Spice up Your Life: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, 06×12 Recap

It’s the Return of the Butt Missions

Hey guys, its your girl KrisSimsters and I’m late again. Long story short, I had some electric issues that needed to be worked out and they were resolved sometime last night. I would have written this out last night, but Sony had their E3 Conference and being Sony’s bitch, I was inclined to watch. Overall, it was OK. There were some moments that were good, some moments that weren’t as good, and some moments that needed to be talked about like Kingdom Hearts III. I’m tired of hearing about 2.8, I want KHIII. Stop stalling it Square Enix!!

Moving on, it’s the return of the Cutie Mark episodes where two ponies go out and solve a friendship problem. I’m not a huge fan of these episodes, the only one I truly liked for Rarity and Applejack’s Made in Manehattan, but I usually consider these filler. And even though I love Rarity and Pinkie, I did not love this episode as much as I wanted too. So lets jump into this recap shall we?

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Spice Up Your Life Recap:

I really love the song and Pinkie’s outfit is awesome

So the episode starts out with the Mane 6, Spike, and Starlight Glimmer centered around the Friendship Table. Ever since Starlight Glimmer’s evil antics last season, its been since malfunctioned. But believe you me, Twilight Sparkle has found a solution and considering the episode I got, I would have wanted to spend the last 30 minutes with the Mane 6 figuring out how to fix the broken table. Anyway, Twilight and Starlight has gotten her started back up again and after Pinkie goes over some of the possibilities, it finally lands on her and Rarity, having a mission in Canterlot. Rarity thinks of this as a good chance to check on her store, but that’s not happening.

My two favorite ponies arrive in Canterlot and Pinkie is immediately hungry, so Rarity takes her to Restaurant Row, where all the restaurants are fine dining and all the restaurants have three hooves, indicating them as good places to eat. The hooves are given by a pony named Zesty Gourmand, who is known for her reviews. If her standards aren’t met, then she won’t give you the hooves of approval. So you would think the restaurants with the hooves would have the best food right? Wrong. Not only is the food portions ridiculiously small–honestly, I can’t get people who eat those small portions and say they’re full. Like no, if you want to eat food and be full then go to Red Robin or somewhere else that’s good–but they taste terrible. And while Rarity’s being civil about it, Pinkie outright dislikes it. Honestly, I would too. It’s the exact same food with the exact same decorations and the exact same waiter.

Since none of the “fine dining” establishments work for Pinkie, she decides to choose the next place on her own and the two come across Tasty Treat, an Indian restaurant owned by Saffron Masala and her father, Coriander Cumin and he’s just so adorable, I just want to hug him!!

Saffron Masala & Coriander Cumin

After tasting the food and saying that it’s the best food ever eaten, Pinkie and Rarity decides to help out Saffron and Coriander by getting Zesty to come by and taste the food. She’s going to come by later that night, so they’ll have to drum up some business and spruce up the restaurant so Rarity stays behind with Coriander while Pinkie heads out with Saffron. And then we get the song of the episode, It’s Gonna Work.

I like this song, the beat itself is amazing. It’s just what happens after the song that I don’t like. Rarity decides to turn Tasty Treat into one of the “Fine Dining” restaurants while Pinkie’s only able to bring in two customers. When Zesty comes, disaster ensues as Pinkie and Rarity start blaming each other and Saffron and Coriander still have a failing restaurant. Zesty tells Rarity to stick to fashion and this recommending the Tasty Treat could do damage to her social standing. Good grief.

After Zesty leaves, everybody is done, even Coriander. It isn’t until Saffron creates a dish that she and Coriander used to make all the time. This sparks everybody’s spirit and they try it again, this time with Pinkie staying behind and making the place unique, Saffron and Coriander cooking together, and Rarity bringing in the crowd using her charm. Soon the Tasty Treat is starting to fill with ponies, including a Gordon Ramsey pony. I really wish I could find a picture of him, but I can’t and it makes me kinda sad.

When Zesty comes back and sees the packed house, she demands to know why ponies are eating in there–especially with no hoof ratings–and they said that Rarity and Pinkie led them there. The Tasty Treat even inspire two other restaurateurs to stop making Zesty’s bland food and start making food their way. Zesty leaves in disgust and with their mission solved, Rarity and Pinkie’s cutie mark glows as a sign of completion.

Final Thoughts:

It Doesn’t Have a Three-Hoof Rating

I’m not a huge fan of this episode, mainly it’s because of a Cutie Mark Mission episode, but despite the wonderful food, the episode itself was just blah. And a lot of people are also wondering how this can be a friendship episode when it revolves around a family, but your Mom and/or Dad are the first friends you’ll ever meet, followed by siblings if you have any, so yes it was a friendship problem that needed to be resolved. I did love the song and I did love the culinary ponies such as Rachel Ray, Gordon Ramsey, and Julia Child, but I hated Rarity’s character. It took a huge noise dive. We’ll probably see two more Friendship Problem episodes before the season’s over now that the map’s working again, but I still believe that Flutter Brutter is the better Cutie Mark mission episode, even if it wasn’t exactly a friendship problem mission. Well the mid-season break is here, which means I won’t have to worry about missing an MLP episode for a while. I think the show’s coming back in fall (don’t quote me on this) but it might be sooner than that. So until then, my name is KrisSimsters and Stay Golden Guys.

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