Rigby’s Graduation Day: Regular Show 07×38 & 07×39 Recap

It’s Rigby’s Graduation Day!!

Hey guys, its your girl, KrisSimsters and I’m doing a special recap on Regular Show. This is probably my third favorite show on Cartoon Network–The Amazing World of Gumball and We Bare Bears are ahead of them and I want to talk about them one day–and I guess since its Rigby’s Graduation Day, I should probably talk about it. This is also the 7th season finale, so I’m going to decide whether or not I want to talk about this show once season eight rolls around. Hopefully, it’s not cancelled by then. Before we jump into it though, I’m happy to announce that after months of searching, I’ve finally landed a job. Its part-time so the changes to this blog won’t be real deep and I’ll probably make a mini update on Wednesday to talk more about it. But for now, lets focus on this recap, shall we?

Regular Show: Rigby’s Graduation Day Special:

Congrats, Rigby

The episode starts out with everybody being happy about Rigby graduating high school and as we later find out in the episode, Eileen is graduating from college. Why couldn’t this episode be about both Rigby and Eileen? Why just Rigby? It’s not that I don’t hate Rigby, but graduating from college is a bigger deal than graduating from high school. Anyway, Rigby and Mordecai are chilling out on the roof when Rigby gets a call from Principal Dean, who wants him in his office immediately. Also, the Dome scientist are packing up their stuff, finally leaving, but things are sketchy between Mr. Mallard and Dr. Langer–the head scientist and with the way the episode is going, I feel like kicking them both into Korea.

With the scientist’s jobs done, Benson thinks this is a great time to finally ask out Pam, the scientist he fell in love with back in Pam I Am. Since Benson’s B-plot is only a few minutes long, Benson goes looking for Pam, he finds her and asks her to come to Rigby’s Graduation party. Pam says yes, and that’s all I’m saying, for now. Back to Rigby.

Rigby goes to the high school, where Principal Dean tells him that he’s been selected to appear on Inspire America because while a lot of people drop out of high school, not many come back. But Rigby came back and he’s graduating. But those people who drop out also decides to get their GED, but its Regular Show, so I’m not questioning it. But I will question all this fanfare. Again, Eileen is graduating college and she doesn’t get enough screen time in this episode, except at the end, which I will talk about later.

Rigby tests out his graduation speech on Eileen, Margaret, and Mordecai, but Mordecai is in his jealous state to care at the moment. Rigby’s speech sucks–of course–and needs more work. Meanwhile, Mordecai is still in his jealous mood, but it gets even worse when he has to drive all the way out-of-town to get a special drink Rigby likes. Muscle Man and Hi Five explain that since Mordecai is Rigby’s best friend, this should be just as a big of a deal to Mordecai than it is to Rigby. And I agree with them, mainly because Mordecai and Rigy are assholes to each other. Whenever something important happens to one of them, the other acts like an asshole and they have to learn a lesson or something like that. The Regular Show Movie explains this in full.

Mordecai’s out on the road when Rigby calls him, he’s still freaking out about his graduation speech. Mordecai tells Rigby that since he’s so smart now, he can figure it out by listening to sad songs and proceeds to hang up, leaving Rigby stunned. After this amazing song plays:

Rigby has a dream about giving his speech in a banana suit riding a segway and calls Mordecai, who has finally gotten the special soda and has fixed the broken tire from his drive to the outlet store. He tells Rigby that he wont’ help and he has to do things on his own. When Rigby says that he’s been doing things for himself all Spring and now that he’s needs Mordecai, Mordecai won’t help. Mordecai decides that he won’t do anything for Rigby and hangs up on her, throwing the Coffini out the window.

At Rigby’s Graduation, Benson’s gushing about Pam and Rigby’s Dad wonders why he had to put on a suit and tie. Even Margaret is here and Eileen’s tuning in via Regular Show Skype, which is better than real-time Skype. Again, nobody shows up at Eileen’s Graduation, even though college is a bigger accomplishment than high school. It doesn’t matter if your going back to high school after dropping out, at least Margaret should have been there, considering she’s her roommate and best friend. And Eileen’s Valedictorian!! I’ll get to my thoughts about this after I’m done with this recap.

