Kris Reviews K-Pop #4: BTS (Bangtan Boys)-Save Me

Dear God, please don’t send the Army after me

Hey guys, its your girl KrisSimsters and I want to write a good review for BTS. I know its weird but like up until Danger, they were getting by with a small fanbase and then I Need U came out last year and then they won and the world literally exploded. And I mean the K-Pop World, they literally exploded. If this song would have came out during their debut year, I wouldn’t be so nervous about writing about them, but since they are getting really popular…I guess I have to write about them now. So lets write about them, and then afterwards I’ll write about AOA. Cool? Cool. Why didn’t I review Fire? I mean, I liked Fire but we’re being honest, I was going to literally destroy that MV so lets be glad I’m just doing Save Me.

Bangtan Boys (BTS): Save Me M/V:

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Yeah so I can’t really talk much about this MV, giving me instant regret about doing this one, but I do like it. Its mostly dance and I got into BTS with their We Are Bulletproof, Prt II M/V and I honestly laughed at that when I first saw it. BAP and EXO were doing good at the time and BTS felt like B.A.P x Block B’s lovechild. But now BTS has their own sound and I no longer have to laugh at them. Lets break this down into two parts; the song and the M/V & Dance.

The M/V & Dance:

All their budget went into the Fire M/V, its hard to deny. But I do like how simple this M/V was. IBIGHIT really went all out for that black and blue filters, huh. You can hardly see them. The dance saves this M/V (even though the song’s good) but I’m not completely mind-blown. Also the end of the M/V had another cryptic message, “Boys Meet,” and I’m going to be spending the next month figuring out what that meant. I thought we were done with this era, though, IBIGHIT!! Because of the dance, this M/V isn’t a complete disappointment, but it could have been better.

The Song:

The actual song is good, I listened to it by itself after watching the M/V and when its not attached to the M/V, its actually pretty good. I love RapMon’s message towards the end, but that was probably non-sexual fanservice. I still loved it though, my Bias is so cute!! But yeah the song helps out with what’s lacking in the actual M/V.

Final Thoughts:

This review was probably one of the shorter ones, I’ve done. I didn’t have much to say, but while the look of the M/V was lacking, the song and dance helps it out when it can. I do love the dance though. And when I’m listening to the song without the M/V its actually good. If they release another version of this M/V then I’ll probably review it, but that’s only if that actually happens. That’s all for now, my name is KrisSimsters and Stay Golden.

Final Score 7/10. Those damn filters.

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