Opinion Pieces: Why 40% 40% 20% is Teen Titan Go’s Best Episode

I am breaking my own rule and I’m OK with that…and I’m not OK with that!!

Hey guys, its your girl KrisSimsters and I’m breaking my #1 rule when it comes to talking about things on this blog…today, I’m talking about Teen Titans Go, the spin-off to the 2006 classic, Teen Titans. Why am I breaking my own rule, you might ask. Because I recently came across their only good episode and I need to talk about it. Normally, if I see a good episode that comes on from a show I don’t like, I normally wouldn’t be thinking about it this much. But this is different, mostly because the song is now stuck in my head and even if I do talk about it, I won’t be able to get it out of my head anytime soon. And even though this is Teen Titans Go, again this is a good episode. So lets talk about it shall we? But first…

Alright, now we can talk about it.

Teen Titans GO: 40% 40% 20%

How the Episodes Should Look

The episode starts out with Cyborg getting ready for the day and the best way to do that is by playing B.E.R’s Night Begins to Shine. Apparently this is not the first time the other titans have heard this because they are honestly getting annoyed with the song being played over and over again. I speak from both sides of the fence, I play my music over and over again, but my Mom doesn’t like it. Night Begins to Shine is Cyborg’s song and my song is 2NE1’s If I Were You. Anyway, Beast Boy asks what’s special about the song and Cyborg responds by saying its written 40% by Carl Brunette (the drummer), 40% by Franklin Erna (the guitarist), and the last 20% is written by William J. Reagan (the pianist). My Dad loves listening to 80s music, especially back when my sisters and I were younger, so this episode hits music nostalgia with me.

The other Titans tries to embrace the music, but fail to see the magic in it until they’ve got a case of “the blah” and Cyborg takes them on basically a magical adventure. This magical adventure includes new scenery.


I like the art style, its what Teen Titans GO should have been. Not in this particular look, but definitely this style. Even though the other Titans might like the song, they still think Cyborg needs more variety, so Robin tries to get him to open a jar of pickles without listening to the music. This is my least favorite part of the episode, honestly. The whole “Open this jar of pickles” bit is no longer funny. Honestly to me, it was never funny. Moving on, when they get a crime alert, Robin forces Cyborg to stay behind while the rest of the Titans go and handle our villain of the episode, the Brain. Two days later, the Titans are captured by the Brain and Cyborg has to rescue them, saying that his song is supposed to be a clutch, so his opens the pickle jars, eats one, and takes off.

I cannot begin to explain the awesomeness of this scene and I have to literally have to punch myself in the arm to see if I’m still talking about Teen Titans GO and I am. Its too much to grasp, it involves a horse similar to the one from Robot Unicorn Attack 2 and a wolf and its just awesome.


Cyborg, still in awesome mode, drops into Brain’s layers where the Titans are being held and starts kicking ass. Just as he’s about to win, he gets a surprise attack from Monsieur Mallah, knocking the tape out of his chest. The tape lands in the Brain’s hands and the Brain crushes it. This scene genuinely hurt me, I felt bad for him. The other Titans tried to encourage him to continue, but Cyborg is defeated. The other Titans then start humming the beat to the song and then start singing the lyrics.

This gives Cyborg the motivation to KO Mallah and turns into Cyborgamous Prime, defeating the Brain and freeing the other Titans. The ending scene is just amazing, I can’t describe it.

Final Thoughts:



The fact that this episode is the best Teen Titan GO episode is a good and bad thing. Its a good thing because it shows what the staff can do beyond fart jokes and disgusting pictures, but its sad at the same thing because we’re hardly going to get another good episode like this. This is literally a diamond in the rough and you can tell they were experimenting with this because this isn’t the first time Cyborg tries to go old-school with the other Titans. This is a beautiful episode and even though I’m cynical at times, I hope we get another episode like it before the series ends (because I honestly don’t think this is making it past 2017 at the latest). My name is KrisSimsters and Stay Golden. Also, I’m never doing another Teen Titans GO article ever again.

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  1. You’re completely wrong!

    Teen Titans Go is a great show with LOTS of great episodes, not just this one, you hateful moron! 😡


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