Top Tens: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (Season Five)

Welcome to the End

Hey guys, its your girl KrisSimsters and we are finally at the end of this My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Top Tens special. It took almost two months, but we are finally on season five. There have been a lot of ups and downs and there are times I might have wanted to give up on this series all together, but I didn’t and here we are. Season five. Take a moment and breath that in. Alright and for the final time (until season six is done) here are the rules for my list:


And as usual, the episodes will be listed in production order, not broadcast order. Now, let’s get started with this recap, shall we?

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (Season Five) Top Tens:

This is the moment we’ve waited for. Season five!!

10). Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep (05×13): As much as I love Luna, I did not care for this episode at all. Mainly because the NIghtmare Arc of the IDW comics did it better than the actual episode. There are things I do like in the episode, such as Rainbow Dash’s dream–I love playing Undertale–and the Shared Dream where all the possibilities happened, including Sailor Big Mac, it’s the actual episode I don’t like. Why would you want to put yourself through that much self-torture, knowing that your putting yourself and other ponies in potential danger. Look, Luna I get that you went through a tough time, but torturing yourself isn’t the answer. I never thought I would say this, but this was a bad episode and the only reason its in this list is because ther are bits of this episode that I ultimately love. And again, Sailor Big Mac.


9). The Cutie Map (05×01-05×02): Not only was this one of the weakest season openers–I do not like The Crystal Empire at all–this introduced one of the more blander villains: Starlight Glimmer. One of the reasons why I don’t like Starlight Glimmer is because she’s another villain for Twilight to reform and guess what happens at the end of the season? Starlight Glimmer is reformed and as of season six, she’s Twilight’s apprentice. She might even pull a Discord in the finale and revert to her evil self and banding together with Trixie and the dragons so they can all try to take over Equestria, or mainly, Ponyville. I know I’m getting way ahead of myself, but if things does happen the way I predicted, then I want you all to bow to me as your fearless leader.

No, I’m joking but I do want a crown. Anyway, The Cutie Map is a weak episode and so are the Friendship Problems that follow it. Besides Made in Manehattan, the Friendship Problem episodes are not my friends. As for Starlight Glimmer, when you realize the real reason why she turned an entire town into a totalitarian society–which I did in the first episode and my predictions were confirmed to be exactly true–then it hammers on the point that this all could have been avoided if Starlight Glimmer could have talked to somebody about her issues…like a therapist.

8). The Cutie Re-Mark (05×25-05×26): From one of the weakest season premieres comes it’s equally weak season finale. Well, it’s not entirely weak because I actually liked this one more. First of all, I liked the different realities and I liked how they introduced the topic of war with the battle between Princess Celestia and King Sombra. Also Queen Chrysalis’s takeover with the Changelings and Zecora’s sacrifice were equally amazing. The only thing I can say that I honestly don’t like about this episode is again, the predictability of why Starlight did what she did. Everything else in this episode is good enough for it pass as a decent season finale, but its not as great as Twilight’s Kingdom.

7). Party-Pooped (05×11): If I could hit Twilight upside the nose with a rolled-up piece of newspaper for this episode, then I would. This wasn’t her greatest episode, mainly because she tried to go beyond Celestia’s authority by inviting a rival country and when said rival country is close to declaring war, then you know that you’ve screwed up. So as a Princess, you have two solutions, either tell your higher up that you’ve messed up or you put massive pressure on your friend in a way from saving anything. If it wasn’t for Pinkie being Pinkie, then this episode wouldn’t have even made the list. Speaking of Pinkie Pie…

I loved her adventures in this episode, my favorite was her being part of The Beatles for the day, like how can you squeeze that into one afternoon? I think that Pinkie learned the lesson here more than Twilight; when you invite somebody forgein into your country, you make them feel at home. You give them your traditions instead of giving them their traditions because they might get offended. And honestly, I think the Yaks were in the wrong in this episode as well, mainly because they destroyed somebody’s home. Angry or not, there are other ways of making your feelings known. So yes, Pinkie is best pony in this episode.

6). Canterlot Boutique (05×14): Ah, creativity. You work in fashion, draw/paint, make music, write, or do anything in art form, then you are a creative person and the last thing you want to something–or someone–stifling your creativity. If somebody likes one thing and they want you to do that one thing over and over and over again, you get bored with it. Even the slightest change can be made in order for you to keep your sanity…even if others don’t want it. That’s what Canterlot Boutique was and that’s why I love this episode. Rarity opens her new shop in Canterlot, but its her assistant, Sassy Saddles who overtakes Rarity and forces her into the seamstress room, making one particular dress, “The Princess Dress.

Even as Canterlot Carousel gets more and more popular, all everybody wants is the Princess Dress. And it stifles Rarity’s creativity, and she gives us the song of the episode, Rules of Rarity. I just love this song. By the end of the episode, Rarity has had enough of the Princess Dresses and decide to throw them away and decides to close up her shop, having one last closing sale. But because of the demand and popularity of her other dresses, Rarity decides to keep her Canterlot shop open and even decides to keep on Sassy Saddles–even if we never hear from her again after Rarity Investigates!

