Kris Reviews K-Pop #7: Tiffany vs. Jessica

It’s the Battle I Almost Didn’t Do

Hey guys, its your girl, KrisSimsters and I almost decided not to do this battle, but something kept nagging me and I knew personally if I didn’t do this, then I would regret it. And of course I’m talking about Tiffany Hwang vs. Jessica Jung. The vocalist who left SNSD vs. the vocalist who lip-syncs on music shows, even the ones she’s not supposed to lip-sync on!! Just a quick recap, Jessica Jung left popular girl-group SNSD in October of 2014.

Tiffany replaced Jessica as main vocalist and SNSD’s ab-libber (though she was doing that before Jessica left). Anyway, they both recently had their solo debuts and I’m going to evaluate them to see who did it better. But let’s be honest, Taeyeon outdid them both because I is just magical. You cannot deny I. And the way she sung it live…it gets me every-time. Lets move on before I start fangirling, shall we?

Tiffany Hwang vs. Jessica Jung:

Tiffany Hwang-I Just Wanna Dance:

Views: 6,571,888. Likes: 222,262.

The Song:

I don’t like this song as much as I thought I did. When I first heard it, I actually liked it. I didn’t like it a lot, but I liked it. I think it was the actual MV that put a huge impact on how I liked the song overall. First off, it took the song 20 seconds to start. That’s 20 seconds of dead air, I’m not a huge fan of dead air. And then there’s the whole lip-sync thing and since lip-syncing is starting to leave music shows, I’m not going to like it if an idol–especially one of Tiffany’s caliber–lip-syncs unless they are ill. And I know, if your ill then don’t come in, but I’ve come to learn a lot about K-Pop over the almost ten years I’ve been listening to it. But yeah, I’m not a huge fan of this song.

The M/V:

Somebody’s been holding back during the Lion Heart promotions. I guess since your by yourself, you have no choice but to go all out. The actual M/V looks like it made Tumblr filters, but I do love it.It has an 80s-90s vibe to it, I can’t put my finger on it but I do like that. There’s only one thing I don’t like about this M/V and its that pink see-through T-shirt. I’m glad Tiffany was properly protected underneath, but come on SM that’s cheap and you know that cheap. The M/V was filmed in either California or Florida (if you know the answer then let me know in the comments) but those Tumblr filters made it feel really pretty. The message around the M/V is simple, just she wants to dance. The M/V combined with the song, makes a little weak, but the actual M/V without the song makes it pretty.


Jessica Jung ft. Fabulous-Fly:

Views: 6,097,659. Likes: 246,444.

The Song:

Jessica was the main vocal in SNSD for a reason, but she went surprisingly safe with song. I think it’s because she’s under Coridel Entertainment and she wanted her first song with them to be safe, but that still doesn’t excuse anything. I know Jessica isn’t doing music shows because even if she left SM Entertainment without a lawsuit (he quietly ended her contract (unlike what he’s doing with Kris, Luhan, and Tao (another story)) she still can’t promote on music shows. Honestly though, I bet the live version of this song is better. And her follow-up song, Love me the Same isn’t much better. But what really made me turn away from this song was the rapper. I genuinely don’t mind rappers as long as they are good. Fabulous wasn’t that great for me. He felt so out-of-place. I’m sorry but it didn’t work for me.

The M/V:

I do like the M/V, its cute and it has a small story to it. Jessica wants to move to a different location and she spends the majority of the M/V doing that. By the end of the M/V she grabs her suitcase and moves forward. Jessica’s M/V is cute while Tiffany’s M/V is more sexy and while I’m normally the fan for more sexy, hardcore M/Vs, I have to give it up to Jessica in the M/V department. I do have some comparisons I want to talk about within these M/Vs, so lets talk about them.


Final Thoughts:

Am I the only one who noticed the similarities in these two M/Vs. Look at their view numbers, look at their likes. Jessica is right on Tiffany’s heels. And sadly, they both are kinda lackluster. While I liked their M/Vs, I had them on silent because their songs weren’t that stellar. I could say Jessica’s was the better of the two, but the rapper ruined the song. I can even say Tiffany’s was the better of the two, but she doesn’t really perform right live. And I know I said I wouldn’t bring this up again, but I really set the standard.

Taeyeon, Jessica, and Tiffany were the three best vocals in SNSD before Jessica left, but I’m holding her up to this standard too. If you have a great voice, then don’t be safe. If you think you have the best voice in the group (even though your leader is better), then don’t lip-sync live. Especially since lip-sync is starting to die out in music shows. My name is KrisSimsters and Stay Golden.

Final Rating:

  • Tiffany Hwang: 6/10. Basic Song, Tumblr M/V.
  • Jessica Jung: 7.5/10. Safe Song, Cuter M/V.

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1 Comment

  1. The comparison was inevitable. And I applaud the guts to write about it. It’s been avoided to the point of absurdity. I agree with a lot of your points, but I do disagree with some.
    I do agree that “I” is the best song from the group. Tae can sing, there is no doubt, and the song is catchy as hell.
    However, your emphasis on Tiffany lip syncing, I don’t agree with. Yes, she does lip-sync for the music shows. And to do the dancing that is required by IJWD, that might be wise. But there was a performance where it became painfully obvious that SM wanted her to actually sing the song, and her dance was changed accordingly. So I don’t think that demerits are warranted.
    As for Jessica, I like the fact that she even released some music. Yes, also think that the rap is out of place and unnecessary. I still think there is some kind of contractual issue with her performing on music shows. But I cannot prove that. I do like the songs that Sica brought to the table, as I like the songs that Tiffany came with. It’s fun. And I do enjoy the comparison. I wish there was more of it.

    Thanks for taking that step.



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