Kris Reviews K-Pop #14: HyunA-How’s This?

2016-07-31 (1)
It’s HyunA, Bitch

Hey guys, its your girl, KrisSimsters and its been a while since my last K-Pop review. The last one I did was SISTAR’s and then after that, I took a mini break from K-Pop. I celebrated my birthday last Saturday and now I’m slowly coming back into this blog and what better way to come back than with HyunA and her new song, How’s This? I heard it earlier this morning, but I wanted to give it some more time before I decided to review it, mainly because I was trying to figure out if I should review it. I don’t know what’s going on with HyunA and her last two songs, while I liked Roll Deep, I didn’t love and its the same with this one. I mean, if had decided to come out with something as great as Red, then it might have been “the song that saves K-Pop.”

Honestly, I hate that phrase along with, “When will your faves,” because to be honest, none of them are exactly…hitting that mark this year. Well, no that’s wrong, G-Friend is doing an amazing job this year and Monster‘s still my favorite current EXO song, but other than that, this hasn’t been a great year for K-Pop. But for now, lets focus on HyunA. If you haven’t seen the M/V yet (and I suggest you do for your own opinion) then click on the video below:

2016-07-31 (9)
You’ve Already Won if You’re Betting with HyunA

How’s This? Views: 826,922

The Dance & M/V:

There’s no real plot with this M/V, it’s just literally HyunA going to the club and getting into a lot of mischief. I have no problem with this, HyunA herself is a woman who goes beyond the limits when it comes to her M/Vs. Last year, her M/V included her backup dancers on leashes and in Red, she was riding a banana. This M/V alone has drinking, gambling, and getting sprayed in the face with white cream.

Before we go any further, can I just say that in almost every HyunA M/V there has been some kind of white cream? Why is this? Not that I don’t like it, I just want to know why. The Dance in this M/V only came in snippets so I can’t really judge it, but the snippets I did see proved that dance would be very sexy. I do want to see a dance version, I don’t want to wait until her live stage.

The Song:

The song should definitely be heard with headphones on, it seems more controlled. While I do love the beat–I mean the beat is really good–the song in total seems like a huge clusterfuck. I would have liked the song much better if it wasn’t as hyped. This honestly sounds rushed. As if CUBE said, “OK, now that 4MINUTE is gone, we need HyunA to have a come back ASAP.” This song isn’t polished and I hate that because HyunA is a good artist and 4MINUTE was a good group. I haven’t listened to the sidetracks yet, but I’m sure that they probably sound better than this.

Final Thoughts:

2016-07-31 (21)
This Is the Best Moment in the Whole M/V

This was not HyunA’s best work, and that’s saying something after Roll Deep. I still believe that the two-minute Run Run Run, was better than the title track. I will probably listen to the side tracks either tonight or tomorrow. Even though this isn’t HyunA’s best song, it’s not horrible. Lucky One is still horrible and I believe that people who’ll like this song best besides HyunA stans is clubbers. This will be a good song for to play while you’re getting ready to head out for a night of mischief. That’s all for now, I’ll be back soon with another K-Pop review. Until then, my name is KrisSimsters and Stay Golden.

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