Kris Reviews K-Pop #21: The Summer Collection (Part Two)

2016-07-31 (11)
Finally: The Second Half of my K-Pop Collection

Hey guys, it’s your girl KrisSimsters and despite some delays, I’m finally going to give you the second half of my K-Pop Collection for Summer. It felt like I was bombarded with summer music, especially with the second half, especially when it came to the long-awaited debut of BLACKPINK, who won their first week after debuting. That’s awesome, congrats girls. Too bad they lost to EXO this week, but even with a sucky song, EXO-Ls still want their oppas to win. Yeah, I’m not reviewing Lotto, it’ll be best for me and EXO-Ls if I didn’t touch that song. So lets see what are my favorite songs from the second half of the summer, shall we?

2016-08-14 (15)
I’ve Been Waiting to Talk About You Forever

The Summer Collection (Part II):

  • I.O.I-Whatta Man (Good Man). Views- 7,854,583: It’s not that I don’t hate this song, but I don’t exactly love it. Sohye is too cute for this song and I still don’t like her being in I.O.I to begin with. But here’s the thing, a lot of people like this song. And you know, I would like this song a lot more…if it hadn’t been done before…twice. Yeah this song doesn’t suit them at all. I honestly wouldn’t have minded this song being sung by SISTAR, Choa, Jimin, HyunA, and Ailee. Best collab stage ever.
  • G-Friend-Navillera. Views-13,883,435: G-Friend is probably one of the only girl groups I like that are cute, but this song isn’t one of my favorites. Yes, it’s good but compared to Me Gusta Tu and Rough, I’m not feeling this song. The reason it’s on this list though is because while I’m not a huge fan of the song, I enjoyed the M/V.
  • Agust D (Suga)-Agust D (6,145,110) & Give it to Me (2,508,105):  Holy fuck this is awesome, why isn’t it higher in views? Like seriously, what the fuck Korea. Stop being in this safe zone that’ll only accept groups like Seventeen & Oh My Girl when it they are cute. I don’t mind Seventeen & Oh My Girl, but it this is good. The views feel like BTS in the beginning, even Rap Mon got more views when his mix-tapes came out last year. This is good, I can’t wait for more of this mix-tape to come out.
  • Tymee-Cinderella. Views-318,454: As much as I want to talk about her diss to Unpretty Rapstar, it doesn’t have an official video–or I couldn’t find one–but yeah I liked Cinderella too because it should have been what HyunA should have come back with. Tymee fits this song just as good though, so I’m not complaining.
  • VIXX-Fantasy. Views-2,135,036: Man, I’ve been waiting to talk about VIXX’s dark stuff for a while. I love this song and I love this M/V. I love VIXX’s dark stuff and this is no exception. I still think this is the sexiest thing in the whole M/V.

2016-08-14 (25)

  • BLACKPINK-Whistle. Views-20,995,158: I still love this group and it’s only been two weeks. I remember first talking about them, I spent the whole day talking to them. The reason I’m talking about Whistle only is because out of the two songs, it’s my  ultimate favorite. Lisa’s still a bad-ass and I love her for being such a bad-ass. I know I’m not the only one either.
  •  CIVA-Why. Views-64,070: I love this debut group more for their live stage than the actual M/V and I know that’s bad, but their fanchant was–and still is–funny as fuck. I can’t find the lyrics, but if you see it then let me know on Twitter. I know that was a shameless plug.
  • NCT 127-Fire Truck. Views-7,561,898: Of all the NCT sub-unit songs, Fire Truck is my favorite. While NCT_U’s The 7th Sense was OK and part of me doesn’t want to go near NCT Dream’s Chewing Gum, NCT 127’s Fire Truck is awesome. Also, I’ve seen some of these members debut at least three times by now. Out of at least 100 boys, when do we get to see some new faces?
  • Wonder Girls-Why so Lonely. Views-16,026,286: I love the reggage sound to this sound, but if I’m being honest that’s the only thing I really like about this song. Besides Yubin being sexy and the chorus, there’s not much to like about this song. But here’s the thing…it’s still a good song. It’s not bad, but it’s addictive.
  • Younha ft. Yeeun (HA:FELT) & Cheetah-Get It? Views-952,111: Damn I love this song. This might be one of the lesser viewed songs, but I love how badass it is. Especially because Cheetah’s in it and I love Cheetah. This was–is–one of my favorite songs of the summer. Now, if I can find it on Spotify then we’d be good.

2016-08-28 (12)
Enter a caption

Final Thoughts:

Summer 2016 hasn’t been the best, but I did get some great songs out of it. The best thing of the summer will definttely have to be BLACKPINK’s debut. I’m glad YG finally let them debut and I hope we get to see them a lot, especially since that’s what he said he’ll do once they actually made a debut. I still have a lot of stuff to catch up–including a fall update–so until next time, my name is KrisSimsters and Stay Golden.

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