Top Tens: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Season Four

Damn this castle is an eyesore…

Hey guys, its your girl, KrisSimsters and I’m basically redoing this list. I hated the choices I picked for the first time around, so I took a break (that lasted two weeks) and now I’m finally back to this list. During my off time, I had sometime to rethink about my episodes and now this is my improved list. Same rules apply as always:


I’ll be listing these episodes in production order because broadcast order is complete crap. With no more being said, lets get started with the list, shall we?


My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (Season Four) Top Ten:

One More Season Left!!

10). Testing Testing 1,2,3 (04×22): This episode wasn’t that high on my list the first time around, but after rewatching it, I found a lot of flaws. The fact is that the actual episode isn’t bad, its just really, really flawed. The main part of the episode is that Rainbow Dash needs to pass a Wonderbolts Exam in order to progress in her dream in being a Wonderbolt. She needs to know the history and the Mane 6 try to help her out. This raises an important issue I have with this episode; why doesn’t Rainbow Dash know anything about the Wonderbolts?

If being in the Wonderbolts is your dream, then why aren’t you at least familiar with their history? Especially if you like Daring Do and know everything about her. When different study tactics from the Mane 6 doesn’t work, Twilight does it the way that it applies to Rainbow the best, by getting her to learn the information through the air since she sees what’s going on around her. This works and Rainbow passes her Wonderbolts exam with flying colors. The actually episode could have been way better than what it was.

9). Trade Ya (04×18): Let me ask you a question dear viewer; can I trade you for a Daring Do book? Unless I’m Rainbow Dash and your Fluttershy, then your answer is no right? Well, luckily for you, I’m not Rainbow Dash and you’re not Fluttershy. If we ignored the Twilight/Pinkie adventure and the Rarity/Applejack adventure, then this episode honestly boils down to Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy. Rainbow Dash wants a limited edition Daring Do novel and Fluttershy accompanies her because she wants to trade in a bear call for a bird call. Their journey starts off with Rainbow trying to trade in her lucky horseshoe for the Daring Do novel, but the trader won’t trade unless she gets an Orthos, an ancient creature. The owner of the Orthos won’t trade unless he has a new lamp.

This leads to a long list of trades until Rainbow is able to trade her lucky horseshoe for crystal chalice. This starts off with the trade and once they get the Orthos, the original trader states that she won’t trade unless Fluttershy goes back with her to train the Orthos. Rainbow Dash–not paying attention because of her new Daring Do novel–agrees to this deal and Fluttershy goes along with it!! I’m sorry, but there is a limit for what a friend should do, getting traded into servitude should be the breaking point. Luckily for Fluttershy, she comes to her senses and asks Twilight for a trail, but because Rainbow agreed to the deal, the trade counts. Rainbow then gives a speech about how nothing is more valuable than a friend and this gets the Daring Do trader to change her mind about the trade and releases Fluttershy. On the train ride home, Rainbow manages to get a bird call for Fluttershy, who’s the only one to walk out the trade what exactly what she asked for.

8). Leap of Faith (04×22): Applejack was one of the last ones to get her keys, but her episode was boring compared to episodes such as Pinkie Pride and Rarity Takes Manehattan. The episode starts out with Applejack and her family (along with other ponies) heading to a nearby circus tent after an afternoon swim. The owners of the tent happen to be the Flim Flam brothers, who are selling a medicinal drink called Flim Flam Curative Tonic and this is supposed to cure any illness any pony might have. Their dazzling song is enough for Grandma Smith to buy the tonic, but Big Mac and Applejack are worried because of their past history with the Flim Flam Brothers.

The next day, Applejack sees that Granny Smith is swimming again, seeming to be perfectly normal. Applejack is not yet convinced, so she and Apple Bloom go back to the Brothers’ tent to see if the tonic is as legit as they claim. They soon find Silver Shrill–the pony from the first show–dancing out the tent again. Applejack follows him until he reaches his costume area and realizes that the tonic doesn’t work. With that, she confronts the Flim Flam Brothers, but they convince her that even if the tonic is fake, it makes Granny Smith happy. Applejack has no choice but to agree with this when Granny Smith orders more of the tonic. The Flim Flam brothers use this to their advantage and calls Applejack the spokespony for their fake tonic.

Granny Smith and Apple Bloom decide to enter a swimming competition together and while at the competition, Applejack once again spots Silver Shrill, this time he’s selling more of the fake tonic. Silver Shrill admits that he felt bad about lying, but because of Applejack, he now knows that honestly isn’t the best policy. This causes Applejack to have her Rainbow moment and stop Granny Smith from diving to her death, forcing Applejack to admit that she lied to the ponies. Silver Shrill backups Applejack’s story about the Flim Flam Brothers and rewards Applejack for her honesty, a gold coin. This is Applejack’s key to unlocking the chest.

