The Two Hundred: American Dad! 13×11, Recap Special

Its the 200!!

Hey guys, its your girl, KrisSimsters and American Dad! turned 200 last night and in a short aspect, the episode was awesome. If you happened to missed the episode then fear not!! Its available on TBS’s onDemand section under Networks. Its also available on the TBS website, but only if your signed in. Otherwise, don’t lets get started with this recap shall we? And I know I have like a million stuff to catch up on and I am going to get to it, I just needed something different for the moment.


American Dad! The Two Hundred Plot:

Dystopian Langley Falls

The episode starts out with Stan returning to a Dystopian Langley Falls after a supposed blast. Langley Falls itself is in ruins, everything that was once there is gone and everything looks like shit. There are also sayings in red paint saying, “Beware the 200,” and “The 200 is Real.”

Stan doesn’t even look like Stan, I was almost hoping they would use different names, but they didn’t and I’m kinda glad about that as well. Its also revealed that Stan’s wearing nothing but a green trenchcoat, some boots, and a pair of black pants. What’s under the trenchcoat you ask? Well, you’ll have to wait.

After accquiring some fake flowers (and again, I like how against all the murky items, the flowers are bright), Stan goes back to the house and finds it like everything else in ruins. He hears some noise in the kitchen and finds Principal Lewis rummaging through the fridge. He says he doesn’t know where the family is, who has been missing since the blast. After taking off his trenchcoat, we see that Stan had his chest, shoulders, and upper back covered in tattoo, but only three stand out; a falcon, a doily, and a trashcan with a heart and filled with gold. Stan first talks about the eagle.

The eagle represents Hayley and a father-daughter fishing trip gone wrong that ended up in Hayley trying to free the fish already captured, but they get kidnapped and eaten by falcons. Stan realizes that Hayley just wanted to spend a little time with him. It was my least favorite one because while I’m a fan of Hayley and she had some great moments this episode, it was just really bland.

Turns out that Principal Lewis is now a cannibal (though I’m not surprised and he was hinting at it so far) so Stan puts out the fire and runs out the house while Principal Lewis is searching for him. Its then he runs into Greg who’s is just as colorful as the fake flowers. Principal Lewis chops off Greg’s right foot and Stan has to carry him, which brings us to the doily tattoo.

The doily represents Steve and how the two of them participated in a father-son obsticale course. Steve-being Steve-ends up breaking his leg during the course and has to spend the summer in the house, knitting doilies. Each doily was better than the last and Stan realizes that he should have carried Steve like he carrying Greg.

Just when the two are about to be killed by group of hunters, they soon learn that the two hundred is near and they scatter away. The two hundred turns out to be Roger who says that the two hundred isn’t real. Stan says that he and Greg are headed to New Haven safe zone where Francine and the kids are, so they hop on a train and try to ditch Greg, but he manages to get on the train.

We then learn Francine’s backstory. Francine represents the garbage cans because Stan always “forgets” to take out the garbage. We then get a great callback from Stewie’s Ferris Bueller’s scene and its just an awesome moment. In the end though, Francine drops the trash while chasing after the garbage truck and she has to carry two week’s worth of garbage back to the house. Stan learns to always take out the trash…unless he actually forgets to do so.

They are attacked by a survivor turned savage and Roger throws Stan out the train, once again leaving Greg behind. Greg catches up once again, this time covered in blood that belonged to the savage. Roger still calls him a weak link because he doesn’t have his other leg and wants to still try and ditch him. When they reach the New Haven Safe Zone, they see that its was attacked and not everybody survived. Stan worries that Francine and the kids might have been killed in the process due to Francine’s locket being left behind.

Principal Lewis comes out of nowhere and cuts off Greg’s other leg before capturing them. Stan is in a slump because he’s worried about Francine and the kids and when Roger snaps out of it, he turns around and says, “See ya. Wouldn’t wanna be ya.” We then get another backstory, this one is the day of the blast. Francine and the kids are having breakfast and Stan’s getting ready to go on a mission to South America. He doesn’t tell the family because he couldn’t. He regrets properly saying goodbye and not being with them when the blast hit. This scene is beautiful, it gives off so many emotions from Stan’s point of view. This was probably my favorite scene of the whole episode, he just brought a more in-depth Stan.

Just as Principal Lewis is going to kill Stan, a falcon comes and shoots the gun out of Lewis’ hand. Turns out the falcon belonged to Hayley and waifu is looking hotter than normal. Moving forward, Steven then comes and captures Lewis in a doily net. The cart starts rolling backwards and just as Stan, Roger, and Greg are about to be killed off; Francine lifts the cart with strength she gathered from carrying two garbage cans.

Just when the family and Greg think their safe, Lewis calls up the rest of the town who we see also turned into cannibals. Just when the family’s going to be eaten, the two hundred appear and their all Rogers personas throughout the series. Apparently on the day of the blast, Roger was following a sixth grade class to the Langley Quantum Labs where he gets inside of a hardon collider, where his personas started to split and take lives of their own.

The final battle takes place between the town and the two hundred that includes a huge mutant Klaus with Jeff riding on top of it coming out of the water. We then are cut to the ending (because the war would have cost too much to animate) and Stan tells the story to his granddaughter and other survivors. Can we just take a moment and appreciate how cute Hayley and Jeff’s daughter is? She looks more like Hayley (I’m so honestly happy about that) and she’s wearing Jeff’s hat. That is just awesome.


Final Thoughts:

The episode was really good, one of the best of the season. I can tell they spent more time on this episode than other episodes because up until that point, while some episodes were good, others weren’t that great. The show’s now on a break and I’m happy and sad about that. I still love American Dad! and I hope it lasts longer than Family Guy. My name’s KrisSimsters, stay golden!!

Final Rating: 9/10. It wasn’t perfect, but it was still good.

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American Dad! comes on TBS @ 8:30 P.M. Mondays.


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