Kris Reviews K-Pop #12: The Summer Collection (Part. I)


Hey guys, its your girl, KrisSimsters and SISTAR made a comeback today so that means it’s finally time for my Summer K-Pop Collection. This collection runs from May to August and while I know I’m talking about this list early, I’m going to make a part two depending on the songs that come out during the remainder of the season. And yes, I’m going to talk about some songs from groups that I might have already reviewed, but that’s just because I have more than one song from that group I actually like. With that being said, let’s get started, shall we?


My K-Pop Summer Collection (Part I):

I secretly love you

10). Monsta X ft. Wheein (MAMAMOO)-Ex Girl: I love this song, I love how Wheein’s voice fits perfectly with this group as a featured singer. I’m sad that this is a B-track song though, even though it did have a comeback stage (without Wheein), but part of me wonders what an M/V to this song would be like. Would it be really cute or would it have a story to match the song? Only my imagination knows, but if I had to choose between listening to this and listening to All In (both of which I like) on a random Sunday, then I’m going to choose Ex-Girl.

9). Fiestar-Apple Pie: Man, I love this song personally, but it wasn’t that popular on the charts. Its cute and sexy, but after listening to it over and over again, its kinda meh. I do like Cao Lu as a modern-day Snow White–even though I hate Snow White–but that was probably one of the few highlights. I did love Yezi’s short, red hair and her scientist jacket, but she doesn’t get to do much in the M/V.

Since Yezi and Cao Lu brought Fiestar’s popularity to new heights last year with Yezi being on Unpretty Rapstar 2 and Cao Lu doing dramas and variety, I would expect them to be at least center stage or have more lines during these songs. But yeah, I like Apple Pie but it’s not as good as Mirror and You’re Pitiful.

8). AOA-10 Seconds: Talk about a sexy AOA song, I thought Chocolate was AOA’s best track until the Good Luck mini came out and 10 Seconds blew my mind. Let me be clear, this mini album was gold, I love all the songs on here, but I’m forever slayed. If I did a list of sexiest songs in K-Pop then this song would probably be at the top of the list.

I wonder how things would be if this was the title track instead of Good Luck, would their controversies still exist? Probably, but that’s because FNC is a bad company. And so FNC, I say this to you, “Screw you for ruining AOA’s promotion time and also screw the Netz for taking things too seriously.” I swear if I don’t see AOA again by 2017 then heads will roll.

7). EXO-Monster: Yes, I’m still talking about Monster even though I recently reviewed it, but I do love this song. Especially even more now since I’ve seen the dance performance of it and I’m glad their promoting this. I can’t even begin to imagine the travesty that would have happened if they promoted Lucky_One instead of Monster. I do not like that song, even when its live.

6). BTS-Fire: I reviewed Save Me but I never got a chance to talk about Fire. I do love Fire because it’s mostly a dance video. The dance is amazing, the visuals are amazing, I just don’t like the song. It’s not as good as Dope, but its good enough for me to include it in the list.

5). Luna-Free Somebody: Talk about solos I’ve waited years for, SM finally gave Luna a solo and its the best solo debut from SM in 2016. Free Somebody is basically Luna as BoA 2.0 and I like it. I like the disco-feel of the M/V and the animation segements is weird and awesome. I do love Luna’s other songs such as Medicine, but its nothing compared to the title track. And it sounds amazing live. Now, all I need is that Krystal solo and I’ll be set.

4). SISTAR_I Like That: This M/V just came out today and I’m going to give my full thoughts on it my next K-Pop review, but overall, I like this song. I mean that bow thing is incredible, its my favorite part of the whole dance and I’m sure it probably took them a long time to master that.

3). AOA-Still Falls the Rain: I absolutely love this song, I heard on AOA’s latest Japanese album, Ai Wo Choudai and its a beautiful song. And I love Jimin’s rap, just like I do in every one of her songs. I blame Unpretty Rapstar.

2). EXID-L.I.E: This was the song that won summer for me so far, the dance version of this song is better than the actual M/V. And I like it when they sing it live too, especially when Hani sings “Go to Hell” in that cute voice. Probably one of best K-Pop lines of 2016 (so far).

1). Tiffany ft. Simon D (Simon Dominic)-Heartbreak Hotel: The fact that I actually like this song is shocking, especially after I Just Wanna Dance, but I’m going to give the girl her justice, this is a good song. Man if Simon D wasn’t in this song, then I probably wouldn’t have liked it so much–I love Simon D. So good job, Tiffany.

Final Thoughts:

Well guys, that’s it for the first half of my K-Pop Summer 2016 Collection, my second half won’t come until the end of the summer. So like late-July to mid-August. Probably sometime after my birthday. I’m going to get started on my SISTAR review now, so until next time, my name is KrisSimsters and Stay Golden, guys.

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