Special Top Tens (20): My Favorite Personal Episodes

Whether it Made You Happy or Sad…These are my Favorite Personal Episodes

Hey guys, its your girl KrisSimsters and today’s a special list. In all the shows I’ve invested in over the years, I’ve always wondered about the episodes that touched me the most. They don’t have to be the saddest ones or the happiest ones, but they have to be ones that touched me the most. Also, this is probably going to be the only time I talk about Western Animation and Live-Action. If I ever get around to it, I’ll put up a list of all my favorite live-action/reality shows, but for now, lets focus on these personal episodes, shall we? And, of course, there are some rules before we get into it.

  • ALL EPISODES ARE AVAILABLE ONLINE!! (I do not know if their all available on Netflix or Hulu, but I know that you can find them somewhere. (Please be legal.)
  • MY LIST, MY OPINION!! (If your favorite episode isn’t on the list, I’m sorry about that but its my list so we all might not agree).
  • SOME SERIES WILL BE NAMED MORE THAN ONCE!! (Multiple episodes from the same series touched me, so you might see more than one episode on this list).
  • BE NICE IN THE COMMENTS!! (Please be nice, I’m nice with you so you be nice with me).
  • I’LL TRY AND BE AS SPOILER-FREE AS POSSIBLE!! (Most of these are old though, but I’ll try to be spoiler-free).
  • THERE IS NO ORDER!! (Just because I’l listing these episodes from 20-1, I’m not going to put these episodes in a specific order).

Alright then, let’s get started with this list, shall we?

Top Tens (20): My Favorite Personal Episodes:

Hey Arnold-Pigeon Man

20). Hey Arnold! Pigeon Man (01x14b): Man, we are starting this list off right, aren’t we? Pigeon Man wasn’t the episode I expected but once I had it, I loved it, especially with the ending. The episode starts with Arnold’s pigeon, Chester getting sick, so its recommended to take him to the Pigeon Man. After an urban legend from Gerald, Arnold takes Chester to Pigeon Man and realizes that he’s nothing more than a hermit who prefers to live with pigeons instead of society. Pigeon Man tells Arnold to leave Chester with him overnight and come get him the next day. When he arrives the next day, Chester is healed with instructions from Pigeon Man on how to take care of him with special berries. Arnold wants to take him out for pizza as a token of thanks and while they chat; Harold, Stinky, and Joey go to Pigeon Man’s home and destroy it. When Arnold and Pigeon Man return to the destroyed home, Pigeon Man is disappointed in humans and decides to leave with his pigeons. He jumps off the roof, using his pigeons as a parachute and floats away. The last thing he says to Arnold is:

-“Remember Arnold, always remember to wash your berries before you eat them…And fly towards the sun.”

A Lesson in Tightropes

19). As Told by Ginger: A Lesson in Tightropes (03×14): This was the episode that made me hate Darren Patterson, especially when compared to its series finale The Wedding Chair when Darren and Ginger presumably gets back together between the final scene and the epilogue. Speaking as a woman, your first heartbreak hurts. When I had my first breakup, I was twelve but it didn’t affect me because we were in middle school and decided to stay friends because we were in middle school. My first heartbreak happened years later, when I realized that I liked somebody special, but I also realized that I could never have this person because this person was already dating somebody else.

That hurt a lot and it still hurts–and yes, I’m comparing this episode to The Wedding Frame because the two go hand in hand–but I haven’t been able to completely found somebody to like, let alone love. I actually find Ginger foolish go get back together with Darren. And lets not forget why he broke up with up with her, because the other woman–Simon–was easier. So if Ginger was harder, then why did you get back together with her? And Ginger, why did you accept Darren back? He cheated on you, even if he gets a point in finally telling you about it–after Dodie catches him in the act!! This episode is personal to me because it dealt with my first breakup/heartbreak, but when you compare it to the series finale, you can see why it’s on the bottom of this list (even if this list has no actual rating).

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: The Last Roundup

18). My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: The Last Roundup (02×14): I talked about this episode in my Top Tens for season two of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and while I still don’t think its a good episode, its personal to me because it has a good reasoning behind it. The episode talks about AJ unwilling to come home because she basically made a promise that she couldn’t keep. The promise was that she was going to win blue ribbons at a rodeo in Canterlot so her winnings could be used to fix some damages at City Hall (bless Derpy). When AJ doesn’t return home, the rest of the Mane 6 go looking for her.

