Kris Reviews K-Pop #6-What I Have to Say about Minzy Leaving

Guys…we need to talk

Hey guys, its your girl KrisSimsters and I’m going to try to keep this as quick as possible. I hadn’t planned on writing tonight (it’s almost nine right now and I had a hectic day with family) but I looked on my calendar and realized that today was a bittersweet day. Today would have normally be a happy day with fans posting “Thank You” messages all over my Tumblr. My Twitter would normally be swarmed with hashtag after hashtag and while some fans have done this, there are still fans who are upset. And I’m going to tell you why.



It was announced on April 3rd, 2016 that after almost eleven years, former 2NE1 member Gong Minji (aka Minzy) would be leaving not only the afromentioned group, but also her label YG Entertainment. This came to a lot of speculation, but what most fans wanted to know was why. If you’ve been following the 4-member group a long time, you can feel that something was messing in the last few years. Even their last few comebacks felt off. For their I Love YouFalling in Love, and Do You Love Me promotion periods, they didn’t win. They won during their Missing You promotions and for 2014 comeback for Come Back Home, but they hardly promoted. And then Bom’s scandal came up and once their tour was over, 2NE1 was put on what appeared to be a long hiatus.

When the Rumors First Started:


The rumors of Minzy probably leaving 2NE1 first happened in 2014, shortly after Bom started her “reflection” period. (A/N: One day, I’m going to post something about how Reflection doesn’t really work, but for now, lets just stick to Minzy). In October 2014, Minzy removed the 2NE1 tag from her Instagram and Twitter accounts, but she puts it back the next day. This was around the same time that 2NE1 leader Lee Chaerin (aka CL), was announcing that her “American debut” was its way. I would be salty about this, but this is another article for another time. Though Minzy had put it back the way it was, the rumors were already starting and I have to be honest, I joined in some of those rumors. I thought that Minzy didn’t feel part of the group. She wasn’t as close as Dara and CL and you can see it, such as during the Mix & Match finale, you could see Dara and CL sit together and there was a spot between Dara and Minzy. The major reason how Minja fans knew Minzy would be leaving was because of the fact that YG wouldn’t give Minzy a solo.

The Solo Factor:

Why no Solo?

One of the things that irritated me when it came to YG was the fact that Minzy was the only 2NE1 member who didn’t get a solo. During the beginning of their debut, YG gave out two solos and a duet. Since Bom and Dara were older, they got the solos (even though Dara’s solo featured CL and was more of a CF) while CL and Minzy did the duet. And for years, I had no problem with it, not even when Bom got her second solo. After CL’s first solo The Baddest Female, I’ve noticed that she’s been writing more of 2NE1’s songs. Out of all the songs on their last album, Crush CL wrote 3 including my favorite, If I Were You. It seems that all the other members are established, but what about Minzy? Up until she left, Minzy was the only one out of the 2006-2011 YG chapter that didn’t have a solo. And you can use the YG excuse of her having school and because of that, she couldn’t do much, but I’ve seen idols tackle school and stage and do it rather well, so why couldn’t Minzy? Because Minzy is the best memeber out of 2NE1.

Why Minzy Held 2NE1 Together:


During 2NE1’s active years, the one question I always thought about was who held 2NE1 together? At first fans said it was Dara because she had the least powerful voice and if all the voices are powerful then it would be too much. Fans then said it was Bom because she had the most powerful voice, making things more balanced between Dara’s weaker vocals and CL/Minzy rounding out the vocals. And then fans said that it was CL because she’s the leader and her charisma balanced out vocals. Luckily, I’m not as much as a Blackjack like I used to be (especially since Minzy left) so I can honestly say I agree with none of this. Minzy was the member who rounded the group out, and you can see it especially as she got older. She matches Bom’s vocals, her and CL are both great rappers (even if Minzy hadn’t rapped as much as she used too (thanks YG)), and she’s prettier than Dara.

She would be the “perfect” member if she was just as charismatic as CL. I believe that if Minzy would have debuted as a solo artist within the group, she would have gained CL’s charisma. And YG knew it, which is why she never got a solo. Minzy would be more popular than CL, which is why he always used that tired, “Minzy can’t do a solo because she’s focusing on her studies,” excuse. And yes, Minzy’s smart and I’m glad she’s in school (AOA’s proving why more idols should be in school sadly), but as I’ve said before, idols can go to school and handle idol-life. Yes, it’ll probably be hard, but it’ll be great to have a backup just in case your group disbands.

Why would YG let that go to waste, you may ask. Because YG does not care about his idols. Unless you are either PSY or BIGBANG or Epik High, YG doesn’t really care about you. Out of 2NE1, CL believes she has an imaginary US debut (if 3NE1 is coming back in June as planned, then the US debut dream has honestly died), Bom is slowly coming back now that Minzy has left, and Dara has just started her acting career. Up until she left, Minzy had a dance studio and it wasn’t doing that well. She as supposed to do something with it, but it didn’t garter much traction and that sucks. And now YG’s talking about actually debuting his new girl group in July, he knows that 2NE1 has a crack. 2NE1’s comeback is literally left in the air, will the group be fine without Minzy or will they crumble without their glue?

Final Thoughts:

Time for 3NE1

I don’t have much left to say, I wish 3NE1 good luck, but I won’t be following them as much as I used too. I’m a Minzy fan so I’m more interested on how she’s going to do things with Music Works. Will her solo come this year or next year? I feel as though YG Entertainment screwed her over and I feel like CL didn’t try harder as a leader, instead of being in America all this time, she could have done more in Korea. Honestly, I hope it was all worth it for her in the end. If her US Debut does happen, then good for her, but I’m not really counting on it. If it isn’t out by now, then there’s a chance that it might not never happen. I could go into reasons why, but that’s another article for another day. Sorry this isn’t as short as I’ve claimed, but I had a lot to get off my chest. My name is KrisSimsters and Stay Golden.

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