Newbie Dash: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, 06×07 Recap

My secret ship makes an appearence

Hey guys, it’s your girl KrisSimsters and I know it was coming, but I didn’t know it was going to come so hard. What’s that you ask? The fact that we finally get a bad episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I mean it was really bad, I almost wanted to get a drink, but then I remembered that I don’t drink at 11:30 in the morning. Honestly though, the beginning and the ending were good, but the middle…I just wanted to bang my head a few times on my desk. Oh God this episode was bad so lets just jump into it, shall we? Also, if you happened to miss this episode (not that I blame you), then don’t worry because new episode repeats happen every Saturday there’s a new episode.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Newbie Dash Recap

Always look both ways before crosing: A lesson even Pegasi should learn

Honestly though, I never thought I wouldn’t like an episode as much as this one, but you’ll why throughout the recap.

The episode starts out with Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash talking about the Wonderbolts upcoming areal show. After wondering about the Wonderbolts for a long time, I’ve deduced that they are the MLP version of the Air Force, but I’m sure some people have thought of that and I’m just late as always. It isn’t long before Spitfire, Soarin, and Fleetfoot comes and while Soarin and Fleetfoot fly ahead, Spitfire lands next to Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo. She says that a spot has just opened and that Rainbow Dash can finally live her dream of becoming a Wonderbolt, which means she can fly in the show. Scootaloo expresses our excitement as the episode rolls into its opening theme.

After the theme, Rainbow starts packing for the Wonderbolts headquarters so she can learn the routine. Rainbow Dash starts to get cocky as she leaves and it takes me everything in my well being to not get up and get that beer bottle out of the fridge, I have to bear with this episode sober. Moving on, Rainbow soon arrives at headquarters and Spitfire tries to tell her information, but Rainbow Dash (who brushed up on her history since Testing, Testing 123 so continuity) keeps interrupting her. When they get to the barracks, Rainbow’s about to cross without looking and Spitfire pulls her back and gives not only her, but other little kids an important lesson: Always look both ways before crossing. If you do not understand this and you are either older than me or younger than me, this its never too late to relearn this lesson on common sense.

Looking 20 percent cooler, Dashie!!

After Spitfire shows Rainbow the ropes, Rainbow gets dressed in her Wonderbolts gear and it looks awesome. She then goes out to the runway and this is where the cringe-worthy moments start. Lets start with the fact that she doesn’t remember Spitfire’s first rule, always look both ways before crossing. This leads her to crash into the trashcan and she earns her new nickname, Rainbow Crash. But since is the first cruel nickname she has back in Flight School when she was a foal, its hard to shake off. At least Soarin is nice. My secret-ship is doing nicely.

Rainbow’s first day as a Wonderbolt isn’t the best and she’s still cocky about it!! When Rainbow goes back to her awesome cloud home and see her friends have thrown her a party and even the CMC came, which is cute. Of course the Mane 6 notices that something is up and when Rainbow tells them what’s up. Rarity suggests to stand out and here comes the impressions. She starts off as Pinkie, and then she moves on to Applejack, then Twilight, Fluttershy, and finally Rarity. To be honesty, I just fast-fowarded this part through my DVR, I couldn’t stand the cringe again. Spitfire tries to tell Rainbow the positive about having a nickname by putting it on her jacket and having Soarin reveal his nickname, Clipper, but it doesn’t help.

On the day of the show, Rainbow borrows Scootaloo for the extra in her routine and Rarity looks awesome in her hat. Sorry, I saw a best Pony moment and I had to grab it. Rainbow tells Scootaloo her plan and yeah, Scootaloo’s expressions are matching mines this episode. I know this plan isn’t going to work, you know this plan isn’t going to work, even Scootaloo knows this plan isn’t going to work, so how about I give you some Nightmare Fuel.


Yeah, I didn’t like it when I saw Applebloom’s skeleton and I don’t like seeing Rainbow’s skeleton, that is some Grade A nightmare fuel. I mean the routine was going perfectly, and then Rainbow had to fall out of line and if Pinkie Pie wasn’t there with her cotton candy, then Rainbow Dash could have seriously died. This isn’t only Nightmare Fuel, this is Adult Fear and this is the second time in two weeks we’ve had some kind of Nightmare Fuel/Adult Fear within this show. So yeah, if I was Spitfire, I would have told her to go just like she told Lighting Dust to leave. You don’t endanger other ponies, but you don’t endanger yourself either. Instead, Rainbow gets to remain in the Wonderbolts, but not without some kind of punishment, so she’s on probation and she has to clean the barracks for a month.

Final Thoughts:

Her Dream Came True

This episode could have been a lot better, but this is honestly how you tell MLP has a new writer. This writer’s name is Dave Rapp and he used to write for Without a Trace. This was his first episode and it was bad. I don’t think he looked at the other Rainbow Dash x Wonderbolts episodes before writing out this one, I think he just said, “Lets give this Pony her dream” and wrote a bad episode. Hopefully he’ll improve and if not, the Bronies will probably come after him. I honestly would have taken a Slice of Life type episode over this. I’m glad I’m done with this recap, I never want to see this episode again, not even in reruns. My name is KrisSimsters and Stay Golden.

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