No Second Prances: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, 06×06 Recap


Hey guys, its your girl KrisSimsters and I’m bringing you a new My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic recap. What I can say, this was a good episode, even if Spike got left out once again. Anyway, if you missed this episode and don’t want to read my recap just yet, then fear not!! If you catch the episode again next Saturday when the newer episodes are syndicated. You can see if its available onDemand under Discovery Family. And remember, new episodes come on Saturday at 11:30 A.M. Now lets get that recap started, shall we?

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic; No Second Prances Recap

Who’s in the wrong? Trixie or Twilight?

The episode starts out with Twilight and Starlight Glimmer gearing up for a dinner party with Celestia and Twilight tells Starlight that she has to go out and make a new friend of her own. She can’t use anybody else from the Mane 6.

Before we get any further, let me just say that I don’t see Spike anywhere in this episode. You’d think after the week before that they would include him more, but of course they don’t. And that sucks because Twilight really needed Spike seeing that she wasn’t listening to a thing he said at the end of the premiere. Moving on, Starlight Glimmer ventures out to find a friend, using the Mane 6’s help. It doesn’t go so well and Starlight is forced to think that nobody in Equestria would want to be friends with her because her past experiences.

This stresses her out and she goes to the spa where she meets The Great and Powerful Trixie, who’s on a tour through Ponyville with a new magic show. Starlight and Trixie get along perfectly, but when Twilight finds out…she’s not that happy. She tries to “sway” Starlight in the other direction with ponies such as Derpy, DJ Pon-3 (Vinyl Scratch), and even Cranky Doddle Donkey, but Starlight gets offended because if Twilight can’t forgive Trixie like she said she would, then how can she forgive Starlight? Starlight talks to Trixie about her problems and Trixie suggests that instead of going to the dinner with Twilight and Celestia, she could help out Trixie with her magic show. Starlight agrees.

At the dinner, Twilight sits there awkwardly with Princess Celestia and the three “good” ponies, waiting for Starlight to come home. When she doesn’t, Twilight goes looking for her and finds Trixie’s stage show. Twilight goes back stage and yells at Trixie for manipulating Starlight Glimmer, but Trixie messes up when she says that Twilight’s pupil chose Trixie over her, so Trixie wins. Feeling offended, Starlight leaves and Trixie’s heartbroken. This causes Twilight to see that the two were really friends, so she apologizes to both ponies and Trixie introduces Starlight as her assistant and best friend. The last scene of the episode features Celestia still at the awkward dinner and Cranky asks her how she gets her mane flowing.

Final Thoughts:

This deserves to be seen again…even with the discontinuity

I loved this episode, but I hated how Twilight automatically assumed that Trixie’s still evil, even though she apologized in her last appearance. This episode was OK, but it wasn’t as standout as Spike’s episode the week before last. I honestly hope they don’t ruin him with the next episode he’s featured in. There were some continuity, we got to see Mrs. Cakes once again and the fact that Trixie came back in her redeemed form. Was Trixie’s VA different this time around? I think she was. Anyway that’s it for me this week, my name is KrisSimsters and Stay Golden.

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New episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic comes on Saturdays @ 11:30 A.M. only on Discovery Family.


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