Kris Reviews K-Pop #15-YTEEN_Do Better


2016-08-05 (6)
How are we doing, Exy? Are we cool now?

Hey guys, it’s your girl, KrisSimsters and its only two or three more days before BLACKPINK’s arrival. Even though I hate YG until no end, I’ve been waiting for BLACKPINK–formerly known as Pink Punk–ever since 2012 if this debut gets delayed, I will literally throw the hugest tantrum. And yes, I know how old I am. But until BLACKPINK’s arrival, I need something to pass the time…its a good thing this new Starship subunit came out today. Somebody at Starship had the brilliant idea of combining a good group (Monsta X) and a group that still needs work (WJSN or Cosmic Girls) and then we get Do Better. You know, this song isn’t bad–the first time around. I listened to this song five times and I’m still listening to it now, I’ve notice things. As always, you can listen to this song yourself to formulate your own opinion, but for now, this is my opinion. So lets talk about YTEEN, shall we?


2016-08-05 (2)
Exy: Star of the M/V

Do Better Views: 84,430

Dance & M/V:

You know, at least HyunA was in a club when she released How’s This? YTEEN is just in a set filled with white room that flashes different colors and you would think I wouldn’t have a problem with this but…this M/V looks incredibly cheap. The dance was the best thing about the whole M/V because I don’t like the song at all. And even though there are fourteen members of this sub-unit in the M/V, it looks crowed.

Another problem I had with this M/V was that it was just messy. And yes, I liked the dance but again it was messy. I know this is only a one-time thing, but the filming and producing of this M/V looked rushed and it showed in the final result. You could have honestly done a better job with just ten members or less. There has to be at least some quality when it comes to filming one-time M/Vs like this and Starship is not as broke as CUBE, this could have been pulled off better.

The Song:

This song is what turns me off the M/V the most. It starts off great, but then after the first chorus, it starts going downhill. And the only ones who shined in this M/V was Exy and Jooheon. Yes, I like both of them–and I really like Exy, she should have been a solo artist honestly–but the other members feel like backup dancers with the occasional vocals. Again, if they had planned on giving Jooheon and Exy the most lines, they should have been the only ones in the M/V. I honestly would have liked it better.if it was just those two. Or Monsta X featuring Exy because the other WJSN girls weren’t that good, let’s be honest.

2016-08-05 (9)
Twice as many members mean fewer lines

Final Thoughts:

I don’t entirely hate this M/V, but I can see the flaws in it once you give it a second listen. There was no thought process, and yes it was an advertisement, but I’ve been better advertisements. The dance is the saving point of this M/V, but the song is the thing that bothers me the most.The song could have been a great song if it kept its momentum throughout instead of falling flat when it did. The dance could have been better if it wasn’t so messy and had fewer members. Yes, the song isn’t great, but I hope this sub-unit can stay around so they could prove me wrong whenever they decide to do another M/V. Until next time, my name is KrisSimsters and Stay Golden.

Final M/V Rating: 2/10. All-around clusterfuck.

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