Kris Reviews K-Pop #19: 24K-Still 24K

2016-08-11 (7)
Ignore the subs, this M/V is awesome

Hey guys, it’s your girl, KrisSimsters and this is definitely the best K-Pop boy group M/V of the year. This M/V is better than anything BAP, EXO, BTS, and any other boy group has released this year. This is better than Monster and I love Monster. 24K is not a group I normally check out, but from the few songs I’ve heard from them, they have always killed it and this one was no exception. This M/V has absolutely destroyed me with not only its dance, but also the fact it has a story.

Remember when BAP released One Shot and it was their most expensive M/V? Remember how it had a story and then like multiple endings, at least two or three? Yeah this isn’t like that. 24K managed to deliver a straight-forward story within their M/V. No more rambling, lets talk about 24K, shall we? And as usual, if you want to formulate your own opinion, then check out the M/V below:

2016-08-11 (47)
Still 24K

24K-Still 24K. Views: 76,949.

Dance & M/V:

As stated before, this song has a story to it, so lets talk about it, shall we? We begin towards the end of the story in the middle of a bank robbery. There are gunshots flying everywhere and both the SWAT team and 24K are getting shot. There are also some memorable moments within the flashback, but we’ll get to those the further we get in the M/V. The actual story begins with the leader of the heist and his girlfriend, pretending to buy jewelry. As their scooping out the place, another member of the group comes and grabs a bomb out of her hand and strategically placing it without getting caught.

2016-08-11 (57)

The group plans on robbing the bank, so they get their weapons ready. As the group of getting ready to leave, the girlfriend stops the leader as to say she doesn’t want them to go through with it. They get into a little argument and then he kisses her to get her to shut up and yeah, I’m not really into that part. This is more for teenage girls to get excited about, in fact I didn’t even notice it the first time around. I could think of it as a goodbye kiss considering what happens at the end, so that’s what I’m going to do. Moving on, the heist is on.

I thought that little thing was a bomb, but I guess it was a way to get rid of the lasers and I don’t know if that little thing would work in real life, but for now, I like it. They cover the security cameras with black spray paint and begin stealing jewelry from the front display cases. One of the other members try going for the vault, but the leader isn’t having that–I don’t know it’s because it’s too dangerous or he’s doing it the wrong way–but the ends up with the leader pointing the gun at his head until the bad member complies.

The SWAT team starts coming in, but how were they notified? Did the security team notice something wrong with the lens? I’m guessing that’s it, but I’m not really questioning it because the M/V still looks awesome by this point. So by this point, 24K gets away with their first heist, but the M/V isn’t done yet and neither are they. The girlfriend gets kidnapped so the group decides to back to the bank guns blazing and shoots two policemen.

They hook a bomb up to the vault and we are starting to come around full circle. The leader uses explosives for the vault door and when it’s opened, the other members start gathering the gold. The SWAT team comes in as their leaving and starts shooting at the members, one of them actually gets shot, but he’s OK.  The story of the M/V ends when the leader takes out the last of the SWAT team and then this happens:

And I just wanted to scream. I know now that I have to watch a part two and I can’t wait.

The dance of this M/V was pretty badass as well, it went along with the story and the dance moves themselves were fantastic. I like how they incorporated 24K into their dance and into their song, which I’m going to talk about now.

The Song:

I love this song, this is probably one of the better songs of the year. Again, I love how they included 24K into their song, it was pretty awesome. I don’t want to continously call the song badass, but that’s what it was…badass. The beat was bold and loud, the lyrics incoporated with the song well and it matched the M/V, this was again, one of the better songs of 2016.

2016-08-11 (52)
I love this backdrop

Final Thoughts:

I love and hate how much effort smaller groups put into their songs only to get no recognition from it. It honestly sucks, not only for the artists, but also for K-Pop because the Korean fanbase is superficial. If you aren’t from a big company, good idol group or not, you won’t mostly likely survive for no more than five years at the most. This group has been around for four of those five years. I want to them to get popular, I want this song to do well, I want Korea to wake up and stop focusing on these large groups.

Their fanbases are big enough as it is. Stop focusing on just iKON while their doing their stuff in Japan and focus on 24K, they are just as good–if not better–than iKON. Yes Monsta X, EXO, BIGBANG, BTS, and BAP are good and I’m not denying that, but 24K is good as well. Don’t let this group die. My name is KrisSimsters and Stay Golden.

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