The Crystalling: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, 06×01-06×02 Recap

New Mommy Alert!!

Hey guys, its your girl KrisSimsters and welcome to season six of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic!! If you hadn’t seen it from the preview, which I’m honestly kinda glad about you wanting to keep things spoiler-free, there’s a new alicorn baby in town (so thank Princess Cadence and Shining Armor for that). If you haven’t seen the two-parter season opener, then I’d advise you not to read this recap unless you want to be spoiled. For everybody else, lets jump into this recap shall we?


The Crystalling Recap:

How are Alicorns Made?

Beginning Plot:

The episode starts out with Starlight Glimmer walking around the Friendship Castle, looking for the library. She says it was smaller on the inside and this brings up a valid question, how did you get around fast enough in The Cutie Re-Mark? Did you forget your way around? Moving on, Starlight seems to be sporting a new hairstyle. Her bangs are now swooped to the side as kinda of a reformed look. This episode will also make me wonder if Starlight Glimmer is willing to reform. For those of you who forgot, Starlight Glimmer is basically reformed since the end of season five and Twilight as taken her in as a student so she can learn friendship. We’ll get to learn more about her first lesson later on. Starlight Glimmer accidentally runs into Spike who shows her the way to the library (right behind her) and we see Twilight writing up her lesson plan. If you know Twilight, then you know that its a lot.

During the theme, you can see that we have a new picture not only does it include Starlight Glimmer, Zecora is in it, which means we get more Zecora!! Also the CMC are also updated with their new cutie marks. Yay for continuity!!

After the theme, Twilight is still scarring her student with her lesson plans and suggests that she join the others in the throne room. The rest of the Mane 6 are talking about the Crystalling of Shining Armor and Princess Cadence’s new baby. Rainbow Dash wants to leave ASAP and Fluttershy wants to be courteous and wait until the invitation arrives. But the one thing everypony agrees on is that they don’t know what a Crystalling is because the Crystal Empire was lost for 1,000 years before The Crystal Empire. So not many know about their traditions and cultures. I was going to nitpick here because they did read about the Crystal festival during the aforementioned two-parter, but I guess it was only about the fair so this moment passes. Pinkie doesn’t care what its about, along as it involves a party because its Pinkie. I can’t tell whether she’s in character or not, so this is 50/50. Spike is still on his hero status, which gets a laugh out of Rarity because of that whole crush thing.

He then mentions that he had to help Twilight research everything about the Crystalling and brings out a purple and blue vase explaining what a Crystalling is. Long story short, when a baby is born in the Crystal Empire, the parents bring it towards the Crystal Heart and with the purest shard, and pick a Crystallier to present the baby to everypony and they all share the light and joy, increasing its power. When Starlight Glimmer goes to see Twilight again later, Twilight mentions that she’s narrowed the options down to three and  one of  Starlight Glimmer’s first lesson involves their trip to the Crystal Empire. Its where Sunburst lives. Sunburst was Starlight’s only friend back when they were foals and because he got his cutie mark before her, she became all crazy when he left for Magic School. The pressure of even thinking of reuniting with Sunburst gives Starlight Glimmer a BSOD, but its not for very long when Twilight snaps her out of it. Starlight isn’t very happy, but she feigns happiness for Twilight.

This episode is giving me weary reminders of Amending Fences and while that episode is good, I don’t know if I want to see a 2.0 version of it. Anyway, Starlight tells Spike her dilemma and how she’s afraid to tell him all the bad stuff she did in season five. Spike suggests talking to Twilight about it, but since this is Friendship is Magic, then Starlight is going to be learning the lesson on her own. Before Starlight Glimmer can tell Twilight what’s on her mind, their invitation for the Crystalling has arrived and that means that Starlight Glimmer’s first lesson has been decided; she gets to reunite with Sunburst.

On the train, we get a little moment between Applejack, Rainbow, and Rarity discussing baby gifts and its kinda cute. Applejack’s giving the new baby a crib, Rarity’s giving her a new blanket to go with the crib and Rainbow’s going to give the baby a mobile. Starlight tries to get Twilight to reconsider about her first friendship lesson, but Twilight being Twilight thinks she can handle two things at once.

