Series Overview: Miraculous Ladybug: The Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir

Who’s personality fits you more?

Hey guys, it’s your girl KrisSimsters and I’m finally getting back to writing about Western Animation. And before we continue, I’m taking a mini-break from MLP. There is a lot going on with me and my personal life so far, so until further notice, all recaps are on hold. I’ll still do K-Pop reviews and I’ll do specials and series overviews–like now–but as for recaps, I think I need to take a break from those. Once things settle down, then I’ll probably have to do a lighting round when it comes to my MLP and SvTFoE recaps. Anyway, Miraculous Ladybug: The Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir was definitely one of those shows I wanted to talk about for a while along with the show that completely took me by surprise–BoJack Horseman–but because Ladybug won my Twitter poll, I’ll be talking about this show first. So no more rambling, lets talk about Miraculous Ladybug, shall we?

It’s Miraculous!!


Miraculous Ladybug is a action/adventure super-heroine, CGI-animation that was a joint effort between Zagtoon and Method Animation in France and Toei Animation. Set in modern-day France, the show focuses on two Persians teens, Marinette Dupain-Cheng and Adrien Agreste, who lead double lives as Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir respectively.The show first debuted on EBS in South Korea on 1 September 2015, before premiering in France and Belgium in October 2015 and finally premiering in North America on Nickelodeon in December 2015, and in Great Britain on the UK Disney Channel in January 2016. And even though it’s Nickelodeon run is currently on hiatus, the show is promised to return for a second season, having 26 episodes . Hopefully you guys can wait that long.



The overall plot of Miraculous Ladybug sets in modern-day Paris and revolves around two different teenagers, aspiring fashion designer, Marinette Dupain-Cheng and the boy she has a major crush on, Adrien Agreste, who is a fashion model for his father’s–Gabriel Agreste–fashion line. Unlike other superhero duo animation, Adrien and Marinette have no idea who the other is when their in their superhero forms. And I’m going to get to how wrong that statement is a little later on. When the two are in their superhero forms, they fight people who have been Akumatized. When somebody is Akumatized, it usually happens because somebody has been hurt and/or traumatized by somebody else. The Akumas are triggered by a villain by the name of Hawk Moth, who is out to get the source of Ladybug and Cat Noir’s powers, their Miraculouses. Their Miraculouses are powered by their Kwamis Tikki and Plagg respectively.

When they’re not saving the world, they go to school and become Marinette and Adrien, who are best friends with Alya Césaire and Nino Lahiffe, respectively. While Alya helps Marinette to talk to Adrien, Marinette’s rival–and Adrien’s oldest friend–Chloè Bourgeois is always trying to get one step ahead with the help of her last friend, Sabrina Raincomprix. When not in school, Adrien is seen either at fencing lessons or on photo-shoots for his father. Marinette is either working in her parents’ bakery, baby-sitting Manon, or drawing fashion designs in her journal.

Voice-acting for the English dub of the series includes Cristina Vee (K-ON!!Sailor Moon)as Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Miraculous Ladybug and Bryce Papenbrook (Blue ExorcistSword Art OnlineAttack on TitanJojo’s Bizarre Adventure) as Adrien Agreste/Cat Noir.

I Want Their Miraculouses

Pros & Cons:


  • Paris Love: The main reason why I love this show is because of Paris. It has this almost always sunny feel to it. The only time the weather has changed is in Stormy Weather and that’s because of an Akumatized victim.
  • Quick Transformations: My favorite part of the episodes are how quick the transformations are because of the plot. The Akumatized victim is introduced within the first five-ten minutes of the show–some cases they are introduced later–and when Marinette and Adrien spots the villain, they transform. The transformations take around 15 seconds. And I love Adrien’s transformation more, but that’s probably the tomboy in me.
  • The Fandom: This is probably one of the best fandoms I’ve come across in the past few years. Yes, they are even better than the Steven Universe fandom. The artwork from the fans–who can clearly draw better than me–is amazing and I’ve read some of that FanFiction. The ones I read were well thought out, but I do have a con when it comes to some FanFiction.


