Kris Reviews K-Pop #13: SISTAR_I Like That

Welcome back, Ladies

Hey guys, its your girl, KrisSimsters and its been a year, but close to the day when SISTAR released their 2015 anthem, Shake It and its been two years since they released their 2014 anthem Touch My Body. A lot has happened since last year, SISTAR’s leader–and Queen B–Hyolyn went on Unpretty Rapstar II and while she didn’t win, she did have her dominiating moments with her rapping. If we’re going to be honest, she’s better than Bora–SISTAR’s main rapper–but Bora needs a job so she can’t take over. I’m joking, STAR1s, please don’t kill me. Long story short, SISTAR is back and I’m ready to talk about their song, so lets talk about it, shall we?

SISTAR_I Like That M/V. Views: 462,593 (So Far). Likes: 59,285 (S0 Far).

Dance & M/V:

I love this dance and the M/V looks like something that came out of Tumblr. I know I talked shit about Tiffany’s M/V looking like it was filmed on Instagram filters, but this style works for SISTAR. And the dance is one of the best dances I’ve seen from a female girl group since Luna’s solo debut not that long ago. Especially the scarf thing:


You might think that I’m easily impressed and who knows, I might actually be, but that is a damn good move and I swear, I’ll scream if it gets removed during their promotions. Please keep in this move. The costumes aren’t that bad either, besides seeing them in their teaser outfits, I also like their other outfits shown throughout the M/V, especially Soyou in her white dress on the bed of rose petals:


And Dasom’s beauty in lantern room:


No but seriously, did you know that Dasom and Bora was a thing? Lets start shipping that, I’m totally up for that. No but seriously, this is a good M/V and I loved the dance behind it. And Hyolyn looks sexy as always, that’s why she’s my biased.

The Song:

I was honestly wondering why it took me a few tries to get into this song when I realized my problem, I wasn’t wearing headphones. Yeah, this is the type of song that you’ll need your headphones if you want to hear all the beats and get really attached to this song. The song isn’t bad, the beat is amazing and I love the lyrics, but I honestly think there’s something off about this song. Like it doesn’t really suit them. I haven’t gotten around to the rest of the album, but knowing me, I know that there’ll probably be a song that I love just more than this. I haven’t heard the live version of it yet, so I’m not going to completely judge this song. I’m really excited for this showcase because I can’t wait to hear their other songs…and part of me wonders if they’ll sing Shake It as a way to say goodbye to summer 2015.

Final Thoughts:

I honestly thought this was Hyolyn’s back at first…

I loved this song the moment I put my headphones on, it was like it became much clearer. But don’t get me wrong, the actual M/V was actually good and well worth the yearlong break. I can’t wait for their showcase and I can’t wait to hear them promote. And I’m glad that summer can actually begin now. Just kinda wish that AOA can return so I can the two groups perform live, it’s always an aesthetic for me to watch them together. At least there’s MAMA later on in the year. Until next time, my name is KrisSimsters and Stay Golden. Also, this song is included in part one of my Summer K-Pop Collection, so be sure to check the list out and see if any of your favorites are on my list.

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