Kris Reviews K-Pop #5-Ace of Angles (AOA)-Good Luck


Hey guys, its your girl KrisSimsters and I’m giving you one more M/V before I leave you all to spend more time with my family. I wanted to do AOA’s M/V like the moment it came out, but it got taken down there was something naughty about the M/V that it had to be taken down and it just got put back on. It was at least an hour ago, but the damage has been done because of the MV being removed, almost 300k has been lost from the M/V. Now Elvis are scrambling to get the M/V back to where it was. This isn’t like SNSD, who could probably gain those views back in five minutes if something like this happened, but hopefully AOA can get back to where they were. Honestly though, things will work out. Meanwhile, I’m going to help with the cause by reviewing this M/V.

Ace of Angels (AOA)-Good Luck M/V:

Views: 174,186 (So Far)

Likes: 18,494 (So Far)

Even with “Boobgate2016,” this is a good M/V. And I’m not just saying that because its sexy–even though its obviously sexy–but yeah, I love this M/V. It shouldn’t have taken the 35 seconds to begin though, it could lose a person. It did it last year with Heart Attack but I know that they were playing a game before the M/V actually started, this time it was just them walking around. Choa was still hot, but I wish there was just more. Just like with BTS’ Save Me, there isn’t a real story with this M/V. So I’m going to do the same thing I did with BTS, I’m going to split them up between the M/V & Dance and Song.

M/V & Dance:

I got a major Baywatch vibe from this M/V and I loved it. I think about the M/V is that all week the girls work saving lives so on the weekends, they just go out and have fun. I do like the M/V though, its almost summer so its nice to see that beach vibe. The dance to this M/V is just pure awesome and its not just because I’m a perv…well, its not the only reason. I love it when their dancing in front of the firetruck in those black outfits, those were probably the best outfits in the M/V with the red swimsuits coming in a close second. The only sin I have against this M/V is that there isn’t more Choa. I saw a lot of Seolhyun, but not enough Choa.


Its not like I have an actual issue with the song, the beat itself is fantastic, it gives off a Like a Cat vibe. The only thing I can say about the song is that its not enough. You have to listen to it at least three times before you can fully decide of whether or not you like it, and that shouldn’t be the case. Its a little weak, but its not as weak as Tiffany’s I just Wanna Dance, but I’m not going to bash Tiffany in this review. I like the song, but it wasn’t enough for me to love it.

Final Thoughts:

This is a good song, I don’t hate it. But I didn’t automatically love it either. I hoped this would make their Korean fans forget about the AOA History disaster, but Netz are still talking about it. I hope the live-version is good, the live-version is always better if I’m being honest. Anyway, that’s it for me, my name is KrisSimsters and Stay Golden.

Final Score: 7.5/10. Its not scandal forgetting, but its good enough to listen to when you want to feel sexy.

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