two choice episodes for the season was, but I didn’t know what would be #3, but the Great and Powerful Trixie prevailed in the end. The episode starts out with a mysterious figure entering a magic shop and paying a lot of bits for a red amulet called the Alicorn Amulet, “the most mysterious and powerful of all know magical charms.” After the title sequence, we see Twilight preparing a show for Celestia and some delegates from Saddle Arabia. Rainbow bursts in and says that the Great and Powerful Trixie has returned.

Once Twilight arrives at Trixie’s location, Trixie–still upset about the events about the last time they met–challenges Twilight to a magic duel. They duel and since Trixie is powerful than Twilight thanks to the amulet, Twilight loses. Her punishment for losing? Twilight is banished from Ponyville. As the rest of the Mane 6 express their disgust, Trixie uses her powers to lift Twilight out of town and then creates a barrier so she’ll have no way to get back in. Twilight goes to Zecora and Zecora offers to train Twilight.

Back at Twilight’s library treehouse, the rest of the Mane 6 (and Spike) look for a way to defeat Trixie. They learn about Trixie’s amulet and that the only way it can be taken off is if she takes it off herself. Fluttershy goes to Twilight via her animal friends and tells Twilight about Trixie and her amulet. When Twilight can’t come up with a plan, Zecora encourages Twilight to, “Use the six.” Twilight has Fluttershy go back to Ponyville using her animal friends with a message.

Twilight returns to Ponyville and challenges Trixie with her “more powerful” amulet. Trixie is fascinated by this new amulet and accepts the duel. With the help of her “amulet” Twilight managers to turn Rarity and Applejack into fillies, old mares and back to themselves, she can also turn Applejack into a stallion, create a duplicate Rainbow, and get Pinkie Pie to play ten instruments. Trixie is impressed by this and steals the amulet from Twilight and replacing it with the Alicorn Amulet. When she uses the new against Rainbow, she’s horrified to find out that the amulet has no effect on her magic. Twilight reveals that the amulet is nothing more than one of Zecora’s doorstops. Later, Trixie goes to Twilight and apologizes and gives herself a new name, “The Great and Apologetic” Trixie. Twilight forgives Trixie and she runs off into the night and before the credits role, Twilight returns Pinkie’s mouth.

2): Wonderbolts Academy (03×07): I had another delimma when it came to choose my top two episodes, but I loved my #1 more than this, but its still a great episode that it deserves my love. Rainbow finally gets to live her dream, training as a Wonderbolt. When she gets to their training site, she falls into line with the rest of the trainees and is immediately ordered to fly 500 laps by Spitfire after a fellow trainee dared her. Lets ignore the fact that this isn’t the real military, because if something like this happened in a real military then I doubt this pegasus wouldn’t last long. The pegasus introduce herself and her name is Lighting Dust. They are the two fastest ponies out the trainees so they become fast friends.

The next day, its another training session. The trainees are instructed to get inside “The Dizzitron” in order to test their flight recovery. The results will be compared to see who will be paired with who for the remainder of the week. Rainbow recovers in 6 seconds flat while Lighting Dust recovers in 6.5 (but the at the maximum). Because of this, the next day its revealed that Lighting Dust is leader and Rainbow is wingpony. Rainbow goes to Spitfire to see why and its because Lighting Dust is more daring than Rainbow and shows leadership.

Meanwhile Pinkie Pie misses Rainbow and the rest of the Mane 6 tries to break her away from the mailbox, but she refuses until she receives a letter from Rainbow. This scene is a little tedious and with the whole ending controversy, these Pinkie scenes could have been scaled out…a lot. Honestly, Pinkie could have thought of sending Rainbow after one day because that’s Pinkie. But the back and forth between the two plots (Rainbow at Wonderbolts Academy and Pinkie Pie missing her) is tedious and could have been planned better. Even though Rainbow hates being Lighting Dust wingpony, this does not deter her motivation to become a Wonderbolt and I’m impressed by this. Besides Fluttershy, Rainbow has grown a lot. I mean yes, all the girls have grown, but Rainbow has shown more growth so far.

One of their exercises involves the four pair of trainees being split into two teams to capture their opponents (Red vs. Blue) flag. Since Rainbow and Lighting Dust are on the Blue team, they need to capture a Red flag. Lighting Dust sees a Red flag underneath a cave and since Rainbow is prone to injuries, she clips her wing while following Lighting Dust. When Spitfire sees that they have returned with the flag, she gives them a nice job, but she doesn’t notice Rainbow’s clipped wing. Why doesn’t she seem to notice Rainbow’s clipped wing? The next exercise is an obstacle course and while Rainbow and Lighting Dust do great as always, they push past their fellow trainees at Lighting’s account. Rainbow tries to tell Lighting Dust to ease up on the other trainees, but Lighting Dust gets really…mean about it, saying that the Wonderbolts take only the best of the best. Rainbow doesn’t disagree, but she doesn’t agree either.

Their next task is clearing up the clouds and Lighting Dust wants to make things a little more interesting with a tornado. Rainbow goes along with the idea and they make the tornado, but Lighting Dust can’t hold it because 1), They are the only two ponies doing this and 2), TORNADOES ARE UNCONTROLLABLE!! Lighting Dust and Rainbow leave the tornado and Rainbow soon sees that her friends (who came in up a balloon) are in danger and she’s quick to rescue them. She is the only one to rescue from the balloon, but the other trainees help get them safely on the ground. And yeah I know, Fluttershy should have used her wings, but a lot of people have pointed this out already and I’m not going point out the obvious.

