Secret Admiral-ler & Glued, Where’s my Bob: Bob’s Burgers 06×18-06×19 Double Recap

We’re in the 100s

Hey guys, its your girl KrisSimsters and Bob’s Burgers has made it to the 100s. Whenever something makes it to 100 episodes, I view that as an accomplishment to not only the show for making it this long, but also to the people behind the scenes because without them, there wouldn’t be a show. If anybody left the show, than the show wouldn’t be the same. There wouldn’t be a Louise without Kristen Schaal because there’s something unique about her voice and I mean honestly if I made a show, she would be the first woman I call. The last thing I want to say before I start this double recap is this, Good Job, Bob. You really earned it. Now lets jump into these recaps shall we?

Bob’s Burgers: Secret Admiral-ler Recap:

Don’t get wasted too early, Bob

The episode starts out with the Belcher kids and the Pesto kids walking home after school. Tina thinks that Jimmy Jr. offered to walk Tina home, but the message isn’t getting across to Jimmy. This brings up a valid question I’ve had for years, is Jimmy Jr. actually in love with Tina or are we getting a heartbreak episode in season seven? We got something similar like that in Two for Tina so I hope we’re not getting the same plotline again in season seven. Then again, I’m getting ahead of myself so lets move on. After Jimmy Jr. rushes to get away from Tina (even forgetting about his brothers for a moment) we get a sister moment from Louise and I love these moments and I’m glad we got so many of them over the season and Tina rushes off to her next Thundergirls meeting.

In order for Tina to get her next badge, she has to participate in a senior home. She’s partnered with an elder woman named Meryl, but the first person she sees when she’s in her room is her great-nephew, Joel. Joel is only after his great-aunt’s money and I’m sure he’s going to have some kind of involvement before the episode is over, so lets leave him alone for now. At the restaurant, Bob gets praise for his burgers from two fellow restaurateurs by the name of Lionel, the owner of Fennel and Frog and Donny, the owner of Succulent.

They want Bob to open his restaurant back up at midnight and Bob says yes. For the sake of this recap (especially since I’m doubling on the recap), I’m not going to go that deep with Bob’s side of the story, so I’m shortening it right here. Bob gets tired out after hanging with Lionel and Donny that he can hardly run the restaurant. This goes great for Tina’s story later in the episode, so we’ll get back to Bob in a little.

Back at the retirement home, Tina continues reading Meryl’s mail until she gets to a letter from an admiral. The admiral’s name is Admiral Peter Wilcox and he wants to reunite with Meryl to have that one last dance he didn’t get years ago. Tina thinks Meryl should write back, but Meryl disagrees; she’s too old for that lovey-dovey stuff. This puts Tina in a predicament, does she write back against Meryl’s orders or does she leave things alone. In order to have this episode rolling, Tina writes back to the Admiral. When she tells Gene and Louise about this, they ask her if she really knows what she’s doing and Tina’s reply is, “I think.”

Look, I think everybody loves either Tina, Louise, and Gene the most on the show, but this is what I have to say, does Tina really knows what she’s doing? Throughout the episode, Meryl seems like she doesn’t enjoy Tina’s company. She finds Tina boring and even in the episode, she’s says, “I enjoy your company, Tina but if your bored, you can always get a pet.” Meryl doesn’t want Tina around. To Meryl, Tina is boring and bland and she just wants to die in peace. To Tina, Meryl is an old woman with an exciting love-life and she wants to rejuvenate that spark.

When the Admiral writes back a week later, she confesses to Meryl about what she did. Meryl seems genuinely interested in the date, so Tina offers to get her white pearls from the storage unit and they set a date for the reunion. On the day off, Louise and Gene goes with Tina to get Meryl ready for her big night. While Meryl’s getting ready, Joel comes by again saying that its his “birthday” and he’s come for his “birthday money.” When Meryl doesn’t have it, Joel asks to speak with her alone. When he leaves, Louise realizes that Meryl’s pearls are missing, so they call Officer Bosco and I’m just loving the fact that he’s hitting the kids on his head. I love Officer Bosco.

In order to make up for the pearls, Tina decides to tie some white, After-dinner mints to some dental floss in order to represent the pearls, but Louise wants to bring in some realization, what if the Admiral isn’t real? This is my thought throughout the episode up until the end, what if the Admiral isn’t real. What if Tina’s just being conned by Joel in order to get more money from Meryl? I mean he comes in every week for “birthday money,” how can this not be fake? Tina starts hallucinating, but when Meryl declares that this will be the best night of her life, the Belcher kids come together to find a solution to the Admiral problem.