  • Too Many Reveals That Happens within the Beginning of the Story: This is more of a personal sin for me. While I don’t mind the reveal FanFiction and comics, I don’t like how easy the reveals are within the first few chapters. I feel as though there isn’t much buildup to that important moment. If I was writing any Ladybug FanFiction, that reveal wouldn’t happen until towards the middle or the end. I would also make it darker because of my obsession with dark story-lines.
  • Why Can’t they Recognize Each Other: One of the main problems I have with this show, thus far, is how can they not recognize each other? Yes, Adrien’s hair is more free as Cat Noir, but that’s a minor difference. And absolutely nothing changes about Marinette. The only plausible reason for this is that their masks have some kind of magic to them that makes sure they can’t tell each other apart.
  • Chloè: Chloè Bourgeois is easily the most hated character on the show. Out of the 26 episodes in season one, at least half of them has been Akumatized because of something she directly–or indirectly–caused. And what makes it worst is that because she’s the mayor’s daughter, she doesn’t get punished for her actions. At least Angelica got more punishment than her. And yes, I’m saying she’s worst than Angelica.
  • Marinette’s Crush: While I love Marinette, her crush on Adrien has caused her to make some bad decisions. I’m not saying that because she’s Ladybug she has to be perfect, I just don’t think she’s really thinking. This most comes across in at least The Gamer and Volpina. I hope her crush on Adrien doesn’t hinder her decision-making in the next season.


Recommended Episodes:

Do you need some episodes to help convince you to watch Miraculous Ladybug? Then here are a few of my favorites from this season:

5). Animan (01×16): I like this episode more because my beta-ship (AlyaxNino) sailed in this episode. The actual battle between Ladybug and Cat Noir vs. Animan was actually good as well and I’m a fan of the shape-shifting between different animals. My only wish after this episode is more AlyaxNino action. And Nino is such a cutie saying that he’ll talk to “his friend” for Marinette. Nino is awesome.

4). Guitar Villain (01×20): This is one of the few times I wished Guitar Villain was actually real so he could torment Justin Beiber as much as he torments XY. I know that the two–XY and Bieber–are supposed to be the same in a way, but I still don’t like them. Their both jackasses, it’s just that XY was actually sorry for his actions.

3). Lady Wifi (01×06): I loved Alya as Lady Wifi, she was my favorite villain this season. If I was a villain, I would definitely be Lady Wifi. I might actually cosplay as her in the future. I might actually pull it off because I have glasses and not all of my favorite characters wear glasses.

2). Reflekta (01×19): I love this episode mostly because I’m Juleka in a sense. When I was young, I always tried getting out of class pictures, especially because of how shy I am. And I love the color purple, so yeah Juleka’s hair rocks.

1). Kung Food (01×14): I loved this episode mainly because of the food weaponry. And also, Kung Food looks like what Super Saiyan Goku’s going to look like when he gets older. And yes, I do want the food sword.

I Love my Wai-fi

Wishes for Season Two:

Since season two is going to be happening at either the end of 2016 or sometime in 2017, here is some things I actually hope to see:

  • More Cat Noir Development: This more than anything. I want Cat Noir to save Ladybuy at least one in season two. There are rumors saying that she’s going to get Akumatized, I hope this happens. I just need more Cat Noir saving the day.
  • More Recurring Villains: As stated in Volipna and The Origins Special, Akumatized victims can be villains again if their still angry after a battle has finished, I hope that more villains get a second chance, such as Darkblade and Simon Says if they once again get angry. I don’t want this to happen too often though, we still need new villains in season two.
  • Tara Strong: I want Tara Strong to play Mrs. Agreste so bad. She already looks like her, lets make my wishes a reality!! Please, Tara Strong.

Bye, bye Little Butterfly

Final Thoughts:

I love this show, regardless of its ups and downs. And now I have to wait another six months before getting a season two. While the wait is long, hopefully talking about this show helps. I hope the second season is just as good as season one. Until then, Bugaboos, my name is KrisSimsters and Stay Golden. Next up is BoJack Horseman and that’s just going to be fun, isn’t it.

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