7). Castle Mane-ia (04×03): Why does everybody love this episode or am I just a picker viewer? Its probably the latter. Anyway, this episode starts out with Twilight and Spike heading to the Castle of the Two Sisters after Twilight has read every book she can about the chest from the season premiere. While Twilight and Spike are researching, Applejack and Rainbow Dash are also heading to the castle, but to compete in a dare of who can stay in the house for the longest. Rarity and Fluttershy (along with Angel) are the last two to arrive, Rarity wants to restore some old tapestries and asks Fluttershy to come along. I don’t know why Angel’s with her, but I’m going to call him a plot device for this episode. Also Pinkie’s going to be counted as a plot device because the other duos are convinced that the Pony of Shadows is real, but its just Pinkie in a hood playing the organ.

Things start turning into mayhem for the two terrified duos are they unleash trapped doors and secret compartments towards each other. Angel gets lost in the process, but he manages to find Twilight, who gives him carrots. I don’t know how–or where–she got the carrots, but she has carrots. When the two duos finally run into each other and start going berserk, Twilight comes out of her hiding place in the library and uses a spell that makes them stop and getting them to calm down. Once they are calm, they hear the organ music and follow Twilight as she unmasks Pinkie as the Pony of Shadows. When they are all together again, Twilight suggests that they use the diary she found in the library to write down all their learned lessons. So for this season, diary entries replaced the weekly letter.

6). Simple Ways (04×13): I love and hate this episode. Its like an upgraded version of Look Before you Sleep, but I’m not a huge fan of romantic-type episodes. This is why I didn’t like Hearts and Hooves Day that much. This episode starts off as Rarity being announced as the planner for The Ponyville Days Festival. Her theme is “Small Town Chic” and she plans on having her crush, Tenderhoof come because he’s so fashion forward. When he arrives, he’s impressed by the small town that is Ponyville, especially with Sweet Apple Acres. He then meets Applejack and develops a crush on her, mainly because she’s country and the “girl of his dreams.” This doesn’t go well with Rarity as she tries various ways to try and impress him, including changing the theme of the festival to “Simple Ways” THE DAY BEFORE!!

Applejack is forced to take drastic measures (for not only Rarity, but also Tenderhoof (who’s acting like a schoolboy)) so the next time we see Applejack…she’s wearing a dress. This causes a standoff between country Rarity and proper Applejack (who changes her name too Apple Jewel) until Rarity throws mud on the dress. This gets Rarity to come back to her senses and the two girls apologize to each other. When Tenderhoof says that he wants to move to Ponyville for its “rustic charm” and the two girls talk out out of it. The end of the episode features Rarity changing the theme back to “Small Town Chic” and the festival going off perfectly. I liked this episode, but I really loved Spike in this episode. He was calm during Rarity’s madness, even during her “pot calling the kettle black” moment.

5). Somepony to Watch Over Me (04×17): If you have an older sister, join me in saying, “Screw this episode, screw this episode in particular.” There are some good points, but yeah, this episode isn’t that high on my list. The episode starts out with the three older Apples discussing whether or not Apple Bloom is old enough to stay at Sweet Apple Acres alone while they attend their errands; Granny Smith visiting relatives and Applejack and Big Mac delivering pies to far-off towns. Even though they said yes and Apple Bloom is ecstatic as any young child is when they get that, “your old enough to be alone” responsibility, Applejack is a little apprehensive about letting Apple Bloom stay home alone because something might happen to her “helpless.”

It even gets to the point that Applejack decides not to do her job and stay home when Apple Bloom is perfectly fine. Again, Applejack fails to do her job and is wasting money because she wants to stay at home and look over a perfectly fine Apple Bloom. Apple Bloom decides enough is enough, so she calls over the CMC with plans on proving to Applejack that she’s responsible enough to stay at the house on her own. Instead of telling Applejack this so she can possible get back to work and make up for the money she’s obviously missing out, Apple Bloom decides to do Applejack’s job for her. Hold on a moment.


There we go. Look, I know that Applejack’s being a little overprotective right now, but that does not mean that you, a filly, cannot do her job. You need to tell your sister how you feel so she can leave the house and do her job!! That is the only reasonable way to fix this!! Anyway, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle decide to pretend to be Apple Bloom while Apple Bloom goes out to deliver the pies. When Applejack finds out, she immediately goes after her sister, who’s confronted by a chimera, a creature who’s a tiger, goat, and snake. Just as she’s about to be eaten by the chimera, Applejack saves her by defeating the chimera and even though she’s angry, she says that Apple Bloom’s can take care of herself. But she’s still going to be grounded by Granny Smith. Lets just move on to #4.

