Kris Reviews K-Pop #8: U-Kiss-STALKER

Oh Dear God…

Hey guys, its your girl KrisSimsters and U-Kiss came out with a new song and the name caught me off guard, so now I have to review it. Honestly though, its not like I hate U-Kiss, its like I never got into them as I should have fully. Also Quit Playing was just weird for obvious reasons. Anyway, I can’t keep stalling because this should honestly be a quick review, so lets just jump into this, shall we?

U-Kiss: STALKER. Views: 110,547 (so far). Likes: 12,608 (so far).

The M/V & Dance:

The dance is creepier so lets talk about that. I liked the dance believe it or not, though it did have their moments such as when they sniffed their shirts like it was their victim’s hair. I especially liked when they shaped their hands as a peephole. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the M/V could use more stalking. Its not like the stalking aspect hasn’t been done before, but they were mostly done by girl groups who were “looking for their oppa,” and drugging them. The name of your song is STALKER use it to your advantage without getting too creepy. The girl in the M/V was trying to run away as though she was trying to get away from her stalker, but it didn’t seem real. Her acting was off. If your going to try and run away from a dangerous man, then do it right. At least he sniffed her hair at the end, that was good.

The Song:

The song itself is creepy, but when you put lyrics too it…it sent a shiver down my spine. I think the song is good, I especially loved the beat. Also, there was no rap in the middle and it impresses me. I know sometimes groups don’t randomly put a rap in their songs, but its a small appreciation. Overall, I liked the song and line distribution, but I just wish Eli got more lines. I guess since Eli’s going to be a Dad soon, he shouldn’t sound too creepy. Just joking guys, don’t kill me. I just wish the M/V was a bit darker so it could match the song.

Final Thoughts:

How do these idols get these construction sites?!!

Like I stated before, I like the song but I just want the M/V to be darker, especially since the song’s called STALKER. This is good enough though. I don’t think I’m going to before a U-Kiss fan and scream Kevin’s name to the Gods like some people I know, but this is a good song to listen do when I have some downtime and I don’t want to listen to girl groups over and over again. As soon as SISTAR comes back, I’m going to start working on my Summer K-Pop Collection so look out for that. Until then, my name is KrisSimsters and Stay Golden.

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