Kris Reviews Fanwork #1: Snowdrop

Feel sorry for her, she’s blind.

Hey guys, its your girl, KrisSimsters and today we’re going to be talking about probably one of the most talked about pieces of Fanwork every created. I’m of course talking about Snowdrop. I’ve seen this short animation twice now and I’ve had two different reactions to it. The first time I’ve watched it, I felt sad. This is the initial reaction that you get if you’re seeing Snowdrop for the very first time. When I saw it for the second time, I realized a lot of issues with this, but I still liked it and I still cried a little at the end. If you haven’t seen Snowdrop and you want to see it before reading more of my review, then click on the video below. For everybody else, lets talk about Snowdrop shall we?

Snowdrop Review:

Is her mane pink?!

This animation short starts out with Celestia narrating about the snow and how some ponies don’t appreciate it and have forgotten about how snowflakes used to be. We then cut to 1,000 years earlier (before Nightmare Moon) to a schoolhouse where Snowdrop’s teacher, Mrs. Windith is giving a lesson and we are introduced to our titular character, Snowdrop. She’s being bullied by her fellow classmates because she’s blind and they don’t want her part of their presentations. When Mrs. Windith asks her about her project and who she’s working with, Snowdrop tells her that she’s working alone and the project is a surprise.

The bell rings and as Mrs. Windith dismisses her students, she asks Snowdrop if she’ll be OK because it’s the last blizzard’s the hardest. If you hadn’t guessed by now, Mrs. Windith is letting Snowdrop walk home alone…in a blizzard…and she’s blind. First of all, she doesn’t control her students because they are clearly bullying Snowdrop in front of her, in fact the fan animation of Diamond Tiara is the ring leader and this teacher ignores what’s going on!! Now she’s letting Snowdrop, a blind Pegasus go home ALONE IN A BLIZZARD!! Time to feel bad for her. When I was younger and started wearing glasses, they always fell off or I accidentally lost them. I had people help me in class, on the bus, and made sure I got home OK. This is pissing me off, I need to move on. (A/N: Has anypony picked up on what the foal tried to do to the filly in the back of the room? Just me? OK).

At home–I’m glad she actually made it home alive, no thanks to that dumbass teacher–Snowdrop is depressed about her project and then we’re headed into a flashback with Snowdrop and her mother, Primrose. Their talking about the stars and Snowdrop’s wish is to be able to see again. Primrose says that Snowdrop is a special snowflake and she doesn’t need to see, she can hear the twinkles. The flashback ends and Snowdrop cries a single tear drops from her eye and freezes up. Snowdrop takes a feather from her one of her wings and begins carving the speck of ice into something different. When her mother calls her inside, Snowdrop shows her what she has done.

At the Spring Sunrise, Celestia and Luna look at Mrs. Windith’s class, thanking the foals for their gifts. Before they get a chance to choose, Snowdrop and her mother come forward because Snowdrop wants to present her gift; a small snowflake star. After her classmates mock her again, Snowdrop stands up for herself and says that just like a stars of the night sky can grant wishes, so can stars made of ice. Luna’s impressed by her words and wants to see the star up-close. Celestia smiles and asks if Snowdrop can make more. Snowdrop says yes and Celestia narrates that with the help of Snowdrop, Equestira had one of their best winters.

1,000 years later (after the defeat of Nightmare Moon), Celestia and Luna are on the last of Snowdrop’s snowflake. Luna begs Celestia not to use it, but Celestia states that Snowdrop wouldn’t have wanted it this way. So they use it and Luna thanks her friend, sorry that she couldn’t be there for Snowdrop in the end. And if you’re wondering: Yes, Snowdrop dies at the end.

Final Thoughts:

“I”m going to help you, now!!”

Even though this animation is flawed…terribly flawed, they knew what they were doing when they made it. They purposely made it tug at your heartstrings and if you didn’t cry at least one while watching it, then you were/are  a monster. I liked it, but it was so Mary-sue, especially in the beginning. Snowdrop is a blind filly who can’t even get a helping hand walking home in a blizzard. Her mother doesn’t want her to see because her other senses are better and she gets ridiculed everyday by her own classmates. Only Celestia and Luna care about her and that wasn’t till the end. And to make matters worst, she dies at the end with Luna giving her a heartfelt message. Cry, damn you cry!! I hate that. It was incredibly try-hard.

It was a good story, but it was filled with plotholes. SFS did a good job, animation wise, but their logic isn’t the best. That being said, I would recommend you watch it. Its popular and who knows, maybe the MLP writers might actually put Snowdrop in an episode if they ever decide to do a flashback episode. Like before Luna became Nightmare Moon.That’s all for me this week, I’m going to head back home soon, so I’ll be ready for my Saddle Row & Rec recap episode on Saturday. Until then, my name is KrisSimsters and Stay Golden.

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