(A/N: I remember watching Commander Firebrand make his Personal Episodes list–in fact, he kind of gave me inspiration to write this out–and we have a few personal episodes in common, you’ll see them on this list. Anyway, Commander Firebrand talks about this episode because of AJ’s lying. I’m going talk about this episode because of the broken promise and the lying).

I know I harp–a lot–on Applejack lying, but this is the probably one of the only time I can honestly accept it (the other time being when she’s under Discord disharmony spell) because until she told the others, she held on to the fact that she couldn’t win. She made a promise that she couldn’t fulfill and because of that, she refused to come home without earning something and I’ve been there. There have been promises that I couldn’t–and still can’t–successfully fulfill and because of that, I have to lie to make sure nobody knows how I really feel.

And this hurts even more seeing my Mom go through this because even though she tries her best, sometimes its just not enough. We both have been there and even though family has helped us when they can, we still get berated and while I can take it, my Mom can’t, but I can’t say anything to defend her because if we’re getting help, then we need to take the beating. And it doesn’t have to be like that, but in my family it does because my family is filled with very prideful people–including me. So I know how Applejack felt in this episode, but I still don’t like this actual episode.

South Park: Tweek x Craig

17). South Park: Tweek x Craig (19×06): I still don’t know how I feel about this episode. While as somebody who’s bisexual, I love this episode, but since this is South Park, I don’t know if Matt and Trey are still joking about this or if they are actually serious. If they are actually serious about this, then good for them. Even though these boys act like their in their late-twenties, they are still ten and they are still in the fourth grade (even if I am hoping for them to finally move on to the fifth grade and be a little bit older). If Matt and Trey are actually being serious about Tweek x Craig then the one thing I can actually say about this episode is never be afraid of coming out. Even though I’m bisexual, it’s still hard for me to actually say to people other than closer friends and family because I’m afraid they’ll say, “Bisexuality isn’t a choice. Its either your straight or you’re a lesbian,” and the finale of Korra disproved that finale because Korra and Asami dated a guy (the same guy) before officially declaring themselves as a couple in those final moments of the series. Bisexuality exists and never be afraid of coming out.

Rugrats: Mother’s Day

16). Rugrats: Mother’s Day (Season Four): Oh get ready to play some Cyndi Lauper because I’m sure you knew that this tearjerker would somehow make the list. And I might as well add Rugrats in Paris as part of this entry too because this episode and that movie go hand in hand. In fact, I bet if you watch them back to back, then you would cry until you had nothing left in you. Because that’s what I did. And this episode deals with me personally too because I recently had a death in the family and I remember when I first heard about it, played this song and cried for a long time. Death can happen at any time, whether you predict it or not. Whether your children are young or old. Whether you are young or old. So here’s what I want you to do, watch this episode and appreciate your family members more, give your Mom/or Dad a call/or hug. Just give them love and remember Chuckie.

Arthur: April 9th

15). Arthur: April 9th (07×10): This was the episode…the episode that made me love Arthur again. This is in fact my favorite Arthur episode. When I heard that Arhtur was going to make an episode in response to the 9/11 attacks, I wondered how they were going to do it because 9/11 was over a year old at the time, it still hurts a lot of people to even talk about it now. One of the main things I love most about this episode is the reactions of the aftermath; Arthur is now afraid of his Dad leaving in fear that he might die, Sue Ellen is dealing with the loss of her precious diary, Binky is now afraid of flames after just one look, and Buster just feels left out because he slept through everything. This episode made me cry, it was a good episode.

Though I wasn’t personally there during 9/11, I could remember how upset all my teachers were while watching it happen in elementary school. I could remember going down to the school library and sitting around the TV with kids from other classes, watching the Twin Towers fall on the news. I could remember that my teachers sent us home early because they were fearful that something might happen to us. Even though us as kids were excited to go home early, we were also scared. When I got home, the memory of my Mom and my Grandma hugging me tighter than normal is still fresh in my mind. Thinking about 9/11 is something that nobody wants to think about, so just imagine something smaller such as April 9th feels. The only thing we can all do is overcome it.

