Kris Reviews K-Pop: My Favorite BIGBANG Songs of All Time (Special)


Hey guys, it’s your girl, KrisSimsters and I’m determined. I’ve been a fan of BIGBANG for at least six years. And for at least two of those six years, I’ve missed their anniversary. Well that’s not going to happen this year, especially since their turning ten–or eleven if we’re going by Korean standards. Either way, it’s a huge event and honestly, besides BLACKPINK, BIGBANG is the only reason why I’m interested in YG. And AKMU…and Epik High. WINNER hardly comes back, I just don’t like iKON, Lee Hi isn’t growing on me like she used too, and I have issues with 2NE1. So yeah, just BIGBANG. Enough rambling, let’s talk about BIGBANG, shall we?


Celebrating BIGBANG:

I’ve been trying to figure out how to write this post for a while now. I thought about doing it the detailed route, explaining why BIGBANG is BIGBANG, but given how much time I have left, I don’t think I’m going to go that route. If I could possibly sum it up if it wasn’t for BIGBANG then I wouldn’t have gotten into K-Pop seriously. I might have listened to Genie first, but Lies is what made me stay. Killing your ex with a pineapple will forever be the best thing about K-Pop. And again, that is obviously a pineapple. Thinking of Lies made me finally decide how I’m going to write this list, but giving you my favorite BIGBANG songs of all time.

A Couple of Rules First:

  • I will be talking about BIGBANG’s entire discography. This includes songs sung by the group, solos, duets, and features (within and out of the group).
  • I don’t know how long this list will be. It might be ten or twenty, but seeing as I only have–as of now–three days left, I’ll try to keep the number low.
  • I haven’t said this lately, but as usual my list, my opinion.

Alright now, let’s get this list started, shall we?

My Favorite BIGBANG Songs of All Time:

  • Monster: Why is this so underrated?! If it’s not Monster, then it’s If You. Both songs are good and both songs are underrated. G-Dragon and T.O.P going back and forth in the beginning, the setting, Taeyang’s Mickey Mouse hair…this M/V deserves so much-needed love.
  • She’s Gone (G-Dragon ft. KUSH): One of my favorite G-Dragon solos of all time, his dark stuff is the best. I don’t know why I’m attracted to dark music–I blame VIXX–but I love this song. This isn’t an official M/V but I wish there, it would be just like this.
  • Act Like Nothing’s Wrong (T.O.P): Another BIGBANG song that doesn’t have an M/V but it’s live stage is the best. I swear, this was moment T.O.P decided that he wanted to get into acting because his acting on this stage is definitely awesome!! Has he played a bad guy in a K-Drama yet? He definitely has the look for it and I would definitely watch it.
  • TONIGHT: BLONDE G-DRAGON AND BLONDE T.O.P!! O.M.G!! This was my first BIGBANG comeback and I loved it. I loved the live-stages, I loved G-Dragon breaking the guitar, and I gushed for a long time. This comeback was definitely close to me and the song is still awesome. And I liked how the beginning had cheering, that’s was awesome. Too bad Seungri couldn’t actually enter Vegas because he was still a baby. Speaking of Seungri…
  •  GOTTA TALK TO U (Seungri): I loved this song, I loved stalker Seungri…I just love my panda!! It sucks that he had to compete with G-Dragon, but the song is just as good and I love the album. Listening to Seungri always makes me gush and out of BIGBANG, he’s the only one I’m older than, but only by five months. At least he has the height.


  • Dancing on my Own (Pixie Lott ft. G-Dragon & T.O.P): I still don’t know where in the hell this song came from, I don’t know when it happened, but I love it. The best part about this song, GD and TOP are actually speaking English and it’s clear. Even though I hate YG for a number of reasonable reasons, I love how he makes sure his idol understand almost fluent English. And this song is still a classic.
  • COUP D’ETAT (G-Dragon): I’m honestly not trying not to have too much G-Dragon on this list, and yet this is one of my favorite songs from him. I love his dark stuff–as I’ve mentioned before–but I love how arrogant this song is.
  • FANTASTIC BABY: I love and hate this song, while it’s BIGBANG’s most watched song–I mean I remember looking at it at least 20 times when it first came out, annoyed my Mom to hell–I didn’t appreciate it being sung at every end-of-the-year show every year BIGBANG attended. Even when it was G-Dragon and Taeyang at MAMA in 2014, they sung it by themselves. That being said, this song is another reminder of how awesome BIGBANG is and in a way, I’ll always love this song. Hell, I’m listening to it right now and I love it. Seriously though, I’m glad BANG BANG BANG came along when it did.
  • Wedding Dress (Taeyang): I love this song, I loved the dance break, and I love the M/V story in general. This song is a classic, every time I listen to it, it feels brand-new. There’s not much to say, this song is awesome.
  • EYES, NOSE, LIPS (Taeyang): Remember that time Taeyang wanted to be D’Angelo and sung without a shirt on? Now how many of you know who D’Angelo is? Man, I feel old. Anyway, I love this song…regardless of the comparison between D’Angelo and Taeyang. And it gave me the best cover of all time: Tablo and Taeyang. Yeah, I love Lydia Paek’s version too, but I have such a girl crush on Tablo. Honestly, the cover is better than the original. I’m sorry Taeyang.


  • OH YEAH (GD&TOP ft. Bom): GD&TOP are definitely good on their own, but when you include Bom–back when she was still good–then you have something amazing. The GD&TOP era was the best era out of BIGBANG for me. The songs were awesome, but this one was my favorite. Especially with this live. I remember when I used to like CL and Dara. Oh well.
  • LOSER: Sometimes, I’m not the most cheerful person in the room. Most of the time, I’m just downright cynical. And this song helps. Life is shit, even when you try to do things the right way, it always gets fucked up in the end. I love this song because it’s the song that’ll make you feel better about being down. Because we’re all losers.
  • LIES & HARU HARU: I’m including these two in tandem, I couldn’t choose between one and the other. Both songs are awesome on their own and when you listen to them back to back–which I tend to do. And again, I shouldn’t really joke about the pineapple thing in Lies, but it’s a pineapple. They are not that sharp. Also TOP in a shopping cart that’s just awesome. And as for Haru Haru, that’s just a masterpiece of an M/V. It would have been the perfect K-Drama because it grabbed my attention–and my attention span is not the best. Yeah, I love these two songs together and apart.
  • Last Farewell: This isn’t my absolute favorite BIGBANG song–it’s Lies–, but it’s definitely in my favorites. I love how fun the song is and I love the story line and TOP ninja-ed himself inside of the passenger seat of a car. Yes this song is awesome.

Final Thoughts:

My final thoughts won’t be long, I just have one thing to say: Thank you, BIGBANG for opening my world to K-Pop. No matter what happens, I will always love you as a fan and hope for longevity. My name is KrisSimsters and Stay Golden.

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