Rainbow Dash finally stands up for herself and her friends when Lighting Dust tries to say what Rainbow did was “cool.” When Lighting Dust mentions why her “daring” attitude was why she was leader, Rainbow goes to Spitfire and Rainbow’s best moment of the season happens. Once again, this is Rainbow’s best episode (I can’t really count Sleepless in Ponyville) because that’s a Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash episode and yes, this episode has its flaws (no episode can be perfect) but it is Rainbow’s best episode. She’s really letting her loyalty element shine. And I can honestly applaud her for that.

Once Rainbow leaves Spitfire’s office, she tells the rest of the Mane 6 that she’s quit the Wonderbolts Academy. Just as she’s about to leave, Spitfire calls her name and tells her that she’s right. She expels Lighting Dash and takes off her leadership badge, giving it to Rainbow and Rainbow flies off with the other trainees. So like I said, there’s some real flaws with this episode and Spitfire is one of them. Yes, she did the right thing in the end and yes, she shouldn’t have to automatically recognize Rainbow for her achievements because those could have been tests for this episode.

Another issue I have to this episode is Lighting Dust because Lighting Dust is basically Rainbow Dash in season one and the episode wants me to be OK with and I’m not OK with that. I don’t need two egos in one episode, Rainbow’s ego is large enough. Yes, Rainbow needed to learn a lesson, but don’t give me season one Rainbow at this expense. And yeah, Spitfire didn’t intimidate me once. If you want an actual review to this, then I’d advise you to check out the Military reacting to this episode. Its actually kinda awesome. Lets gear up for that #1 spot, shall we?


  • The Crystal Empire (03×01-03×02): Yeah, this episode was leading into the finale and its a good episode, but I don’t really love it. Its as Mr. Enter stated, “If you love Atlantis: The Lost Empire then you’ll love this episode.” Its basically the same thing.
  • Games Ponies Play (03×12): This semi two-parter wasn’t that great. I didn’t like this one or its processor, Just for Sidekicks. It honestly could have been better.
  • Spike at Your Service (03×10): This episode was basically meaningless. Spike saves AJ’s life and that means he has to be her servant for the rest of her life? Twilight was the one who gave birth to him and has saved him countless times, he can’t just leave that like. Also, this Dragon code was brought up and destroyed in 21 minutes…that is BS.

And now for my #1 episode of season three!!

1). Magical Mystery Cure (03×13): Why do people hate this episode? Was it because it was ruined on Twitter weeks in advanced? If that’s the reason when I’m totally sorry for that and glad that I’m not following any MLP Twitter accounts (though if you bronies want to follow me then check me out @KrisSimsters), but even if it was spoiled for you, you have to agree that Twilight worked hard for this over three seasons.

Celestia sent her to Ponyville with a goal and she met that goal. Its kind of like what I was saying in Wonderbolts Academy, Spitfire didn’t just give Rainbow Dash her Wonderbolts Academy acceptance letter right away, Rainbow had to work for it. Just like she had to work for her leadership badge. The Mane 6 are working towards their own goals and we get to see them achieve their goals. And that’s my take of it, so lets talk about the actual episode.

This is a musical episode, but for the sake of saving me time, let me say that my favorite songs from this is What My Cutie Mark is Telling Me and A True, True Friend. Too bad we couldn’t get Pinkie to sing Smile Smile Smile again, but this is a Twilight episode (kinda). Anyway, onwards with the actual plot. The Mane 6 (minus Twilight) has had their cutie marks rearrange because of a spell that Celestia gave her that belonged to Star Swirl the Bearded. She was meant to fix it and accidentally used it on the Elements of Harmony (minus her own). Rarity is now in charge of weather (Rainbow Dash), Rainbow Dash is now an animal caretaker (Fluttershy), Fluttershy is now in charge of keeping the town happy (Pinkie Pie), Pinkie is now in charge of Sweet Apple Arcs (Applejack), and Applejack is now making dresses (Rarity). Neither of them are good at this because of the spell and Twilight can’t redo it. She ruined her friends lives and feels honestly guilty about it.

Twilight figures out that since she can’t help them remember themselves, but they can. So she goes and tries to restore their memories by having them do what their best out. She starts out with Fluttershy, who saves Rainbow, Rainbow saves Rarity, Rarity saves Applejack, Applejack saves Pinkie, and Pinkie saves the town with her smile. Once her friends are back to normal, Twilight has figured out the rest of Star Swirl’s spell. Once the Mane 6 are back at the treehouse, Twilight writes out the rest of the spell and as soon as she places the period, there’s some weirdness happening and Twilight is being attacked by  white light that is coming from the Elements of Harmony. She soon vanishes and the only left in her place is her cutie mark.

As I’ve stated before, this is the part of the episode that Bronies either love or hate. I’m on the side that loves this part, because its something she worked for. This was her goal. Moving on, Twilight meets up with Celestia, who sings a beautiful song regarding Twilight’s next phase in life. Twilight comes riding back to Ponyville in a ball of white light and when the white light has vanished, its revealed that she got her wings and is now an alicorn princess. The episode ends gorgeously at Twilight’s coronation and we get a reprise of the first song, Life in Equestria. And that ends my season three top five.


Final Thoughts:

Maybe it was because season three was shorter, but I liked this season, a lot. Yeah there were some hit and misses, but it was a good season. Now time for some honesty, I’m not going to do seasons 4 & 5 until after Easter Sunday. Yes, I’m recapping the first new episode of the season, but that’s all I’m doing. Easter Sunday is a day off for me and I need to refresh lol. That doesn’t mean I’m going to stop competely because I’m not, but I do have other stuff planned that I need to seriously get back too. Thank you guys for understanding, my name is KrisSimsters and Stay Golden. New season of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic starts tomorrow!!

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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic season six starts on March 26th, 2016 @ 11:00 AM and 11:30 AM ONLY on Discovery Family!!


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