My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic; On Your Marks & Gauntlet of Fire (Double Review)

Our Cutie Marks are awesome!! So worth the the wait!! So now what?

Hey guys, its your girl KrisSimsters and its been two weeks since I’ve last written for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I miss it. Its a good thing during my break that I actually watched the episodes, it makes my job easier, especially since I’m going to be talking about both On Your Marks and Gauntlet of Fire. If you haven’t seen the episodes yet, then don’t worry. They always show the repeats before the new episodes, so if you want to get a Saturday morning binge next week, then be up by at least 9AM EST. Otherwise, this recap might tame you. Now lets get started with these recaps, shall we?

On Your Marks Recap (06×04):

Even now that we got our Cutie Marks, we’ll still be friends!!

The episode starts out with the CMC admiring their brand-new cutie marks at their clubhouse. One of the main questions that they have now that have their cutie marks, what are they going to do next? They go about Ponyville, asking random ponies (including Big Mac) if their satisfied with their destinations thanks to their cutie marks. They all are and that leads the CMC in a predicament: they got their cutie marks by helping other ponies, how are they going to carry out their destiny?

The plot of the episode soon happens when the three decides to carryout their own interests; Scootaloo bungee-jumping, Sweetie Belle crocheting, and Apple Bloom being confused about what she wanted. She falls into this uncertainty harder than the other two because getting her cutie mark was her sole mission. Yes, she got into potions with Zecora, but to her its not enough. And its here we get the first song of the season at long last,  Out on my Own.

And its good, really good for the first song of the season. We get to see more of Ponyville and I get to hear Apple Bloom sing on her own, something I wanted to hear for a while. Yes, I do find it weird that she sings this song and handle those high-notes after the events of the beginning of the episode, but its still good. Apple Bloom’s song leads her to a dance studio where the young foals are getting ready for a dance recital that night. After failing to impress the dance teacher by not dancing well with a partner, Apple Bloom leaves in despair.

Its there we meet male Scootaloo, I mean Tender Taps, who lives to dance. Turns out, he doesn’t have a cutie mark and he’s shy, but because Apple Bloom’s depressed, she leaves in a funk and goes back to the clubhouse. When Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle return from their activities, they see that Apple Bloom has gone mad and snap her out of it, saying that just because their not going to be spending that much time together, doesn’t mean their no longer friends. Apple Bloom then remembers Tender Taps and makes it her mission to help him conquer his performance anxiety. With Scootaloo handling his background design and Sweetie Belle making costumes, Apple Bloom and Tender Taps dances and while Apple Bloom fails on sight, Tender Taps wows the crowd with his skills and earns his cutie mark.

The episode ends with the CMC realizing that while their going to do stuff on their own, they can still help other ponies find their special talent, together.

Gauntlet of Fire Recap (06×05):

“Twilight. I don’t think you were supposed to say that out loud.”

The episode starts out with Rarity and Spike searching for gems in a cave. The last time Rarity came to the cave, it was full of bats it made it a hassle for her to collect them. So Spike’s her basket-carrier, I mean protector. (But you know what he really is to her). While Rarity’s putting gems in her basket, Spike breaks out in a glowing scale rash and Rarity rushes back to the Friendship Castle, where Twilight’s having tea with the princesses. I’m happy that I get to see Luna, but I forgot if she spoke her one line…hold on…OK, Princess Luna spoke three lines and that’s enough to keep me satiated for the episode.

Spike is called by the Dragon Lord and is needed in the Dragon Lands, but because of past encounters with other dragons (specifically Garble), he asks Rarity and Twilight to go with him. They agree to go in disguise (though Twilight might have some hidden objectives going on in that brain of hers).

When they have arrived in the Dragon Lands, we see new dragons all shapes and sizes and both male and female. This is nice, I like this. After an encounter with Garble and his lackeys, we meet the Dragon Lord and his daughter, Princess Ember. As soon as their eyes connect, its shipping at first sight. I don’t know their shipping name yet, but I’m banking on Spember (I’m really banking on Spember).

Anyway, the Dragon Lord is retiring and needs somebody else to rule the throne. I don’t know why he doesn’t just give it to his daughter, hell I hate the fact that he doesn’t even want her to compete because she’s small, but Spike (who at first backed out of it, but upon hearing what could possibly happen to Ponyville is somebody like Garble wins) competes without no question. I still believe the plot could have gone the same way if the Dragon Lord had let Ember compete.

Moving on, once the race starts, an armored dragon gets knocked out the water and once Spike rescues the dragon, it turns out to be Princess Ember. The two agree to work together to get inside Flamecano and once they’ve progressed far enough, Ember breaks off their truce, leaving Spike alone with Rarity and Twilight. As they progress through the caverns, Spike believes that he and Ember are friends, even though she’s ditched him. When they come across the landing spot of the Bloodstone Specter and as Spike goes for it, Garble comes behind them, exposing Rarity and Twilight’s current disguises. Just as he’s about to attack them, Ember comes and defends them.

Spike grabs the Bloodstone Specter and orders Garble to stop and as the new Dragon Lord, he tells Garble to hug every dragon on his way out without no telling them the reason why. Spike hands the Specter over to Ember, he has no reason to be Dragon Lord, he just wants to be sure that Ponyville is safe. Ember promises to keep Ponyville safe and gets the other dragons to follow behind her as their new ruler. They head back to Ember’s father, who accepts her as the new Dragon Lord. And Spike has prevented the hugest thing from happening, the invasion of dragons.

Final Thoughts:

Both of these episodes were good and I enjoyed them highly. My favorite out of the two is most definitely Gauntlet of Fire because it granted me a dream that’s been on my mind for years, Spike finally getting a good episode. Out on my Own is a good first song of the season, but I’m kind of hoping for more songs. I wonder what Daniel Ingram is up too. As for next week’s episode, I anxiously await the return of THE GREAT AND APOLOGETIC TRIXIE!! At least she’s supposed to be apologetic. My name is KrisSimsters and Stay Golden, guys.

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