Kris Reviews K-Pop #16: BLACKPINK-Whistle

2016-08-08 (8)
Make a whistle like a missile bomb bomb

Hey guys, it’s your girl KrisSimsters and BLACKPINK has finally arrived with two MVs and a Debut Showcase that I wasn’t that happy with because it’s YG and yeah…you guys should know my issues with YG by now. Long story short, I wanted to see not only the MVs earlier, but also see them perform the songs live, but yeah, I didn’t get that. I don’t want to go too far into their debut showcase because overall, I did get to see the M/Vs earlier and I literally got to sleep on it before watching it again, so let’s talk about the first of BLACKPINK’s M/Vs shall we?

As usual, if you want to formulate an opinion of your own, then you can of course check out the video for yourself, but again, this is my thoughts.

2016-08-08 (7)
Hey, Red Velvet! We like cars too!

BLACKPINK: Whistle M/V. Views: 858,406

M/V & Dance:

Before we get any further within talking about this M/V, I wanted to see if anybody else had noticed something. It’s kind of similar in not only this M/V but also in 2NE1’s I Don’t Care.

It’s not exactly the same, but it’s not hard to figure out that YG loves using chandeliers in his girl groups–even though its been one day since their debut. Anyway, chandelier room aside, I actually liked this M/V and it’s not just because it’s BLACKPINK and I’ve been waiting for BLACKPINK for at least the past four years, it’s the fact that M/V was actually one of the best looking M/Vs I’ve seen all year. And BLACKPINK is actually living up to their names using black and pink aesthetics, making things a lot easier on those Tumblr and Instagram aesthetic posts that are sure to come.

Though I don’t see much chereo in the song–I’ll wait for the live version for that–the chereo I did see was pretty good too. I guess all those years locked in YG’s dungeon was actually worth it because we got a good song and M/V. Lisa stood out for me the most, but Jennie’s a close second, but it was mainly because for me, those were the two members I knew about the most. Part of me still believes that Sua should be in this group, but I guess I understand why she isn’t because she’s been training for at least one year while the other girls have been training for at least four years.

The Song:

Like the MV, I also like this song. While it might be hit or miss for some, I might be in the minority that likes not only this song, but Boombayah equally. While I’ll talk more about Boombayah in my next post, I will say I like the fun side of Boombayah while Whistle is more sensual. What I am trying to figure out though is if YG is copying from Red Velvet since there is two meanings to both group names.

It wouldn’t be the first time, since his initial intention was for this girl group to be the next SNSD…even though there can only be one SNSD. And yes, the same thing goes for TWICE. This song is definitely better to listen too if you have on headphones, the main reason is because of the beat. I love the beat, I love the whistle…it sucks that I can’t whistle worth a damn lol.

2016-08-08 (17)
Two Girls, One Tree

Final Thoughts:

While I won’t give my complete thoughts on BLACKPINK just yet–I’m saving that for my Boombayah review, I will say that this is a good song and I love the M/V. I am a suck for pretty M/Vs and this is definitely a pretty M/V. If I had fault the M/V for something, then it would definitely have to be the fact that since this was released on the V-App first, there might be a time where the M/V messes up. It only happens for a second, but the fact that it happens is what bugs me and it bugs me more that YG didn’t have the initiative to fix the problem before releasing it on YouTube. Other than that, I do like the song and I do like the M/V. And now, I must move on to Boombayah, so until next time my name is KrisSimsters and Stay Golden.

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