Degrassi: The Next Generation: Time Stands Still

14). Degrassi: The Next Generation: Time Stands Still (04×07-04×08): I know I said that I would be talking about only Western Animation, but this episode kept nagging me so I needed to add it. It even wants me to do a Degrassi: The Next Generation Top Tens one day and I just might because I was a huge fan girl when it came to watching Degrassi: The Next Generation episodes. This one is probably the greatest episode ever aired from the series. In a way, I’m glad that nobody attacked my middle school and my high school while I was still in school, but this episode made me think. Mostly of how the aftermath would be if something like this had happened. What if my best friend got shot, how could I deal with that? These two episodes brought up questions that made me think while I was in high school and even after I got out. If you ever decide to watch Degrassi: The Next Generation, then start off with this episode.

The Simpsons: Mother Simpson

13). The Simpsons: Mother Simpson (07×18): What would you do if your mother left you when you were a kid? And if your mother did leave you, then I’m sorry. I wasn’t trying to offend you. This was an older Simpsons episode and even though I don’t love the classic animation as much as I used too–if I remember that it’s on then I’ll still watch it–but I do love the classics such as Lisa’s SubstituteHomer Badman, Marge vs. the Monorail, and of course Mother Simpson. Its moments like this that makes me love Homer, especially the ending. I’ve seen that ending so many times, I still cry. This is a really good episode and one of my favorites.

The Boondocks: The Passion of Reverend Ruckus

12). The Boondocks: The Passion of Reverend Ruckus (01×15): Have you ever felt so down that everything bad keeps happening to you that you have no other choice but to pray? Even if you don’t believe in God? Huey Freeman praying was probably one of the most beautiful and saddest moments in Boondocks history. Especially given on how crappy the world is now, I bet there’s somebody who’s out there every night, praying for everything bad in the world to end. And that’s all we want in the end, isn’t it? Peace. This is a beautiful episode, a lot of the Boondocks episodes were beautiful, it just met an unfortunate end.

Gravity Falls: Dipper and Mabel vs. The Future

11) Gravity Falls: Dipper and Mabel vs. The Future (02×17): While the ending of this particular episode is still up to debate–seriously though, why wasn’t that last scene brought up during the finale. Surely they would want to know why Weirdmageddon happened to being with–I put this episode on my list because I understood how Mabel felt about the possibility of Dipper wanting to stay with Ford instead of going back home with her. Change is something nobody can get used too, especially not right away, but I’m not going to lie when I say that this particular episode isn’t on my favorite Gravity Falls list because of the ending.

The Rugrats Movie (1998)

10). The Rugrats Movie (1998): I loved watching this movie when I was younger–and now–but one of the things I never really got was the scene when Tommy was about to let the monkeys eat Dil!! I always thought that Tommy was just going to dump the food on Dil, but I never thought of Tommy killing him. When I saw this movie again years later and saw this moment, it was at this moment that I decided that the movies were better than the actual series. This scene is extremely powerful, even the monkeys were scared. Even thinking about it now is making me cry.

As Told by Ginger: I Spy a Witch

9). As Told by Ginger: I Spy a Witch (01×13): Have you ever gotten framed for something? Well, if you have, then don’t take the As Told by Ginger-route, which is innocently accept the crime, even though you know you’ve been wronged. This was the episode that made me realize how easy Ginger was, which is probably why Miranda hated her all the time. I’m not saying asking for help is wrong, it’s not. What I’m saying is that don’t let your friends–or brother’s dead friend’s ghost–do your job for you. Ginger was going to happily accept the suspesion, even though she’s the MC and Mary-Sue of this series. And that’s why I put this episode on this list, always have a backbone, especially when you know that you’ve been wronged. Also, I like this song.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Amending Fences

8). My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Amending Fences (05×12): I talked about this episode in my MLP Top Tens for season five and this episode shares the #1 spot with Crusaders of the Lost Mark, but my thoughts on this episode is still true: you don’t know that you really need htis episode until after the episode is over. Reconnecting with old friends is hard, it especially depends on how you leave things, and it also depends on if you write to them or not while your gone. This is still a good episode.

Hey Arnold!: Helga on the Couch

7). Hey Arnold!: Helga on the Couch (04×78): Helga on the Couch would probably speak to you the way it spoke to me when I was younger. It was produced as a way to show kids why Helga was Helga. Why she was in love with Arnold and why she hates her family–especially Olga. And while hints were given throughout the series, this episode confirmed everything. Having a father who only cared about success more than family and having a mother who drank a “smoothie” at least more than twice a day would probably make you act out. But when your older sister is an overachiever and your father only cares about her, totally neglecting you…it explains a lot. Because I had sisters–though they weren’t as overachievers as Olga–I understood why Helga possibly hated the overachiever. And honestly I would too. Even if Helga did confess her love to Arnold at the end of the Hey Arnold! movie, I still find Helga’s “love” for Arnold stalker-ish. That doesn’t mean I hate Helga, I love Helga…its just that now that I’m older, I honestly wished she toned things down some.