5). Slice of Life (05×09): THE 100th EPISODE!! I do love this episode, I love all the references and I love Lyrabon!! The fact that M.A Larson decides to give the 100th episode to the Bronies by centering on the background characters more than the Mane 6 really makes me excited. While this episode is good–and I mean really good–part of me wonders if it could have been better. Between Bon-Bon’s secret life, Derpy messing up again, and Dr. Whooves wearing Baker’s scarf and is basically the hybrid between Tennant and Smith…I fan-girled for two hours!! I just love the other Mane 6 and I love this episode. Now, if they go on an adventure for season six…that would be so awesome!! Dr. Whooves would be the first male MLP hero character. Can you not imagine how much of a milestone that would possible be?!!Big Mac


4). Brotherhooves Social (05×18): Big Mac as a woman? Yeah, I like that. One of the things that annoys me the most after an episode such as Brotherhooves Social comes out is that the majority of people–especially Bronies–don’t talk about the actual episode, they talk about the controversy and the controversy for this episode is that Big Mac turned into Orchard Blossom for the annual Sisterhooves Social. The only reason he did it was for Apple Bloom because he felt left out since Applejack has become the “hero” of the family by being an Element of Harmony (though not very good) and I know how he feels!!

Even though Big Mac is the oldest, he feels like the middle child. There are times when I was younger that my younger sister loved my older sister or my older cousin more than me. Even though my Dad says that she looked up to me, but I hardly saw it. So if I was Big Mac, then I would have done the same thing, just for that sign of approval. The thing that doesn’t exactly get me is that if the officials allowed brothers and sisters–as we see towards the end of the episode–then why isn’t it called The Siblinghooves Social? And also Big Mac’s speech at the end…it kills me every time. Best Big Mac moment of all time.

3). Made in Manehattan (05×17): As I’ve started at least twice already, I hate the Friendship Problem episodes, but there is one that I do like and its Made in Manehattan. I love going to plays, even though I haven’t exactly gone to one since they don’t come around my state often and when they do, they are very expensive. Honestly, the closet thing I saw when it came to going to the theater was watching PBS programs that come on around 4AM on the weekends back in the days when my Mom and I didn’t exactly have cable. We also had a foreign channel that had the perfect line-up and would play I Not Stupid on Saturday afternoons during the summer and spring.

Anyway, I love the idea of Rarity and Applejack helping Coco revive an old play that once belonged to a pony named Charity Kindheart because it was the only time people in Manehattan would actually get along. The ending result is amazing and not something I want to spoil. I honestly love this episode.

2). The Mane Attraction (05×24): Applejack finally got herself a good episode and it features an incredible singer by the name of Lena Hall. This is exactly the last episode written by Amy Keating-Rogers and its an amazing goodbye episode for her. No, I haven’t completely forgiven her for Pinkie Pie’s character in Filli Vanilli, but this is a good episode. And I love The Magic Inside and The Land I Love, both songs are incredible. Goodbye Amy Keating Rogers.


  • Make New Friends but Keep Discord (05×07): This was an amazing episode, I loved how jealous DISCORD of all ponies got. This is a good episode and proves that just about anypony can get jealous.
  • Tanks for the Memories (05×05): This episode is so sad!! I love it honestly, but I’m personally going through a family loss and even thinking about this episode would make me break down, so I’m going to leave it off this list. If I do a character episode list, then this episode is definitely going up there…somewhere in that top ten.
  • Rarity Investigates! (05×16): I personally loved this episode, but there’s only ten spots and I’m already going to break one of my rules when it comes to my #1 spot. I don’t want to break it three times as much. Speaking off…

This is probably going to be the only time I have two episodes in my #1 spot, but I just love the two of them so much that I knew I couldn’t choose. They both touched me and it wouldn’t right if I left them both behind. So lets see the two lucky episodes, shall we?

1). Amending Fences & Crusaders of the Lost Mark (05×12 & 05×19): Thinking about choosing between these two episodes wasn’t a choice I was willing to make. I love both of these episodes that I’m willing to break my own rule when it comes to writing these long top tens list. (Seriously going to take a break once I hit publish). What I love about both of these episodes (along with Tanks for the Memories and The Mane Attraction) are that these are the episodes that me cry and I do mean ugly cry. So lets talk about them, shall we?

  • Amending Fences: The main reason I love this episode is that it deals with that question, what would happen if you had to reconnect with old friends? Would they accept you or would they hate you for the way you left? How would you even leave to begin with? Would it be with an official goodbye party and promising to stay in touch or would it be a hasty goodbye? And if you friends are mad about you leaving, do you actually try to repair it or do you just let bygones be bygones? Now, compare that to the duties of Princess Twilight Sparkle. I might not like Twilight as much as everybody else might, but when she gets a good episode, I will rightfully praise her for it. This is a good Twilight episode. And FYI: Moondancer is amazing and foal Twilight sounds like Bubbles and Timmy Turner combined.
  • Crusaders of the Lost Mark: YES!! YES!! YES!! After five years, it finally happened!! The CMC finally got their cutie marks!! Yeah, it sucks that Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon are reformed villains, but if it means the CMC gets their Cutie Marks, then its a price I’m willing to pay. And don’t lie to me and say that Luna isn’t a proud Mama, she helped them along the way, she should be proud. Also, We’ll Make Our Marks is a really good song.

Final Thoughts:

The Set is Complete

Five seasons of Top Tens and it took me four months to do all of them. I means its two months from the day I first started it. Yes, I’ve had a few drawbacks, but I get to talk about my favorite episodes and that makes the drawbacks worth it. My goal is now complete and now we have to wait for season six to end to see if I have to want to do this again. I probably won’t, but you’ll never know until then. Also, I know how other MLP analysts when they talk about every episode. I only talked about 47 episodes and that took four months. I’m going to take the rest of the week off before getting around of my other things. And it’s almost Father’s Day so I probably wouldn’t have been around this Sunday anyway. I’m physically drained and have been dreaming about ponies for a very long time, so its time to rest. My name is KrisSimsters and Stay Golden. I need a drink.

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