Kris Reviews K-Pop #17: BLACKPINK-Boombayah

2016-08-08 (29)
I’m going to need a separate for Lisa 

Hey guys, it’s your girl, KrisSimsters and I’m still in a BLACKPINK mode, which is good given that I’ve been working on theses reviews almost all day. I know it’s only two M/Vs but I am a busy woman and I do have to eat. Anyway, this is BLACKPINK’s second M/V, Boombayah and I honestly love this one more than Whistle, even though I also love Whistle. This is definitely more fun than the aforementioned M/V and this could basically be called the Lisa M/V because I loved everything she did in this M/V. Yeah, she’s definitely going to be my bias in this group, so lets talk about this M/V, shall we?

As usual, if you want to formulate your own opinion, I have no problem with that, just make sure you check out the M/V beforehand.

2016-08-08 (37)
They love bikes


Dance & M/V:

I have to be honest, this is probably the best YG’s done in a while. And yes, I’m including iKON’s debut and Lee Hi’s comeback. I loved the dance, I loved the M/V…I just loved this whole thing. It didn’t have the same problem as Whistle‘s M/V did and that made the M/V much better. And yes, I’m still loving the black and pink vibes, but this M/V had more pink in it while Whistle had more black vibes. I’m still holding onto my opinion that YG’s copying off Red Velvet, but I’m glad I don’t see an ounce of 2NE1 in this M/V. Hopefully, it’s not me just missing something because I know how my brain works, I might have missed something.

The chereo is just best thing about this M/V, I just love it. Especially this:

2016-08-08 (34)

If I ever decide to write a story revolving around a K-Pop girl group, I would want to make sure that this would be they’re signature move, I love this move. What I like most about BLACKPINK is that these dance covers will probably require more than one person–at least four–to make the cover amazing. Even if somebody does it singularly, then I’ll probably still love it because I’m going to be on this BLACKPINK kick for a while.

The Song:

This song was so much fun to listen too, I can’t find anything bad with it, but again to some, it’s a hit or miss song to other fans. I personally think it’s one of the better songs of 2016 and to be honest, 2016 hasn’t been that great recently, especially in the summer time. I honestly wish they would have released more than the two songs, at least a mini album. I mean, they should have some songs under their belt…they’ve been in YG’s basement for a long time. Either way, this was a good song and again, it was better than Whistle.

2016-08-08 (33)
The Bae

Final Thoughts:

I love BLACKPINK, they were worth the wait, but part of me is also mad at YG because they could have debuted sooner than 2016. Sometimes, your perfection doesn’t matter, especially since you chose Come Back Home instead of If I Were You as 2NE1’s final comeback song. I don’t want BLACKPINK to rot, their the best YG group we’ve had in a long time. Yes, AKMU and WINNER are good, but those groups–especially WINNER has been put on hold only to make a substantial comeback this past year. I do not trust Yang Hyun Suk as the CEO.

Yes, YG is named after him, but he sucks when it comes to planning and promoting. I can honestly tell you that BLACKPINK’s promotion period is going to be rocky, and it shouldn’t be rocky. Knowing YG, music show performances and variety appearences are going to be limited. If you want BLACKPINK to stay around, then buy their music. Promote them as much as possible. Help them win. Social media and word of mouth is the best thing when it comes to new groups. Until next time, my name is KrisSimsters and Stay Golden.

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