Kris Reviews K-Pop #23: BOBBY (iKON)-HOLUP! M/V


Hey guys, it’s your girl KrisSimsters and when I heard that BOBBY from iKON was going to have a solo debut, I honestly joked about it for weeks. Mainly because of an interview that he had within the past two years where he saw that his hip-hop is raw, like you don’t get in the shower raw. Anyway, I’ve been anxious about this review…mostly because I got to talk about BOBBY. Alright then, let’s talk about BOBBY, shall we?

If you haven’t seen HOLUP! and you want to formulate your own opinions, then check out the M/V below. This is my sole opinion that I’m entitled to:

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BOBBY-HOLUP! M/V. Views: 439,283

M/V & Dance:

Well there’s little to none dancing in here, so let’s just talk about the M/V. Well it’s definitely dirty…literally. But it’s also bizarre, but not too bizarre. It makes me not hate it and I hate myself for not hating it, mainly because it’s BOBBY and I’m not a huge fan of iKON, which I’ve stated before. I would have loved the M/V more if it hadn’t included the psychedelic scenes, but it’s YG and YG’s trying to be tryhard as usual, so I expected this.

I also somewhat expected shirtless BOBBY because YG wants another Taeyang so badly. BOBBY does not have Taeyang’s body, so I didn’t get as aroused as the teeny-boopers listening to this song did. I mean, he had a little bit but I’ve honestly seen better. And by better, I mean Taeyang’s abs were like the first things I saw when I first started listening to K-Pop because of this:

And Bobby has this:

There is no comparison, sorry iKON fans.

The Song:

The song isn’t that bad honestly, I will even bite my tongue and say that the song is actually good. I like the beat, I like the meaning, and I like the lyrics. Bobby rapping still proves why he loves SMTM3. He’s not a bad rapper, I just don’t believe that he belongs in iKON. Same with B.I.. If I could be honest, I would say the same thing I said with WINNER; Mino, Kang Seungyoon, Bobby, and B.I. should have just formed their own group from the beginning. Not because they’re the only ones I recognize, but they’re the only ones who are good, the other members are either OK or good, but their not great. Bobby on his own–right now–is better than he is with iKON.

How High is YG?

Final Thoughts:

Alright, alright, I’ll admit it…this is a good song. I was expecting something dirty and I got it…especially with his hair. I didn’t like the M/V as much, but the song is good enough that I can honestly just listen to this on my own and pretend it’s just audio. So Mino is next up with his solo, which I’m more excited about than Bobby’s solo and then after that, it’s MOBB. It’s supposed to be Mino and Bobby, so think of it GDTOP 2.0 because that’s what I think of it as. That’s all for me today, so until next time, my name is KrisSimsters and Stay Golden.

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