Saddle Row & Rec: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, 06×09 Recap

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Hey guys, its your girl, KrisSimsters and it’s another My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic recap. I’ve been trying to think of an official name for these, so I’ll call it My Little Pony: Weekends are Magic. Let me know what you think down below. As for this episode, I liked it. I was skeptical at first, mainly because of the preview, but I need to really stop watching those on the day before. And this continues Rarity’s trends for best episodes. I’m not saying that just because Rarity’s my bias, I just think that Rarity episodes are the best episodes. How good is the episode? Well lets jump into the recap, shall we?

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Saddle Row & Rec Recap:

WWRD: What Would Rarity Do?

The episode starts out with the rest of the Mane 6 hurrying to Rarity’s house in hopes of making it before the paper arrived. Pinkie thinks that Rarity might not even read the paper, but since its going talk about her latest fashion store opening in Manehattan, I think that she might want to read that. And Applejack agrees with me. When they finally get to Rarity’s house, they see the fashion mare is upset, but then she smiles as she shows them the paper. She wants to share her article with them. The Mane 6 try to tell her that the article might be bad, but we get our Rarity-meme of the episode:


And we move to the opening credits. Once the credits are finished, Rarity begins reading about the contributions her friends made to Rarity’s new shop, called Rarity For You. The pony interviewing them is a stallion named Buried Lede and if we’re being honest, he’s supposed to be the “TMZ” type, but he looks like a regular New York reporter type to me. Also is there a foal sitting by himself? How are these young fillies and foals able to venture on their own? Moving on, Buried Lede tells us what he wants and how he wants it, so he’s going to interview her and the others one at a time so he can get the whole picture. Not an actual picture, but a the word picture. We get to see him interview the ponies one by one and their opinions are very…honest.

It took us 7 minutes to get to the main story of the episode, getting Rarity’s building cleaned up in time for the grand opening of Rarity for You. And again, I wonder, why was the timing from the time Rarity got the building in The Gift of the Maud Pie to Saddle Row & Rec so short? I honestly thought that is would be the put off until mid-season at the least. Especially since we had another Pinkie Pie & Rarity episode coming before the break. I could spend all day questioning this, but for the sake of the review, lets move on.

Rarity’s new shop is located in the fashion district of Manehattan, Saddle Row & Rec (roll credits) and after giving Applejack a wicked burn, we see that Rarity’s future show is currently not ready. Twilight wonders if Rarity’s going to be able to even open and I have to wonder this as well. We are then introduced to Rarity’s landlord, a Russian, Adidas wearing pony by the name of Mr. Stripes. Apparently Mr. Stripes wants a job for his daughter, Plaid Stripes and if she isn’t as Genki-girl as Mabel, then I’ve lost faith in the world. Rarity agrees to give Plaid a job because if not, he’s going to raise her rent to the point that she couldn’t pay it. And this bit of news makes me happy, because I wondered if ponies owned their own homes and businesses without paying rent, so its nice to know that ponies are people too. This is one of Rarity’s first problems.

Rarity soon finds another problem with her shop when she finds a family of raccoons inside her stockroom. Apparently Fluttershy knows their names and everything, she even brought them to the diner to be part of the interview. Rarity’s next problem, Vinyl Scratch (oohh an DJ-Pon 3 cameo, that’s three in a row) is playing her music too loud above. And OMG, Twilight just made this episode a whole lot better with her sweeping technique:


Applejack and Rainbow trying to not to be about that life:


And then this happens:


Yeah, this is why I watch the show. We soon come across two more problems, her shipment is disorganized and her associate, Coco Pommel is sick, which means she can’t manage the grand opening. Just as Rarity’s about to freak out, Princess Twilight calms her down and Rarity assigns jobs to the other ponies; Applejack is in charge to “take care of” Plaid, Rainbow’s going to help find an associate for the grand opening, Pinkie Pie is going to get DJ-Pon 3 to turn down her music, Fluttershy is going to take care of the raccoon family, and Twilight is in charge of organization. Honestly, I was waiting for this moment:


But it didn’t come. Anyway, while Rarity is on window display, the rest of the Mane 6 is doing their jobs, but their confused on how to carry them out. Do they do it their way or the Rarity way. Pinkie Pie gives DJ-Pon 3 bad music, Applejack says no to Plaid (even though the idea is good), Rainbow has three associate candidates vie for the job by telling the difference between fabrics, which all three of them know, Fluttershy tells the family of raccoons to leave, and Twilight organizes, but she’s unsure of it. This causes a huge mess and in order to keep Rarity from freaking out even more, Twilight locks her inside the window display. Rarity doesn’t mind though.

Twilight tells them that maybe they should have handled it their way instead of Rarity’s way, so they correct the mistakes they’ve made. Applejack tells Plaid Stripes that she has an idea for her Spoon clothes, Fluttershy asks the raccoon family to stay as long as they do a favor first, Pinkie Pie gets DJ-Pon 3 invested in a business venture, Rainbow has the candidates race for that spot, and Twilight does her best organization work. When its time for Rarity’s grand opening, Twilight lets her out of her the window display and we see this:


Yeah its awesome, my Mom would sure love the purple. With the rest of the Mane 6’s ideas being imputed, Rarity’s grand opening is a success. When Rarity finishes reading the review, she asks her friends why she didn’t tell them about the complications, but they said it was because they didn’t want to make her more worried than she already was and they wanted the opening to be perfect. Rarity says there’s nothing more perfect than counting on her “N’er do well” friends.

Final Thoughts:

I’m laughing because I’m not paying for all this food. You are!!

This is a good episode, there were a lot of things that played off well with this episode and I enjoyed that. Nick Confalone, you did a good job and I tip my imaginary hat off to you. While I do have some questions, such as why this wasn’t pushed bask until a later date, I enjoyed watching Rarity’s vision come alive with help from her friends. This is my second favorite episode of the season, it hasn’t been about to top Gauntlet of Fire, but it did top The Gift of the Maud Pie. That’s all for me this week, next week’s is Applejack’s “Day” Off and I’m excited…kinda. My name is KrisSimsters and Stay Golden!!

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