Their solution is to dress Bob up as the Admiral, putting his good chef’s jacket to use. They think Meryl won’t notice the cheese shoulders and in the end, Bob doesn’t look that bad. He even sounds like Archer a little. Meryl does notice that something isn’t right and just when Tina’s about to confess, it turns out that the Admiral is real. As Meryl is dancing with the Admiral, Tina finds her pearls in her purse. Tina prove Louise–and myself–wrong and Joel does get arrested, but not for taking the pearls, but for robbery. Oh and Linda get rid of the restaurateurs. The after credit scene features Meryl dancing with the Admiral and Gene dancing with the dead goat.

Bob’s Burgers: Glued, Where’s my Bob Recap:

We’re 100 episodes young

The episode starts out with the kids in the middle of a goop war when Bob gets a call from Skip Marooch from Best Burger. Skip called to say that he got Bob an interview with Coasters magazine, but the only time they’ll be able to do the interview is on that day at 3 PM. If the interview does well, then Bob’s Burgers will be put on the map. It would be nice if Bob wore that good chef’s jacket from the previous episode, but we can’t get much continuity. Which is kinda sad because I wanted to use my Silver-Quill pic. Hopefully I get to use it once I finish the recap. Anyway, Bob and Linda talk about what good the restaurant could benefit from being on Coasters and Linda tries prepping Bob for the interview. Bob gets nervous and goes to the restaurant bathroom and gets stuck on the toilet. And we soon have the plot of the episode. And we also get a song, Today is Gonna be a Great Day and its good. I love all of the songs on Bob’s Burgers, but this one is in my top five. It’s definitely after This is Working so it’s definitely up there.

Linda calls Teddy for help and its Teddy’s homemade speckle. Teddy prepared it so it can be stronger than superglue and only nail polish remover can get rid of it, so Teddy rushes over after leaving his therapist behind. Man, Teddy’s obsession with Bob is really bad. With Teddy on the way, everybody starts piling into the restaurant at once from Gretchen to Jimmy Pesto. When Teddy comes, he takes off his shirt and slams into the door, revealing Bob’s secret and Jimmy Pesto reveals it to everybody in the world, but just the town shows up.

The restaurant is soon packed with the town while Bob, Linda, the kids, and Teddy are in the restaurant bathroom. And Jimmy Pesto is just blaming this and its perfect. As more and more people show up, Gretchen and Linda help get Bob ready for Coasters. Louise has called Dr. Yap for help because “it’s not her fault” and Yap suggests the old pulling-the-tooth routine and because Bob’s running out of time, he has no choice. Once the Novocain has settled in, everybody else pulls and…it doesn’t work. Just as the guys from Coasters arrive.

More people crowd outside the restaurant as they talk to Coasters, but because Bob’s stuck to the toilet, they won’t do the interview. They barely wanted to do it before because it was a favor to Brian who was doing as a favor to Skip, but since Bob’s more unique than inspiring, they don’t want to do it. Louise feels bad and she admits that this is her fault and again, Teddy’s love for Bob is creepy enough to start a chant. Bob is released from the toilet at long last. When the Coasters magazine arrives, Bob’s Burgers is in the restaurant describing it as “undiscovered gem.” And Bob gooped the kids as revenge. Perfect way to end the episode.

The after-credit scene features the song again and we get to see everybody in the restaurant and Bob carrying Louise is perfect. I love their relationship, especially after Hawk & Chick.


Final Thoughts:

These were good episodes. Last year’s season finale was 50/50, but I just absolutely loved the finale. I’m glad its coming back in the fall, I can’t hardly wait. I guess my favorite of the two was Secret Admiral-ler because while I did enjoy Glued, Where’s my BobSecret Admiral-ler was stronger in terms of funniness. Both episodes did deliver emotion wise and I love that Louise learned her lesson in both episode. What I would love to see is more episodes that involve either Gene or Louise learning lessons. And dude, Bob carrying Louise is again the sweetest thing to see. Can we get more of Bob carrying Louise? Please? I need it. That’s all for me this week, my name is KrisSimsters and Stay Golden.

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