Teen Titans Go!: 40% 40% 20%

6). Teen Titans Go!: 40% 40% 20% (03×10): Part of me cannot believe I’m including this episode on my list. I’ve ready gushed about it on its own review, so I won’t say much about it. I still call it the best episode Teen Titans Go! has ever had and I honestly don’t think their going to make another episode just as good as this one. And yes, I’m still listening to The Night Beings to Shine.

Degrassi: The Next Generation: Shout

5). Degrassi: The Next Generation: Shout (02×07-20×08): Whenever I watched Degrassi: The Next Generation in my teens, I always wondered why Paige was one of the huge magnets for bad situations. Honestly, despite Paige being bitchy a lot of the times, I actually liked her. She had her good moments and her bad moments, but this was one of her greater moments. After getting raped, Paige has a hard time coping with what has happened to her and blaming it on herself. She decides to ignore the problem by getting her old band, PMS, back together for a competition. She asks Ashley to write lyrics that are real, but when Ashley writes lyrics about rape…it infuriates Paige. When Ashley asks Paige why they won’t use her lyrics, Paige breaks down and tells Ashley that she was raped by Dean. Ashley says she’s sorry and says that they can use her old lyrics. On the day of the competition, Paige sees Dean and confronts her rapist:

It was that moment that Paige became my spirit animal.

Braceface: Grey Matters

4). Braceface: Grey Matters (02×11): Man this episode. I watched some of Braceface when I was younger–at least part of the first season–but I still can’t believe that Braceface did a race and abuse episode. So after some serious searching–it honestly took me about fifteen minutes–and I watched the episode. The episode itself was good. I forget how grating Sharon’s voice was and I had to sit through 22 minutes of that, but yeah the episode was good. And Cloud wasn’t even that verbally abusive–its 2002 and its a tween series–but it was really typical to see how he was acting. As for Sharon’s Grampy, he wasn’t racist. If anything, he was stereotyping. But yes, both are bad and the episodes addresses the issue in a good way.

The Simpsons: Lisa’s Substitute

3). The Simpsons: Lisa’s Substitute (02×19): Another Simpsons classic I absolutely love because it’s a Homer/Lisa episode. I loved these Homer/Lisa episodes, especially since my relationship with my Dad isn’t the greatest. Yeah, its good and I love seeing him whenever I can, but there were moments I were mad at him and he was mad at me. So I understand why Lisa used Mr. Bergstrom as not only her substitute teacher, but also her substitute father. And the ending is heart-wrenching too, but it provides another layer in Homer and Lisa’s relationship, something I’m honestly up for anytime. Especially in the newer seasons…it’ll probably make me watch them more often.

Hey Arnold!: Parents’ Day & The Journal

Hey Arnold: Parents’ Day & The Journal (05×06 & 05×19-05×20): One of the things I loved about Hey Arnold! was learning about Arnold’s parents. And while I feel like these episodes aren’t fully answered–I cannot wait for the TV movies to come out next year, do not fuck this up Nickelodeon–I can say that these episodes continue to make me cry the more I look at them. These episodes are awesome and I highly recommend you watching them. Mainly because I’m not spoiling the ending.

And now for my #1 Personal Favorite episode!!

The Amazing World of Gumball: The Shell

1). The Amazing World of Gumball: The Shell (03×20): OMG I never thought I would be a fan of this show, but then The Shell came on it blew my mind with how beautiful it was. This episode is a take on my favorite book Romeo & Juliet and my least favorite Disney movie Beauty and the Beast and its honestly paired well. I loved everything about this episode, this episode made me laugh and it made me cry. If you haven’t seen this episode and your watching Gumball after this episode, then stop what you’re doing and go watch this episode. Even talking about this episode could possibly spoil it, so I’m not going to spoil it. You’ll just have to watch it for yourself.

Final Thoughts:

Yeah, this list took me a long time to create and I loved making it. Things like this will make me feel more connected with you. I hope you guys enjoy this list and until next time, my name is KrisSimsters and Stay Golden.

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