Kris Reviews K-Pop #10: EXO-Monster


Hey guys, its your girl KrisSimsters and I want to personally thank EXO for making up with that disaster of an M/V by releasing this awesome song and M/V known as Monster. Everything about this M/V screams awesome and I’m ready to talk about it, so let’s get into this recap shall we? But before we do, I want to let everybody know that I do proofread these articles before releasing them and if I don’t see any grammatical errors, then I’m not changing it and if spellcheck doesn’t see them, then I’m not changing it. Now that we got that out the way, then lets get the review underway, shall we?

EXO-Monster M/V. Views: 451,359 (So Far. I think the view counter is stuck again though). Likes: 192,665 (So Far).

Dance & M/V:

This M/V is mostly a dance M/V and I love it. The moves are sharp, the color-tone is amazing, and the visuals are some of the best visuals I’ve seen in a K-Pop M/V so far this year. Even though I hate SM as a label, their dance M/Vs are amazing. I honestly hope this is the track SM is promoting because it’s honestly the better one, It could easily be Growl 2.0 if SM played their cards right, promotion wise. I haven’t listened to the rest of EXO’s album because I’ve been busy, but I’m sure that this is easily one of their better songs. Speaking of…

The Song:

The main problem I’ve had with Lucky_One is that the song isn’t good and it doesn’t match with the M/V. Yes both factors played into that terrible song and M/V, but Monster doesn’t seem to have that problem. The rap fits into it well and so does the vocal line. The beat is amazing and line distribution seems equal. I honestly have no problems with this song, I’m probably going to blast it on Spotify the moment the album becomes available because why not? This is one of EXO’s better songs and the M/V could rival BTS’ Fire and win. The only thing I can honestly say is that MAMAs just got interesting.

Final Thoughts:

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There are times like this when I miss Kris, Luhan, and even Tao–even though the way he left still distrubs me because there was a better way to leave instead of lying–because they did ad a lot to EXO. And I want to be wrong because I want to believe that SM can get through a promotion period without anybody leaving. It would suck if who I think is leaving actually does leave, because just like every group, EXO puts a lot of work into their music, even if the song is terrible or not. So just like every other group, I wish them the best of luck in promoting. I hope they actually choose the right song to promote. I actually might do my Summer Collection earlier than mentioned because I don’t know when SISTAR’s making their comeback. I’ll give them until next week and if they aren’t out by next Friday, then I’m going to start this summer collection without them. Until next time, my name is KrisSimsters and Stay Golden.

Final Rating: 10/10. Perfect song and perfect M/V.

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