The Figgis Agency: Archer 07×01, Recap

Welcome back, Sterling Archer

Hey guys, its your girl, KrisSimsters and Archer‘s has finally came back after almost a year of waiting. Things are a little different this time around as Archer and the gang are now detectives. Interesting. Anyway, if you haven’t seen this episode yet, then fear not!! It comes on every Thursday at 10:00 PM on FX and you can probably catch it onDemand the next day. Now that’s out the way, (and if you want to be spoiled), then lets start on this recap shall we?


Archer: The Figgis Academy Recap:

Welcome to the DANGER ZONE!!

The beginning of the episode takes place after six months with two detectives searching the outside of a huge manor. The two detectives are voiced by J.K. Simmons and Keegan-Michael Key and they really resemble them as well. The manor belongs to Veronica Deane and I see that we’re getting a continuous storyline because the body in the pool belongs to the one and only Archer.


The actual story takes place three months after the CIA has blacklisted them after the events of the season six ending. The gang are in L.A. and they’ve decided to dip their toes in the detective agency named the Figgis Agency and right off the back, I have to say eww. Figgis is my least favorite character on the show in general so I don’t know if its harder for me or Archer to swallow the fact that until Archer becomes a P.I. we have to deal with the name, the Figgis Agency.

Our first client is a woman named-ah-ha-Veronica Deane, who is in need of a computer disk held captive by her ex-husband’s divorce lawyer by the name of Alan Shapiro. She wants Archer, Lana, and Ray (who can walk (for now)) to recover the disk because she does not want to pay. She wants to pay them 100k for the return of the disk and of course they say yes. And before we go any further, these new placeholders are just amazing. Yeah, I love them that much.

After some debriefing (and the realization that Ray can walk!!) we go to Krieger, who is now a weapons expert (don’t quote me on this) and this happens:

Yeah. We finally get to the mission and after some debate about Archer’s car, he hopes into the van with everybody the jokes in this scene is just awesome. I swear, only these assholes can be together for this long and I love it. Their dicks but they care about each other. Anyway, while Ray, Lana, and Archer are doing their mission, Cheryl (in sheer stupidity) has forgotten to mention one thing: the guard dogs.

So while Archer gets chased by guard dogs and eventually gets thrown off a cliff, Ray and Lana break into Alan Shapiro’s house and once they steal the disk, they get chased by Shapiro’s guards (which was led to them due to Archer’s bleeding), they head back down using their grappling hooks and while Archer has Ray pick up Lana and use his bionic legs to go back to the van, Archer once again rolls down a cliff.

The ending scene to this is once Veronica Deane drops off the check and picks up her disk, we are then introduced to…Veronica Deane? OK, what the fuck is going on this season? We have an actual storyline and its interesting as hell!! Goddamn it, Adam Reed you actually did your research!! I’m so proud of you.


Final Thoughts:

This is a good way to land back in my good graces, Archer. It actually got me excited and with this hopefully continuous story-line, we can actually get a good season, something we haven’t gotten in two years. The gang actually knows what their doing (because of their spy work in the first four seasons) and its looks like everybody’s a good combination of seriousness and funny, its a good balance I hadn’t gotten in a long time. I’ll still ding this episode because Archer didn’t once use “Danger Zone” while falling off the cliff during the escape scene. All in all, its good to be back to watching Archer and I want more of this goodness next week. Until then, I’m KrisSimsters and Stay Golden.

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