Inspire America is starting and Rigby makes a Grand Entrance by falling out of Frank’s–Margaret’s Dad–news helicopter. Rigby tries to give his speech, but freaks out and needs a moment to himself, letting Principal Dean take over for him. Honestly, Rigby’s first attempt at his speech was truly cringeworthy. And since I don’t drink during the day, it was hard for me to watch. Backstage, Rigby’s freaking out and sees that Mordecai has come back with the special soda. They have a heart to heart and I personally want to scream because this is basically Mordecai and Rigby’s friendship in a nutshell. One of them does something great, the other one gets made, they have an argument, and then they apologize like nothing happened. Mordecai and Rigby are either toxic to each other or their dicks. Anyway, Mordecai encourages Rigby to go back out there and we get my favorite part of the episode, Rigby’s speech:

This is a good speech and the episode could have ended right here, but we got another six minutes left and the Park employees Dome pagers go off. They have to go back to the Park. And I’m kinda glad Muscle Man didn’t have the chance to a “My Mom” joke. I think that one would have been a little too inappropriate. Mordecai has to grab Rigby from the podium and this is probably the best Graduation Picture ever:

Best Picture Ever

After rushing back to the Park, Benson gets a message to finally push the button. This moment is tense because not only does the order tell them to push the button, but all their friends and Rigby’s family is coming back from the Graduation party. So they push the button together, ready to tackle anything. And honestly, I love this moment too:

The End of it All

I just hate the moment that follows it. So the Park employees push the button and just as their family and friends come by, ready to party, the Dome does not disappear. The Dome uproots itself from the ground, and with the Park attached to it, goes into the sky, leaving everybody behind. This is truly sad, especially when you see everybody from past episodes looking, including Thomas, who probably had something to do with this because he’s watching from a submarine. The Dome continues to move upward into the sky, eventually taking them into space where they finally stop in front of the moon. And what makes this truly heartbreaking…

Oh no, they’ve dragged poor Eileen into this, didn’t they?

Eileen’s with them. And with that, the Dome floats out into space, leaving the show on a cliffhanger.

Final Thoughts:

Oddly enough,I have some things I need to get off my chest, so lets handle this one thing at a time.

  • This Damn Dome: I hate this dome arc, it feels like its dragging along. And now that their in space, it makes matters worst for me. And I hate how Eileen got dragged into this. This dome just sucks and I want this arc to be over for good. And it’s not the dome itself I’m mad at, I’m mad at Dr. Langer. I know that Regular Show isn’t supposed to be like your everyday kind of Western Animation, but this is going too far. Separating them from family and friends for some stupid mission is going too far. Any why did Mr. Mallard go along with this, knowing that he probably won’t get to see his son ever again? I expect a riot in season eight.
  • Eileen: If I felt sorry for any character during this finale, its Eileen. First of all, since we don’t know much about her family, absolutely nobody turned up for her graduation. Even her supposed best friend, Margaret didn’t show up and that’s saying something. Why have two graduation events going on at the same time? And Eileen was at the top of her class, nobody was there to see her accomplishments. I feel like Eileen going to space with them is JG Quintel’s way of making her seem important. But if that was the case, then why didn’t Margaret go too? Because it wasn’t a Mordecai plot? Speaking of Mordecai?
  • Mordecai and Rigby’s Friendship: Mordecai and Rigby have a lot of friendship problems in this series, but this episode made Mordecai’s problems feel forced. I want to say that the Regular Show movie has some part to play in this, but I don’t know if it’s actually cannon to the actual plot. I want to say it is because if it wasn’t for Rigby, then Mordecai wouldn’t be at the Park to begin with. Honestly Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost are better friends than Mordecai and Rigby.

Despite how I feel about certain things towards this finale, overall it was a good finale. Especially when I had to re-watch it for this recap. I liked how the episode began and ended with the dandelion petal and I actually liked the graduation, especially Rigby’s speech. Here Comes a Regular is a good song and I might actually listen to it more often. While I still hate the Dome, I want to see where this is going with them being in space next season. If JP Quintel went balls out for this finale, he better not half-ass it when the season premiere comes around. And I don’t want to wait till next year for this to continue, I’d rather see it at least by late October-early November. With that, this is where my recap ends. Sorry it took me an extra day to get it out, but apparently I hate a lot on my chest. Until next time, my name is KrisSimsters and Stay Golden.

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  1. Hi. I have a grammar correction: In the sentence,

    “Meanwhile, Mordecai is still in his jealous mood, but it gets even worst”

    you want tp use the comparative form “worse”. You make this mistake elsewhere in your post.


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