Kris Reviews K-Pop #24: Mino (WINNER)-Body M/V

Mino After Dark

Hey guys, it’s your girl KrisSimsters and this is not the M/V you release at 11AM EST. This should have been released at 12AM EST, given the kind of M/V this is, I wouldn’t have minded waiting until the little kiddies have gone to bed. Speaking of, given the nature of this M/V, if you aren’t over the age of sixteen, then you have no business watching Mino or reading this review. No kiddies allowed. Just wait until I review Jay Park, there’ll definitely be an age restriction then. Moving on, if you are over my age limit and you want to read about how much sex Mino has, then lets talk about it shall we?

If you haven’t seen Body yet, then out the M/V below to form your own opinions. This is my sole opinion and you don’t have to agree with me.

So Fucking Sexy

Mino (WINNER)-Body M/V. Views 774,929.

Dance & M/V:

There is a lot of ass in this M/V and it hits the moment the song starts. This does not bother me one bit, I am bisexual and I love seeing ass in M/Vs. Especially in Jay Park’s Mommae, but that’s another story for another article. I really need to consider making a naughty top ten in the future. Back to the M/V, it wasn’t as out there as Bobby’s and I honestly love that. It just featured models being half-naked, Mino rapping and making out with said models, and amazing visuals. I remember when he first released I’m Him, it wasn’t that much either.

I’m Him took T.O.P’s style of a black and white M/V, added some color every now and then, and everything else was up to Mino. What I’m basically saying is give Mino a little and he came do a lot. Give him some models and he can make a song out of it. The M/V is good, but the selling point to this song is well…the song.

The Song:

OK, while I’m not really feeling the lyrics, the instrumental is what makes this song awesome. I was in love with it the moment it came on and Mino rapping it sells it for me. It makes me want Mino to go solo and leave YG. He’s definitely going to be the better half of this MOBB debut whenever it happens. The song is giving me major Jay Park feels and again, that’s not bad since I love Jay Park more than anything else. I could go on and on about how Appetizer is my favorite Jay Park song, but I’m not. I could honestly listen to Mino for hours. Please release an album of sexy songs soon, I need your voice to make me horny. I am not sorry I said that.

And the Teeny-Boppers screamed

Final Thoughts:

Yeah, I expected Mino to beat Bobby, but at least Bobby had an honest shot. I could listen to HOLUP! until I’m tired of it, but I could listen to Body while I get horny. This song as a ridiculously good R&B feel to it, I just love it. I’m so glad I have a WordPress account, because I would not be able to get away with this review on YouTube right now with their advertisement-friendly rules. So until next time, my name is KrisSimsters and Stay Golden.

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