4). Twilight Time (04×15): This was the first episode in season four that addressed Twilight as a Princess, the other one was the season finale. Too bad its a CMC episode. The episode starts out with Twilight helping the CMC out with their skills; Apple Bloom is learning potions, Sweetie Belle’s working on her unicorn magic, and Scootaloo is learning how to assemble and disassemble a unicycle. Twilight’s method is “I’ll give you the tools, but I won’t tell you how to do it,” and I like this. This is better than what’s going to do in Testing, Testing 123. The next day at the schoolhouse, Diamond Tiara starts showing off (using her butler) and this gets Sweetie Belle to spill the beans about the CMC working with Princess Twilight.

Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon are so impressed by this that they ask Sweetie Belle if they can go with the CMC to their next “Twilight Time” lesson. The two agree, but their not happy about it. The next day, word has gotten around that Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon had some “Twilight Time” with the CMC and now the rest of the class wants “Twilight Time” as well. The CMC are popular now and their popularity soars even higher when the CMC invites Twilight out to eat at Hayburger and this allows the other classmates to take pictures of Princess Twilight as she eats. And Twilight is a messy eater when she’s not around Celestia. One day while at a pool party, the CMC try to sneak out so they can spend some alone time with Twilight, but the other classmates chase after them.

When arriving at the Golden Oaks library, the CMC are trying to beat their other classmates inside so they can explain things to Twilight, but the other kids arrive before they can even get a word out. Twilight thinks that their all there for “Twilight Time” but Pip rats the CMC out about what they’ve been doing. And Twilight takes this surprisingly well, she decides to get the CMC to prove that their actually learning from Twilight instead of exploiting her. When they fail and Diamond Tiara mocks them, Twilight says that none of them really took her lessons to heart and tells them to leave. As their leaving, the CMC apologize for what they did and they prove their skills. This is enough for Twilight to forgive them and after their next lesson, they walk out of Twilight’s house in disguises so no other pony can recognize them.

3). Rarity Takes Manehattan (04×08): Usually the eighth episode of every MLP season hasn’t always been the best if the past three episode was any indication, so Dave Polsky decided to pit a Rarity episode against the eighth episode and see which one is the winner. Lets see who won. The episode starts out withe Mane 6 and Spike headed to Manehattan for a fashion show. The Mane 6 got tickets for a sold-out musical called Hinny of the Hills thanks to Rarity. One in Manehattan, we get the song of the episode, Generosity Song and the song is good. Have a listen below:

Once Rarity finishes her song, she realizes that she’s late for check-in. The thing about Manehattan is that even though your generous, doesn’t mean that all the other ponies are generous. Not even the new Princess can get a taxi…literally, the new Princess can’t get a taxi. Doesn’t that seem odd to anybody else? Rarity finally gets a taxi and rushes to the hotel, but she forgets the outfits she’s designing and when she realizes it, she starts to panic, but then thank goodness for the rest of the Mane 6, who has her stuff sent over to her from the next taxi.

Rarity arrives to to the dress rehearsal, but she’s late and because of that, she’ll have to go last the next day. Rarity meets up with a former friend by the name of Suri Polomare and her assistant, Coco Pommel. Suri likes the material that Rarity has made herself and asks Rarity for some for accents and Rarity, being the pony of generosity, gives it to her. The first time watching it, I can literally see the trainwreck happening and I can still vividly picture it, but we have to get through this. The next day, Rarity arrives on time and as she’s telling the receptionist about her fabric, she hears Suri saying the same words she’s saying and man the look on Rarity’s face is heart-wrenching.

When the Mane 6 hear about what has happened to Rarity, they decide to help because their her friends, ruining their chances to miss Hinny of the Hills. When Rarity’s new, hotel inspired collection is complete, Rarity leaves without thanking their friends for their hard work. Rarity’s collection beats out Suri Polomare, but without her friends cheering her on, Rarity feels remorse over how she treated them, giving her her Rainbow moment. Rarity catches up with the rest of the Mane 6, apologizing for how she treated them. To make it up to them, Rarity uses her favor from the costume designer and gets an exclusive show of Hinny of the Hills. Coco confesses that Rarity actual won the fashion show and as a token of apology, gives Rarity a spool of rainbow thread. And with that, Rarity has her key.

