My New Wand & Ludo in the Wild: Star vs. the Forces of Evil Recap, (02×01)

We’re back for season two!!

Hey guys, its your girl, KrisSimsters and I’m going to review something a little more new. And by new, I mean Disney XD’s Star vs. the Forces of Evil. I honestly love this show, its a show that shocked me last year. I thought it was stupid, but the first episode proved me wrong. The First Episode. And yes, I’m a huge Starco shipper, so the teaser made me more anxious for the new season to start. Also, I’ve decided to recap this season, but when I start working these recaps will come much later. Thank goodness for DVR. Anyway, lets get this recap shall we?

Dip Down

Star vs. the Forces of Evil: My New Wand (201A):

The first episode of the season starts off with Star recapping the events of the season finale (I still can’t get over that) while Marco’s in the shower. We see that Star has a fan and I know she’s going to be important later on in the season. Anyway, as Star and Marco are heading back to their rooms, Star’s new want starts acting weird and locks itself in Star’s closet along with Marco.The door is hard to open from either end and it turns out to be Star’s secrets closet and since she locks that with her wand, she won’t be able to get the door unlocked without it. And then we get a visit from my favorite little blue creature, Glossaryck. He gives Star and Marco instructions of how to open the door without the wand: Marco has to find Star’s secret and Star can the door open without her wand. Which means she has to “Dip Down” and that’s going to be my favorite thing to say for a while.

While Star and Marco are doing their respective duties, Glossaryck takes a look at the new wand. When Star gets confused about Dipping Down, she decides to call her Mom on her mirror phone, who tells her to it her everything. Of course she gets a wrong idea. Marco’s method involves sorting everything that isn’t secret to things that could possibly be secrets. Glossaryck decides to look closer into the wand, opening its center and seeing its unicorn power crazed. When Marco and Star’s attempts of opening the door doesn’t work (Star thrawts Marco’s progress), the resigns hope until Marco discovers Star’s diary, which is the secret.


When Marco gets to a chapter of the diary called: My Thoughts on Marco, Star is finally able to Dip Down and unlocks the door. Glossaryck returns with the spell book and wand and tells Star to try it out. The result is everything being covered in green magical discharge and a new tower, which Glossaryck claims.

Ludo’s Journey

Star vs. the Forces of Evil: Ludo in the Wild (201B):

The episode begins with the events of last season with Ludo seeing his castle get destroyed and then Star throwing him into another dimension. On Day 1, Ludo is still adrift into an expanding infinity that is going nowhere. And he’s also hungry and alone. When he sees a bag of Gold’n Crispz, he tries to reach for it but ultimately fails. He is then hurtled into a portal via a ball of green light, landing in the forest where its raining. After being thrown out of a bird’s nest, Ludo repeats the cycle of him falling into the mud and being carried away, this time his bottom shell is removed, showing his dirty diaper.

The eagle grabs Ludo and drops him again, this time he lands in the web of a giant spider. When the spider comes back after a snowfall, he starts devouring Ludo, but stops after he doesn’t like the taste. So while the spider devours on the other victims of his web, Ludo eats the leftovers. When he asks for more, the spider knocks him out. Ludo wakes up on Day 37, the snow has fallen deeper and his beard has grown longer. The spider leaves the nest for more food.

Ludo follows the spider and learns how to survive by using the techniques he picks up from the spider. This eventually gets Ludo food…at least half of it seeing as how the spider eats the other half. Ludo sees the bag of Gold’n Crispz and tries going after it, but the spider beats him to it and as it leaves, Ludo gets serious. This leads to a very epic showdown between Ludo and the spider and Ludo actually wins. He lands on top of the spider and grabs the bag of chips that the spider wrapped up before the battle started. As he’s eating, Ludo sees the spider eating the crumbs and Ludo decides to make the spider his new pet.

On Day 65, Ludo has achieved survival as he uses the bag as his new clothing and he uses his spider pet as means of transportation. Together, Ludo and the spider gather food, but this time the roles are reversed. When Ludo hears the eagle screeching, he declares his second vow of revenge. He captures the eagle in the spider’s web. On Day 90, Ludo and the spider have the eagle captured. The three are feasting when Ludo sees Star and he immediately goes after her, using the spider and the eagle to his advantage.

When Ludo thinks he has Star, he realizes that its all in his imagination. But he does find the source of the green light and what exactly is the green light? The other half of Star’s wand that is covered by a hand with a middle bone missing.


This is important because remember who was missing a finger in the end of season one. Toffee. And its at this moment that Ludo finds out that he’s on Mewni and he’s been on Mewni the entire time. And this starts Day 1 of Ludo’s revenge.

Final Thoughts:

The Magic Key

Wow, both of those episodes were good and I do mean really good. Going into this, I thought that My New Wand would be my favorite episode, but Ludo in the Wild is much better because it gave me something I’ve wanted for a while, Ludo character development. Everybody got developed last season except for Ludo and now I’m going to wonder if him surviving on his own will actually be used when he starts his revenge plan against Star. Speaking of Star, do you think Marco read the My Thoughts About Marco chapter or not? Part of me wonders that he might have skimmed it before Star opened the lock, but I’m not too sure. And now the big question: Is Toffee Dead? I hope not. If anything, I hope he lost his hand in the destruction.

And it makes me wonder if the wand started acting weird the moment Ludo found it, especially if the events of Ludo in the Wild happened around the same time as My New Wand. I expect a good Ludo vs. Star showdown in the future. Overall, this was a good season premiere. Way better than season six of MLP. Speaking of MLP, new episodes of that will be starting up on the 30th, but hopefully I won’t be working by then so I can at least get the first episode out. For this blog, though, I’m going to be focusing on recap because I’m getting overloaded again. So until next Monday, my name is KrisSimsters and Stay Golden.

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