Kris Reviews K-Pop #3: AKMU-RE-BYE & How People Move

That red hair!! I’m going to literally die from slayage!!

Hey guys, its your girl KrisSimsters and its been a long time since I was excited about a K-Pop idol, especially one from YG Entertainment. After my #1 bias declares that she’s leaving 2NE1 and YG Entertainment on their anniversary, I kinda sworn away from YG. But then AKMU comes back and I’m a little excited. Its been a long time since something this good came out of YG Entertainment. The only other idols who made a comeback from YG this year was Lee Hi and Winner and while I love Winner, they couldn’t really promote and Lee Hi was highly disappointing. Thank you for coming back with two exciting MVs AKMU, I miss you. So lets talk about them.


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Happy 17th Birthday

Before we go any further, I want to say Happy Birthday to my AKMU baby, Suhyun. YG released these MVs on her birthday and they were good. Good job YG, you finally did something right. Moving on, if you haven’t seen these MVs yet, then don’t worry. I’ll probably create a playlist and put it at the bottom of the review. I don’t want to give too much away with this MV, it has a twist. I will say this, though, the general MV is basically a mystery concept. One singer is trying to kill another singer so Suhyun and Chanhyuk try to solve the mystery. Suhyun goes undercover as a makeup artist while Chanhyuk searches for clues. I won’t tell you how the mystery ends, because you really need to watch the MV.

Adkong Musician (AKMU) HOW PEOPLE MOVE MV:

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Likes: 24,686 (so far)

Cute, yet sassy.

I can see why people don’t like this MV and I can why people love this MV, but I love it personally. There isn’t much going on with this plot, but I do know that involves a guy who owns a toy store and when it closes, he goes behind a closed door. His assistant follows him into this opposite wonderland. The MV itself is cute and is basically one of those, “What happens behind closed doors,” kind of MVs. This was more Chanhyuk’s song more than Suhyun, just like Re-Bye was more Suhyun’s song.There’s not much to this MV, so I won’t say much, but its definitely a grower if you don’t like it right away.

Final Thoughts:

I loved both MVs, though Re-Bye is definitely my favorite song of 2016…until AOA and SISTAR make their  respective comebacks. Its refreshing going into K-Pop mode every now and then, especially when the song’s good. Welcome back, AKMU, we’ve missed you.

Final Score: 9/10


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