Starlight admits that she’s a little worried about seeing Sunburst and again, I’m glad that continuity is in place because Twilight was also nervous about seeing her old pony friends from Canterlot. Twilight is also going overboard with the whole lesson thing. Yes, its in Twilight’s nature, but its still too much. When the train finally stops at the Crystal Empire, a disheveled Shining Armor is there. Fatherhood has gotten to him fast and Twilight plans to help him out, meaning she’ll have to miss out on Starlight Glimmer’s lesson.

Spike offers to do it for her instead and Starlight looks like she wants to punch Spike. Even though its something she doesn’t want to do, its something she has to do whether she likes it or not.

From here, I’m going to break the plot in half and they won’t be joined again until the end.

Its so awkward to see you again.

Starlight Glimmer/Sunburst Plot:

I’m going to call this Plot “A” mainly because this was the plot I enjoyed more. I loved seeing how awkward Starlight Glimmer and Sunburst and Starlight actually reminded me of myself back when it comes to seeing old friends again.I was actually thinking about that as I was writing. Moving on. Since Twilight can’t handle helping out with the new foal and do her first lesson with Starlight, Spike says that he’ll help out with Starlight’s lesson. On their way, Spike gets caught up into telling Starlight Glimmer and other ponies about the time he saved the Crystal Empire twice. I’m so glad Spike snapped out of this when he did because the last thing I need in the season premiere is Spike gloating. When the two reaches Sunburst’s house, we finally get to meet Sunburst and he looks like Pony Harry Potter and I’m joking. Seriously though, Sunburst is a geek and I like that he’s a geek.

You can also tell that he’s hiding something, just like Starlight is hiding her past, but his secret doesn’t come out until later, when he reveals that only knows the knowledge of magic…he can’t really perform the magic he knows. And its a really strong moment because Starlight finally tells Sunburst the truth about her past and comes to grasp about what she’s done, knowing that she has a long way to go.

I’m cuter than you!! I’m cuter than you!!

Baby Alicorn Plot:

The main problem I personally have with this plot is that my knowing of Alicorn Princesses just got more confusing. While it was cleared up to me that Princess Cadence was a Pegasus turned Alicorn in her teens, I’m still confused about why Princess Luna and Princess Celestia weren’t born Alicorns? They have been rulers of Equestria for years and their both going to tell me they weren’t born Alicorns? OK, OK…lets say this. Lets say that even if Cadence and Shining Armor’s baby was the first Alicorn Princess born for this particular country because I cannot-and probably will not-accept that Princess Luna and Princess Celestia weren’t Alicorns from birth with all the power they have. Back to the new baby, she’s a handful. I don’t think she’s a Mary-Sue, I think that’s what the writers were trying to prevent when they created this all-powerful baby. So they made her destructive. And apparently, she’s so destructive that she breaks the Crystal Heart. Wow. And its at this point that we reach the final part of this review.

I cost a lot of money!!

The Ending:

With the Crystal Heart destroyed, everybody’s scrambling to find a solution, especially since there’s a huge blizzard heading towards the Crystal Empire. Cadence and Twilight are working hard to find a spell to fix everything; Shining Armor, Pinkie, and Rarity (using a butterfly net) try and capture the Alicorn Baby and Starlight Glimmer and Spike tries to convince Sunburst to help. Also, Celestia’s actually doing something and that’s like the best in this whole season. We always see Luna doing something, but Celestia finally got off her sun butt and did something. Did it work? No because the blizzard came too fast, but A++ for effort Princess.

The problem isn’t resolved until the last ten minutes of the show with Sunburst saving the day and the Crystalling being spectacular for the Crystal Ponies. And what’s that in the background of the train station? A chaneling? Well I can see Queen Chrysalis making a comeback this season. Either that or the chanelings are planning a revolt.

Final Thoughts:

OK, I know this is almost a week late and I’m sorry, but I have been incredibly busy lately and I had some internet problems on Monday that got resolved, but my schedule was still keeping me from writing. Long story short, I liked this episode, a lot more than I intended too. Yes, I went into the episode open-minded, but there were still some flaws.

The best thing I can take out of this episode is the same thing Twilight learned: “You can’t teach everybody, everything. You have to let them grow on their own.” I could go more into this very subject alone within MLP, but that’s another post for another time. I do need to faster when it comes to these articles and its going to take me a while to get into a decent swing. Until then though, my name is KrisSimsters and Stay Golden.

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