Bismuth: Steven Universe Recap (100th Episode Special)

Rose’s Secrets

Hey guys, it’s your girl, KrisSimsters and wow. It’s been almost 24 hours since last night’s episode of Steven Universe…the big one and wow, that episode was intense. I did not plan on reviewing Bismuth, I wanted to do a Top Ten of all the Summer of Steven episodes once they finished up next week and I will still do that, but Bismuth will not be on that list. Not only because the episode is amazing–and it is, it’s truly amazing–but I’ve deemed this episode too powerful to be on my list. It would automatically be the number one episode on my future list, not giving the other good episodes a chance. I don’t want that for the rest of the episodes, so I’m going to talk about Bismuth separately. So without further ado, lets talk about Bismuth shall we?

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Steven Universe: Bismuth Recap:

The episode starts out with Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl encouraging Steven while he’s playing a video game. When Lion starts playing with his stuff, Steven gets annoyed and stops playing. He tells Lion that he’s going to put the shirt in his mane so Lion can no longer reach it. Once inside the mane, he goes to a tree near Rose’s treasures and hangs the shirt on a branch. The tree appears to be unstable and the branch breaks, with Steven landing on the bubbled gem underneath him and cracking it. Afraid, Steven goes back and tells the Gems that he made a mistake. The Gems tell him to go back inside the mane and sees the bubbled gem has broken and has now turned into a strange gem with rainbow hair. After describing her to the other Gems, Garnet tells him to retrieve the mysterious gem.

Steven retrieves the Gem and Pearl and Garnet are ecstatic, mainly Pearl.

Turns out the mysterious Gem’s name is Bismuth and she’s been inside the Bubble for over 5,000 years. Why was she in the bubble of Lion’s pocket? Well that’ll be revealed later. Bismuth asks where Rose is and Steven says that he’s her son, revealing his belly-button gem. Amethyst reveals that there’s something odd about Bismuth, mainly because Rose never mentioned her, so for that reason alone, Amethyst is suspicious. Bismuth then asks if there are any other Crystal Gems, she disappeared before the final war on the Strawberry Battle Field, explaining that the other Crystal Gems were either shattered or corrupted thanks to Homeworld.

With Homeworld’s renewed interest in Earth, Bismuth is ready to fight Homeworld because even though its been at least 5,300 years, it’s only been a few heartbeats for her. She takes them to the Forge, in the heart of an active volcano. Since Bismuth is a metal gem, she mostly made weapons for Homeworld, but when Rose asked her what she wanted to be, Bismuth decided to make weapons for the Crystal Gems. After taking a shower in lava, she gives weapon upgrades to Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst, wiping away Amethyst’s suspicions of Bismuth.

It’s nice being reunited again

After getting new weapons, Bismuth and the Crystal Gems decides to Spar with Steven watching. When Bismuth asks if he wants to jump in, he refuses because it’s too intense for him. He instead introduces her to his methods, which is basically relaxing. This whole scene is adorable and is basically the calm before the storm.

Later that night, Bismuth and Steven start getting to know each other. Steven says that even though he’s Roses’s son, he feels pressured that he has to be like Rose Quartz. Bismuth begins telling Steven her backstory and how she became a Crystal Gem. Bismuth tells Steven that he doesn’t have to be like Rose, he’s different in his own way. She tells him that he should have a weapon of his own, so the two goes back to the Forge.

Bismuth explains that Rose’s sword was for a fair fight, that even though it destroys the body, it doesn’t destroy the actual gem. And yeah that’s great, but Homeworld fights dirty, so she made another weapon, the Breaking Point. The Breaking Point destroys the body and the gem. This also gives conformation that in Same Old World, Bismuth was the one who cracked Lapis’ gem.

Bismuth hands the weapon to Steven, but Steven doesn’t want to use it. Bismuth’s friendly nature is gone and is soon replaced with rage because Rose said the same thing. Bismuth believes that Steven was lying about being Rose and begins to attack him, telling him this is why she and Rose fought to begin with. Rose didn’t understand Bismuth’s choices and that left Bismuth with no choice. Steven tries to calm Bismuth down, but Bismuth isn’t having it.

Even though Steven is holding his own, he cannot completely defend himself again Bismuth, so he takes Rose’s sword and impales her.


Bismuth tells Steven–still thinking he’s Rose–that he should have shattered her like he did back then, but Steven promises to tell the other Gems everything, including the falling out between Rose and Bismuth. That’s when Bismuth realizes that he isn’t Rose, he’s better than Rose. and returns to her Gem form. Steven bubbles her and before leaving, he destroys the Breaking Point by throwing it into the lava. When he returns home, Steven keeps his promise and tells the Gems what happened between him and Bismuth.

In the saddest moment of the series–thus far–the Gems head to the Burning Room, where they place Bismuth’s bubble to join all the other corrupted gems before looking at the stars, the day’s events in their minds.

It wasn’t funny the third time…

Final Thoughts:

If I could describe the episode in a short matter, then it would what I tweeted after the episode ended last night:

But it’s not that simple, a lot has changed now and we have to wait. Bismuth coming has changed things, especially with Steven’s development and seeing that Rose wasn’t as perfect as the other gems described her. She did some shady things, we can’t ignore that. I honestly believe that maybe if Bismuth had calmed down or if Rose had warned the other gems about what happened and what would have happened if Bismuth did come out of her bubble, then maybe the other gems could have explained things better and helped her emotionally. I don’t know if Bismuth is coming back, but if she does, I hope the Gems actually talk to her.

Another thing I wanted to talk about was obviously the disagreement between Bismuth and Rose. In a way, their both right. Rose is right because you can’t fight dirty with dirty, but when you take in Bismuth’s side, you realize that you might not have any other choice. War will always be an ugly thing and it brings me back to what Greg said back in, The Return:

“No such thing as a good war, kiddo.”

And I’m going to leave you on that quote, until next time, I’m KrisSimsters and Stay Golden guys.

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