Stranger Than Fan Fiction: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, 06×13 Recap

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Hey guys, its your girl KrisSimsters and besides the usual Saturday tiredness, I’m back with a new My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic recap, signifying that the hiatus is over after…seven weeks. Seriously though, breaks go on longer than this, especially with MLP. I hope the break after the season finale is longer, I didn’t rest up enough. Before we got any further, for those wondering where my Star vs. the Forces of Evil recap is, that’s coming up either later tonight or tomorrow. I’m really behind this week, I had a lot to do home wise and that’s why stuff is late. For now though, lets talk about Stranger than Fan Fiction, shall we?

Every detail matters

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Stranger Than Fan Fiction Recap:

The episode starts out with Rainbow Dash getting ready for the Ponyville’s version of BronyCon, a Daring Do convention. Twilight wants to go to, but Princess Celestia needs her in Griffinstone so she can’t have fun. The duties of being an alicorn. Rainbow Dash tries not to show her excitement in front of the depressed, tired, and sad Twilight but she can’t help it. Honestly, when I finally get to go to my first convention–whether it be BronyCon, RTX, or Anime Mid-Atlantic–my excitement will last for a long time.

Anyway, Rainbow Dash soon meets Quibble Pants–guest-star Patton Oswalt–and he’s just as much of a Daring Do fan as she is. Quibble Pants and Rainbow are having a good time together, but Rainbow notices something…they’ve only stayed in one area of the convention that describes the first trio of books AK Yearling has released. Rainbow Dash wants to explore more, but Quibble says no. He doesn’t like anything released after the first trio of books, calling the other books fake. This is weird seeing as how Rainbow Dash herself is not only on the cover of one of those books, there’s a likely chance that she’s in it as well, but yeah in his opinion those books are fake.

After getting in an argument with Quibble, Rainbow Dash seeks out AK Yearling herself, who comes in her disguise. When they arrive at Yearling’s room, Rainbow Dash wants her to confront Quibble and tell him that she’s real, but she’s not at the convention to satisfy her pony fans. Again, weird since she is the author of this convention!! The reason AK Yearling is here is because she has an artifact that she’s trying to keep away from Dr. Caballeron and his goons, who are also at the convention. The artifact leads to the real treasure called a Seven-Sided Chest. Since she hasn’t found the actual treasure yet, she and the artifact needs to stay safe. And if she runs into trouble from Caballeron, she can just disguise herself among the Daring Do cosplayers.

Yearling tells Rainbow to keep an eye out for anything suspicious and sadly, Quibble Pants does not count. Back on the floor, Rainbow Dash runs into Quibble Pants again and their bickering manages to get them caught by Caballeron. Caballeron takes them into the jungle, but Quibble still doesn’t believe that this is real. Honestly, this is getting exasperating, but since this is My Little Pony, I can’t drink!! Grr. Rainbow Dash and Quibble escape from Caballeron, but they accidentally lead him to the cave.


Quibble blames Caballeron for the lack of safety of the adventurcation and accidentally steps on some buttons and when his life is in real danger, he finally believes that this is real. The two end up getting saved by Daring Do, and as much as Quibble wants to leave…Daring Do won’t leave without the treasure. With Quibble’s help, they get the treasure and escape from the temple. Caballeron and his goons get chased away by the monster known as Cipactli and Daring Do leads them back to safety before dashing away. Get it…Dashing away? Hehe…OK. We get to the lesson of the episode, which basically *is:

It’s not exactly word from word, but its close enough to the actual lesson.

*Thank you Reddit user, Torvusil for letting me use your comment in my recap. And yes, I like the ending credit of Quibble Pants speaking the entire time. I think he talked all the way back to the convention hall.



Final Thoughts:

I did not hate this episode and I had reason to be skeptical. As much as I like Patton Oswalt, I didn’t know how he would fit in this episode. It turns out I was wrong because he really does play the annoying fan role perfectly. As for the actual episode, this absolutely makes up for Newbie Dash because yeah, that episode wasn’t that great. All in all, it was a good episode and its nice to actually have another Daring Do episode, I hope Daring Do comes back before the finale. The only thing I worry about is that seven people now know who Daring Do actually is. While I know the Mane 6 will probably keep quiet, I’m not so sure about Quibble. Hopefully, he won’t blab, but who knows what will happen in the future. Then again, this is MLP, so I don’t expect him to tell unless Patton Oswalt wants another speaking role on the show. That’s all from me this week guys, I’ll be back next week for next week’s episode. Until then, my name is KrisSimsters and Stay Golden.

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