2). Pinkie Pride (04×11): It was hard for me to choose between this and Pinkie Apple Pie but when it comes to which one I enjoyed more, Pinkie Pride won me over. Its Rainbow Dash’s birth-aversary (her birthday/anniversary of the day she moved to Ponyville) and Pinkie Pie is in charge of the celebration!! But, things get weird when a new party planner by the name of Cheese Sandwich (played by the Weird Al) comes and instantly take over. And his song is good, like really good. Here, have a listen:

So everybody loves Cheese Sandwich instantly and that makes Pinkie Pie a little sad. She tried to hide it from Rainbow and the others, but we know how upset she is. Cheese Sandwich is stepping on her turf. No but seriously, I wanted to give the poor mare a hug and sing The Smile Song to make her feel better. Luckily, Pinkie pulls herself together and challenges Cheese to a “goof-off,” and yes I’m serious. Pinkie and Cheese goof-off goes on until Pinkie looks into the water and has her Rainbow moment. She wants Rainbow to be happy and if she’s happy with Cheese planning her birth-aversary, that’s how things will be. As Pinkie Pie is set off to leave, Cheese Sandwich catches up to Pinkie and tells her how he became the party planner he is today, by attending a Pinkie Pie party back when he was a foal.

Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich make amends and together, throw Rainbow Dash the BEST birth-aversary party EVER!! Once the party is over–however–its time for Cheese Sandwich to leave because another town in Equestria needs another party. He leaves behind Boneless for Pinkie and she has her key.

Before we move on to our #1, here are some (dis)honorable mentions:

Princess Twilight Sparkle (04×01-04×02): This was a good episode, but kinda of weak for a starter.

Filli Vanilli (04×14): Amy Keating Rogers, you know what you did wrong.

Twilight’s Kingdom (04×25-04×26): OK, I know what you all are thinking…this was the best episode of the season. Hell the whole series thus far and I do love it, but its not my #1. My number one episode is…

1). For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils (04×20): I love this episode, its–dare I say–better than Sisterhooves Social. I just love the episode. It starts out with Sweetie Belle needing costumes made for a play the CMC are putting on. Its an attempt to earn their cutie marks in theater. Even though Rarity is behind, she agrees to make Sweetie Belle’s costumes. On the day of the play, Rarity arrives just in time with the costumes in the nick of time and the CMC do their play. Their play is met with lavish applause, but its more for the costumes than the actual play. What’s worst is that none of the Mane 6 even came to the play because they were helping Rarity finish costumes for Sapphire Shores’ tour. This makes Sweetie Belle mad. When she gets back to Carousel Boutique, she tells Rarity that the dresses were too good and believes that once again, Rarity has outshone her little sister.

Sweetie Belle angrily tries to sleep, but she can’t so she goes downstairs for water. While downstairs, she sees Rarity’s door is still open. She goes in and decides to sabotage Rarity’s own work by removing a key stitch from the headdress that’ll belong to Sapphire Shores. Pleased with herself, Sweetie Belle heads back to bed and dreams about winning an award for her play, but even in her dreams Rarity ruins her happiness. She starts raining on Sweetie Belle until Luna comes down and intervenes. Understanding what Sweetie Belle is going through, Luna takes Sweetie Belle back in time, via dream to Sweetie Belle’s birthday party. Sweetie Belle says that this is where Rarity started ruining Sweetie Belle’s events because Sweetie Belle was putting on makeup and by the time she came downstairs, Rarity had already gained their attention. The real story is that Rarity was keeping the guests entertained because Sweetie Belle was taking a long time.

Luna then shows Sweetie Belle what happened earlier that evening; that Rarity was stressed out with her work, second-guessing herself and rechecking everything. And then Luna shows her that will happened if the headdress isn’t fixed, which basically leaves Rarity humliated and in ruin. Basically it’ll lead to this:


Sweetie Belle wakes up in a panic and realizes that Rarity has gone ahead is already at Sapphire Shores rehearsal, so she rushes to the site with Scootaloo and Apple Bloom in tow. Just as Rarity is about to show off the the headdress when the CMC come in via zip-lining (because they couldn’t get in through the front door) and Sweetie Belle runs away with the headdress long enough until she’s in a room with Luna. She quickly fixes the headdress and makes it even more special. When Sapphire Shores is about to drop Rarity, Sweetie Belle tells her to look at the headdress closely, revealing the dolphin her favorite animal. Sapphire Shores is impressed and Rarity apologizes for missing Sweetie Belle’s play. Sweetie Belle admits that even though the play was bad, the costumes were the best part.

Final Thoughts:

Wow that took a long time, a really long time. I honestly never thought I would get season four done, especially since I had to basically rewrite it. But yeah, this is my Top Tens list for season four. Season five is going to start next week and since its the last one, I probably won’t have to take that long. Until next time, my name is KrisSimsters, Stay Golden.

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