Opinion Pieces: Steven Universe: In Too Deep (Special)

This was a LONG four weeks…

Hey guys, its your girl KrisSimsters and I’m sorry for the emergency disappearance, but a lot happened and I needed to take a small break. I won’t go into full detail about everything that happened, but what I can talk about is the Steven Universe special that just went ended this past Thursday, In Too Deep. And if I’m honest, I’m mad at it. So instead of giving you my thoughts about it in a summary form, lets just talk about it, shall we?

Steven Universe: In Too Deep

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When the promo for this special first came up, I got really excited. The trailer was awesome with Pearl’s If You Could Only Know, What  You Really Are line repeating over and over again in an ominous tone. And then the first two episodes, Super Watermelon Island and Gem Drill were awesome as well. So what went wrong? The Cluster was resolved too quick. In Super Watermelon Island, we see Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl go against Malachite–which for those of you know don’t know, is Jasper and Lapis fused–by turning into Alexandrite and going head to head. With help from Steven as a Watermelon and the rest of the Watermelon people, Malachite is defeated and Jasper and Lapis are no longer fused together.

The victory is cut short when an earthquake happens, meaning that The Cluster is starting to take form. The Gems are able to save Lapis, but lets Jasper fall to her doom. I mean, yes Pearl tried to save her too, but the fact that neither Garnet or Amethyst helped Pearl means that they wanted Jasper to die because Jasper is bad. I disagree with this because of the sole fact that even your worst enemy could help you out in the end, but more on that later.

Since the Crystal Gems wont’ be able to make it back in time, they tell Steven to wake up and help Peridot with The Cluster. And that’s where we get to to most likely my favorite episode of this four-week special, Gem Drill. Except for the ending (and my main issue with this special), this was a good episode. I liked how Steven and Peridot bonded as they drilled their way to The Cluster. When they arrive at The Cluster, Steven is in pain and once he and Peridot separate, he communicates with The Cluster. It turns out that The Cluster wants nothing more than  to be formed together. So Steven encloses The Cluster within a giant bubble.

And from here, the rest of the special goes downhill. While I did enjoy Same Old World, the other two episodes, Barn Mates and Hit the Diamond doesn’t live up to par at all. And yes, they are two good episodes just like Same Old World, but they aren’t the episodes I would expect in something called In Too Deep. Something that’s supposed to be focusing on saving the Earth, saves the Earth at least once and then it turns into three slice of life episodes. And yes, in the end Steven Universe is supposed to be a kid’s show, but the transition between life-threatening and slice of life is just wrong. And I honestly thought I would never be bashing something as great as Steven Universe, I feel like I have too.

In Too Deep is a major fail and I don’t know if it disappointed a lot of fans, but it disappointed me. I think this special could have been saved if the last episode focused on Jasper after she fell into the crevasse at the end of Super Watermelon Island. And from the looks of things on the SU Wikia page, we won’t hear about The Cluster or Jasper again until at least either Beta, Part 1 or Earthlings, Part 2, both of them being future episodes. This arc covered hardly enough, the most important thing that happened was stopping Malachite and that happened too early. So as a whole, I’ll give the In Too Deep arc a B+. My name is KrisSimsters and Stay Golden. Its nice to be back.

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