First Impressions: The PowerPuff Girls (2016)

Does the New Girls live up to their Successors?

Hey guys, its your girl, KrisSimsters and welcome to a new section I’d like to call, First Impressions. The name says it in the title, this is me giving you my first impressions of a new, talked about show. The show we’re talking about today is the newest reboot of The Powerpuff Girls, probably one of the greatest shows of Cartoon Network history. This was a show that both girls and boys could watch; with smart and resourceful Blossom, sweet and bubbly Bubbles, and hardcore and tomboyish Buttercup. We had heard a lot about this show before its premiere from hearing that nobody in the main cast wouldn’t be coming back; including show creator, Craig McCracken  and our favorite PowerPuff Girl, Tara Strong (who voiced Bubbles). And yes, a lot of supporting characters are coming back, but its weird not having Tara Strong on there. Anyway, there are good and bad when it comes to this new series, so lets get started shall we?


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1). The Voice Acting: Yes, I feel like its best to get this out the way now before actually moving on. The voice-acting in this series is…actually pretty good. Yes, its going to have to take us some time to get used to these new women; Amanda Leighton, Kristen Li, and Natalie Palamides, but for the first , episode of the new series, they did a pretty good job.If this was a major problem with this new series-like me-then fear not. They actually did a pretty good job. 8/10.

2). The Animation: Another thing I feel like I need to get out the way is the animation, yes its different and everything is updated, including the hotline. I also like what they did with the girls, even a little bit of detail can make the show better. I like how their hair represents their distinct personalities now. 8/10.

3). Fanservice: No, not this type of fanservice, but actual callbacks to the original series. As I’ve already stated, the only callback we’ve had so far is the Mayor and Princess Morebucks (I honestly wouldn’t have minded if she didn’t appear in this version but whatever). The supporting cast such as The Mayor and Mojo-Jojo are coming back, but I wouldn’t mind seeing Him and the RowdyRuff Boys making a comeback, though the chances of Him coming back isn’t likely due to today’s society and how parents of today might not like it and it’ll probably get the show cancelled or put on a tighter leash than its probably already on. So just give me the RowdyRuff Boys and I’ll be fine. 9/10

4). Writing and Music: OK, this is the only thing I had a problem with. While I enjoyed the theme and I’m sure kids everywhere will being singing it, I had a huge problem with the writing. While it was good, it wasn’t great and there were a few bad jokes in the mix. I just hope the jokes are better as time goes on. Out of the two episodes I saw tonight, I did like Escape From Monster Island more because it wasn’t as try-hard as Princess Buttercup was. Don’t worry though, I’ll give you my top five by the end of the week, this is only my first impressions of the show. As for the writing and music…6/10


How did we do?

Final Thoughts:

The show is good, its not the greatest show in the lineup, but its only the first episode. Its not as good as We Bare Bears (the second-newest show), but its way better than Teen Titans Go! Its way better than Teen Titans Go! and Tara Strong’s playing Raven. The only thing I’ll have to get used too honestly is the voices and if the writing gets better, then I’m sure it’ll be way better than Teen Titans Go! and hopefully TTG will get cancelled.

That’s all for now, I’ll give you my top five episodes once the week is up and we’ll go from there recap wise. My name is KrisSimsters and Stay Golden.

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The PowerPuff Girls comes on Cartoon Network @6:00 PM!!


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