Kris Reviews K-Pop #9: EXO-_Lucky_One

WTF am I watching?

Hey guys, its your girl KrisSimsters and EXO decided to come out of SM’s closet for another comeback. And man, I’m about to piss off a lot of EXO-Ls because I do not like this song at all. Call Me Baby and Wolf are better songs than this one. And yes, I like Wolf. I am not that happy about reviewing this song, but I’m going to do it anyway because I need consistency when it comes to writing. So lets jump right into this review, shall we?

EXO_Lucky_One M/V. Views: 469,469 (So Far…especially since the view counter is broken). Likes: 134,201 (So far).

Dance & M/V:

This M/V sucks!! It just sucks, I hate it. Out of all the EXO M/Vs that SM has given us over the years, this has to be the most stupid and confusing one. The main point of this M/V is that the group is trying to get out an insane asylum (I think) and they use the powers they’ve had since debut, and there’s some continuity and yay for that, but this is just a dumb M/V. The deadpan expressions don’t make things better either, neither does the fact that the nurses who captured them heads explodes for no reason. Is it because their using their powers or are they robots? Damn I hate this M/V. Sadly, there isn’t much dance to this M/V, the only person who dances is Kai and that’s only to escape.

The Song:

I don’t like the song that much either, but its better than the M/V that’s accompanying it. The beat is nice though, but the lyrics are bland. The rap doesn’t work this time and I honestly feel like this song doesn’t fit with the M/V. It makes me wish that they were only promoting Monster because that song’s amazing. Speaking of Monster, the M/V came out for it and I’m on my way to review it, so lets wrap things up here.

Final Thoughts:

This song is very unlucky

I honestly wish this song and M/V could have been better, especially since EXO and U-Kiss (probably) are the only boy groups battling this summer, every other group I heard about coming back are girl groups. I never want to talk about this M/V again, it wasn’t nothing special about it. I’m sorry EXO-Ls, I know how excited you are about your oppas coming back, but this wasn’t their best work. That’s all I have to say for now, my name is KrisSimsters and Stay Golden. Hopefully, Monster is a much better song and M/V.

Final Rating: 3/10. Bad song accompanied by an even worst M/V.

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