Kris Reviews K-Pop #20: [SM Station] Hyoyeon x Min x Jo-Kwon (Triple T)-Born to Be Wild

2016-08-25 (2)
I Blame You

Hey guys, it’s your girl, KrisSimsters and before we get started, if you are sensitive to seizures–and I mean extremely sensitive–then do not watch this M/V. I don’t care if it’s a collaboration between SM and JYP and you’re dying to see it, if you have any case of Epilepsy–whether it be big or small–do not watch this M/V. And for those who don’t have Epilepsy, then watch this M/V with the lights on, please. I’m begging you. I’m sorry if this review had to come with a warning, but this is just too much and I care about you guys.

Anyway, SM and JYP decided to do a collaboration and decided to get Hyoyeon (SNSD/Girls’ Generation), Min (miss A), and Jo-Kwon (2AM) involved. I was kinda excited for this, mostly for Hyoyeon because she gets hardly no love from SM, but then I saw the teaser and realized that JYP was going to be in it, so I wasn’t looking forward to that honestly. And honestly this M/V is hard to watch.

If you want to forumlate your own opinions and you are that brave, then click on the M/V below. If you have a case of Epilepsy, then don’t even consider watching this. Just move on down to the review.

2016-08-25 (13)
Poor Babies

[SM STATION]: Hyoyeon x Min x Jo-Kwon (Triple T)-Born To Be Wild M/V. Views: 81,405:

Dance & M/V:

I gotta be honest, I don’t really know what happened during this M/V. I’m sure I saw a dance, and I’m sure I saw Jo-Kwon in a pair of pink shorts with an open pink-shirt smacking the ass of some cougar, but the M/V made it incredibly difficult to watch all the way through, and I had to watch it more than once. Seriously, what were these two companies thinking? This is a total train-wreck. Hyoyeon is the only one who managed to impress me, but only because she’s used to tragic things. And what makes it worst is that JYP is in this.

2016-08-25 (31)

This is probably one of the worst SM Station songs this summer, the M/V itself is out of wack, I hardly saw any of the people who were actually supposed to be in this M/V and JYP just ruins this for me. He hogged half the M/V and it’s only 3:41 long. This M/V is flashy and just horrible, not even YG would do something this stupid and he’s currently going through tax evasion. And also, Jo-Kwon is 26. That woman has to be in her 40s at least. Is Jo-Kwon basically the guy version of Lolita? And Min is just there, let’s be honest. She doesn’t add much to this already horrible M/V. So yeah, Hyoyeon finally got some time to shine.

The Song:

The song is very basic, but the beat kinda saves it. JYP’s “Don’t stop. Get it, get it,” doesn’t help anybody, it just makes me more annoyed. And don’t get me started on Hyoyeon’s rapping. It’s improving, lets just say that. There is a saving grace to this song and it’s Jo-Kwon. Regardless of the pink outfit and the obviously cougar, his vocals save this song.

2016-08-25 (54)
If you know what this is, please let me know

Final Thoughts:

This is the worst song in 2016. Not even Lotto or Lucky_One were this bad. The M/V is cringe-worthy and way too flashy, the song is overpowered, and JYP took over. If you like this song, then I’m not sorry. This songs sucks and this M/V could probably kill you. Until next time, my name is KrisSimsters and Stay Golden.

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