Mr. Candle Cares & Red Belt: Star vs. the Forces of Evil Recap, (02×02)

Yay!! Tom’s Back!!

Hey guys, its your girl, KrisSimsters and I’m going to be honest, I almost forgot about this show coming on at 10:3o in the morning. I was not paying attention to the time when I got up this morning and once again, I thank my DVR for existing or who knows what I would do. Anyway, we’re back with week two of Star vs. the Forces of Evil and thank you so much for your love of my recap last week. I love making you guys happy, so lets see if I can do it for two weeks, shall we?

I hate Guidance Counselor Day

Star vs. the Forces of Evil: Mr. Candle Cares (202A):

The episode starts out with the kids of Echo Creek signing up for career day, given by their guidance counselor, Mr. Candle. Star is excited as she’s called next into the guidance counselor’s office and he tells her that she’s going to grow up to be the Queen of Mewni. How does he even know about Mewni? I’m sure that not many people know about Mewni…maybe I’m putting too much thought into this, I’m not sure. He tells her that her future’s set in stone and Star isn’t that happy. He then asks her if she’s dating and yeah, things are getting weird now. Mr. Candle is getting more and more creepy with his questions, how does he even know that she possibly has a secret crush on Marco? Anyway, Star leaves the office upset as Marco heads in. We skip to finding out that Marco’s going to be sent to Garbage Island.

Marco follows Mr. Candle into the bathroom and sees that Mr. Candle’s stall is on fire. Marco uses another stall to eavesdrop and finds Mr. Candle talking to Tom. YAY TOM!! Tom is upset because Mr. Candle forget to mention him when he talked to Star. According to Mr. Candle, Starco is canon, so of course I’m rejoicing inside. Seriously, its like:


Tom wants Star back, which explains a lot. And he wants Mr. Candle to stop offering everybody candy. When Mr. Candle heads back in his office, Marco is waiting for him. Since Marco overheard everything, he decides to fool Mr. Candle by pretending he’s in a relationship with Star. He wants to be King of Mewni. And that’s where the whole smooch buddies ploy come in.Yeah, I’m a little sad that Starco isn’t actually confirmed, but I also knew that episode two would be too soon in a new season for confirmed shipping.

I honestly don’t want this series to be another Kim x Ron. OK, what I mean is that So the Drama was supposed to be the series finale, but so many people were excited that Kim and Ron got together that it caused the demand of one more season being made. While I liked the last season, it wasn’t as good as the other seasons. And the actual series finale, Graduation was good, but not as good as So the Drama. It did give me my secret Drakken x Shego secret ship, but that’s about it.

Moving on, the clock cat stops moving, which means that Tom’s watching. Mr. Candle tries to warn him, but Marco keeps on talking. This leads to the clock cat exploding and Tom emerging from a pillar of flames. And with that, Tom kidnaps Marco. Meanwhile, Star is regretting her future. She calls her Mom–yes, more Mother-Daughter communication. Please keep this going!!–and asks her if she’s happy. The queen is curious by what she means and Star asks if she has any waricorns. Her assistant states that she has 19 but just as Mr. Candle says, she doesn’t have time for them. Star decides to rebel and I can’t wait for the result.

Tom is spinning a tied-up Marco on a wheel and Marco states that he knew Tom was listening, that’s why he said he made out with her. He was lying, but Tom was lying as well because he made Star believe that the only thing she’s good for is being queen. Tom stops the wheel and Marco lands in the bucket of water. Tom wants to kill Marco, but Marco’s not up for that. Tom states a battle to the death, but he knows that Marco won’t win so he’ll kill him. But if Marco does win, Tom has to take him home. Tom agrees and the two settle on a game of ping-pong because its Disney in the daytime.

I have to be honest, Star’s rebelling phase is kinda more interesting than ping-pong to the death. She’s wearing a lot of purple and I like it, especially since purple is my favorite color. While we have to continue waiting for Star’s new rebel look, Marco and Tom are still playing ping pong with Tom winning. The two start talking about how Star cheats at ping pong and yeah that reminds me of my sister. They know that their not going to win, Tom not winning Star back and Marco not winning ping pong with Star.


So Tom takes Marco home and I love Star’s new look. I love all the purple and my Mom likes all the purple as well. She is just as nuts about purple as I am. Tom confesses to what he’s done, but even though he confessed, she’s still going to be queen. Lets face reality, if Star’s queen then Mewni’s going to run into the ground. Its better if Star isn’t the future queen of Mewni.

Past and Future

Star vs. the Forces of Evil: Red Belt (202B):

The episode starts out with Marco having a weird dream. He sees a locker and when the locker opens, he sees himself in a black suit. After more visions, Star wakes up Marco, asking for a hammer for her boy band poster. She wants to do things Earth girl-style. Star declares going on a scavenger hunt for the hammer while Marco stares at his green belt. He wants to go for his red belt so he goes to his Sensei. He tells his Sensei that after five years, he’s ready for his red belt so the two start training…Karate Kid style.

Star continues searching for her hammer with the laser puppies following her. The laser puppies are so cute!! Turns out that the Diaz Family does not own a hammer, which is weird considering that if nothing else, a household usually has a hammer, some nails, and a screwdriver. The Diaz decides to do something.

Marco is continuing his training for his red belt, now he’s wiping windows. I wonder if he had to do this for his green belt. Tuns out, his Sensei still lives at home with his Mom. I feel for him since I’m in the same predicament right now. Sensei breaks down and tells him that he never graduated from green belt and that he needs the red belt tape to continue. Marco suggests that they could probably find the red belt tape online. But as they start to search, Sensei gets tired and decides to flirt with women and eat ice cream. When Marco realizes that Sensei doesn’t really want his red belt, he leaves him behind as he continues searching on his own.

Marco bumps into a VHS Depot that sells rare tapes and finally finds the red tape. It costs too much ($2,400) so the owner will give it to him if he beats him in a fight. Turns out the store owner is really buff. The fight is awesome (I love the fight scenes this season) and Sensei comes in to try to work things out with Marco. When Marco says that the owner has the tape, we see that Sensei’s methods actually work. Just like in Karate Kid. The owner gives him the tape.

Star has made a huge mess throughout the Diaz, but Mr. and Mrs. Diaz have come through with their new hammer. They do have to run back to the store for nails, but Star eventually  does gets her poster up. And now she resolves to clean the house the easy way, with magic.

A Point for Marco

Final Thoughts:

Once again, these were good episodes and I loved Mr. Candle Cares more than Red Belt. I don’t have much to say, these episodes were straightforward unlike last week’s. I want this streak of good episodes to continue up until episode ten at least. For now though, I do have to go. When I come back next week, I’ll be one year older!! Give me your birthday wishes and I’ll see you next week. My name is KrisSimsters and Stay Golden!!

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