The Gift of the Maud Pie: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, 06×03 Recap

Are my teeth sparkly enough?

Hey guys, its your girl, KrisSimsters and we’re back with another My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic recap. This is only the second time in MLP history that Pinkie Pie and Rarity are in an episode together, the other being Putting Your Hoof Down aka the episode that shall not be named. Anyway, this episode also features one of my favorite family member ponies, Maud Pie so this is going to be a very interesting episode. For those of you who hasn’t seen this yet, then fear not!! The episode is usually available on Discover Family’s onDemand page so check it out there. Otherwise, lets get this recap started shall we?


The Gift of the Maud Pie Recap:

We are family…even the weird pony next to me

The episode starts out with Pinkie Pie and Rarity heading to Manehattan for two reasons; Rarity wants to open up another boutique (because Best Pony is rich like that) and Pinkie Pie is spending is with big sister Maud. The two sisters are also participating in “Pie Sisters’ Surprise Swap Day” aka “PSSSD” in which they swap presents. Pinkie says that Maud always gets the best presents and declares that this the time she’ll out do Maud. She enlists in Rarity’s help and we hear no more about Rarity’s boutique until the end of the episode.

Before we go any further, I would love to see Pinkie doing “PSSSD” with her other sisters, we do not get to see Limestone and Marble enough and that needs to change in season six. There are a couple more continuity points that I want to happen, but we’ll get to that at the end of the episode. Moving on. While Maud picks out a postcard for Boulder’s cousin, Pinkie Pie tells Rarity that there’s a specialty store in Manehattan that sells only rock pouches, which is want Pinkie wants to get Maud. So Rarity suggest a sightseeing path that leads to the store so Pinkie can go there without ruining the surprise. Rarity even offers to come along so she can help distract Maud.

After some sightseeing and looking at buildings for Rarity’s boutique, we finally arrive at a cafe, which is only a block away from the rock pouch store. While Maud tells Rarity the story of how she met Boulder (I honestly wanted to see this more than Pinkie, shockingly enough), Pinkie goes to the specialty store and we see that its closed and it will be closed until after a few moons. What are moons exactly? Its months? So the shop will be closed for three months? I’m sorry, but how will your business do if your closed for three months? That’s just impractical. After the little girl in me is reminded that this is is a kid’s cartoon, we go back to Pinkie who is in a small depressive state because of the rock pouch store.

Best Pony Rarity cheers up Pinkie and says that since there’s plenty of time before the gift exchange, Pinkie can probably find a better gift for Maud. After a few disappointing ideas, Rarity and Pinkie notice a salespony who has the exact same pouch that Pinkie wants for Maud. So Pinkie runs over to the salespony and he says that he’ll give her the pouch for her party cannon and things get very Gift of the Magi as we head into commercial. Once we’re back from the commercial, we see that Pinkie as returned with the pouch, but no canon. Honestly though, Pinkie has a bunch of canons back in Ponyville, but I can see why she’s upset. Maybe that was her favorite cannons, the one she always carried with her everywhere she went. One question I have though, what does this guy want with her party cannon? Is he just a weasel? It would honestly explain a lot.

Its now sunset and time to exchange gifts, but first we must sing the song that goes along with it, are you ready?

Now we can finally exchange gifts. Maud is in love with her rock pouch and Pinkie gets cupcake-scented confetti for her cannon. Dude…the feels. And because of this, I’m not completely mad at Rarity for telling Maud about Pinkie’s sacrifice. Before the gift exchange, Rarity notices that Pinkie’s upset and she said she wanted to help. This also plays into Rarity’s element of generosity. Was it wrong? Yeah, a little, but Pinkie’s forgave her. So the three go back to the salespony and (with a little help from Rarity), Maud exchanges her rock pouch for Pinkie’s cannon.

When Pinkie explains why she did what she did, Maud tells her that the gift exchange isn’t a contest, its an expression of love and the feels are really working over on me. The episode ends in Rarity finding the perfect spot for her next boutique (because we needed to close that story-line) and Pinkie and Maud inviting Rarity to the next PSSSDWR and I’m going to die from the feels.


Final Thoughts:

And that was The Gift of the Maud Pie and its easily a contender for my Top Tens list in season six. The thing I love most about this episode is Pinkie and her growth, like she has a spoonful of Rarity when it came to her generosity. The fact that she was willing to give up her cannon for Maud made me wonderful on the inside. It made me wish they were still writing their lessons, like the moment Twilight got the Friendship Castle, they’ve stopped writing. Yes, they’ve come a long way since season one, but its the thought that counts. Or maybe the CMC will start writing down their lessons.

Speaking of the CMC; next week’s episode features them, more specifically now what their going to do now that they have their cutie marks. The last thing I want to say is that I hope the PSSSD storyline continues because I cannot get enough of the Pie sisters, I love them all (even though I thought Limestone was a boy at first (sorry Limestone)). I also want to see more of Rarity building her new Manehattan shop. One last thing:


I loved the continuity in this episode, just loved it. That’s all for now, my name is KrisSimsters and Stay Golden.

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